Sunday, March 1, 2015

GUILD WARS 2 | Legendary Greatsword Sunrise

I thought it was impossible... I thought I won't ever get something so precious...
I was wrong!(D-R-A-M-A) lulz!

 Let me show off my beautiful weapon from GW2!:)

With full focus & determination you can achieve and get the Legendary weapon of your choice too! It is proven, I got my second weapon,The Legendary Greatsword -SUNRISE!(weeeee!!!)
~My very first legendary is The Dreamer
You know how hard it is to complete any recipe for the BEST weapon in ANY game? It's hard because even we are LVL1 we always aim for the highest level of equipment.  Best stats , BEST LOOKING equip ever!
If you are a gamer like me, you would know exactly what I mean. (haha)

It's frustrating I know!~Farming , collecting , dungeon and boss farming, We all do everything just so we could get enough GOLD for the best. 
And It's all worth the hard work once we get the equipment we wanted for so long!:D We always wanted the BEST right?;)

Here's a picture of my Mesmer carrying Sunrise. (*-*)!!! ugh so beautiful!
 With all those special effects, beautiful glow I am just happy to get the weapon I've been dreaming of.^-^ 
You know the feeling of getting a new makeup? That's exciting it is for me whenever I use this weapon.hehe

Which Legendary Weapon Do you want?

Thanks for reading my random post about games
See you on my next post  ^-~


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