Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mimi is BACK! Catching up + Holiday Wish List

I'm back!!!
I know, I've been gone for such a long time.I'm not sure if you would even remember me, But if you are here and you are reading this then I would like to Thank and Welcome you back here!

If you are wondering why I stopped writing for almost a year.Well, I have lost my interest after so many unfortunate things happened to me in the past and It was hard for me to recover from it.Nevertheless, Here I am now trying to start and come back to my hobbies that I love doing .To tell you the truth,I didn't forget even for once about my blog. In fact I was always thinking about it.
 I have so many things to talk about and share with you guys!

First of, Let me tell you that I have moved to the US.Yes, I was not expecting it too but everything just happened and I've been here for a year now! O_O
Moving to a different Country means different places,different makeups, Fashions and Adventures for me! That's right :) I have more Adventures to talk about!

What happened to my Pets?
Sadly,I have lost my cute pets.Teemo, Mikmik,Panda, mako  and It deeply saddened me. I guess everything happens for a reason. However that sadness was not for too long because after my two months stay here,  I met Chopper. A cute small chipoodle.:) So now I'm not lonely anymore!You can see more of him on my Fanpage.

What about my Business?
I sold my Computer Shop & stopped my online business for awhile but watch out because I am reopening PINKU PIRATES here in the US! Yay!:)

What do you plan to Blog now?
I'm so happy because opportunities are starting to open up to me ever since I moved here.
I will still blog about beauty stuffs such as Makeups, Fashion,Accessories.I will also still continue posting about Games, Techs and Gadgets. Anything that is cute and related to my blog.

And Now I am starting to post Vlogs (videos) So that I can share everything better.

I hope that you will continue to follow me.
Kaizokumousy on YOUTUBE

Anyways,Before I end this post I wanted to share with you my short WISH LIST
I am not expecting anything But I would love to receive them! LOL!!!

Michael Khors Digital Brawdshaw 

This is an interesting watch, I liked how you can change the colors and style of it.Some people complains about how fast the battery runs out and I think that sucks but I still would love to have it. XD I know I'm crazy like that.hehe


I've always wanted to have a GO Pro Hero.I've seen the quality of pictures and videos they produce,  I like that it's waterproof, very light and has a wide shot angle.I am itching to have it for myself so I can test it out too! I love techs xD

Ok so I wanted to remove this because I got me a better mouse.I recently got the Razer Mamba Tournament one But I will still leave this here since it was part of my wishlist anyway.:)

My favorite perfume! Juicy Couture~ I just love how cute the bottles are.*u* I adore them so much!

 Bobbi Brown Highlighter Palette
This is a Highlighter.I want to glow like a unicorn.I need this in my life!!!:D 

Finally, The last but not the Least... A

This is probably the hardest to find gift because It's very hard to find a perfect Sailor Moon costumes.Unless you are to make it yourself, but because I have a very hectic work schedule and barely have time to play my games/blog I will probably just buy it. I want to gift this for myself.XD
I have been wanting to attend a cosplay convention here!!! lulz!

How about you?
What's on your Wishlist?
Please leave me a comment below because I would love to hear from you!

And that's it!
 I hope you had fun reading my short post and I hope to see you on my next one!
Please do follow me on my Youtube and my Fanpage I do post there regularly now.:)

Thank you guys! I missed you all!:)


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Chai Chen said...

Great finds my dear! How are you?

I've been on blog hiatus for long, haha! But now I've redesigned my blog and trying to get back. Great to catch up with old blogger friends as well like you, my dear! Keep it up! Can't wait til you post again about the makeup transformations and the other opportunities you have! Keep in touch dear!

♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai
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