Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heroine Make is finally here!

Yes! Yes! Yes! 
Finally Heroine Make, a Japan makeup brand is now out in the Philippine Market!
I was really excited when I saw this makeup in SM Dasmarinas last December 31. I was there shopping for some holiday presents. Yep,I'm sorry if this post is a bit late .There's so many things that is going on with me in real life right now that I only remembered to blog about it after seeing the pictures again on my phone xD (Facebook is so annoying it took me a million times to actually upload this pictures, because it keeps crashing on my phone x_X lol) 
Better late than never right?:D

Oh gosh!
I was so excited to play with these makeups!I manage to grab some pictures because the sales lady that was in the Heroine Make booth is nice.She also entertained my questions really well. *thumbs up

The products that are available in their booth are mostly mascaras, eyebrow & eyeliner pencils.BB cream which I really wanted to try and a BB cream powder that is really new to me, I'd be sure grab it next time ,I believe it's only 500 php or 11usd.^^ I think most of their products are around 400php-1000php or $9 -$20 USD.

I didn't purchase anything right away though, because whenever I get excited I always buy lots and lots of makeups and I always end up with something I can't or won't even use.So I let myself relax and breath in a little bit.:P lolz!
 I get too excited when I see a lot of makeups! *-* (goes crazy)
But I'd be sure to grab that bb cream powder  on the top shelf!*-* I'm itching to try it out! (lel) .

Their pencil liners are a bit disappointing  as it didn't glide in smoothly when I tried to swatch it on my arm.It was hard like a real pencil!
I'm not sure if their display is just old, but the sales lady helped me try out the other ones and ended up the same. (o_o)

It was hard to try out their mascara because I was wearing a makeup already so I can't tell if it's good or not.Best way to review it is when I buy some to test out.
I am so happy to see more and more makeup brands coming out in the market, ^-^  It gets boring to try & see the same makeups over & over.I Also didn't want to pay for the shipping fee online for something I haven't tested before,And sometimes products comes in broken or ended up buying fakes.(-_-)' lols~
Anyways, This makeup really reminds me of Bihada Ichizoku, a product brand from Japan too that I have used before and I truly loved. My most favorite moisturizer & makeup remover were both from Bihada Ichizoku.

Anyone knows if  "Heroine Make" & "Bihada Ichizoku" makeup  are anyway related? :o

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, Thanks for dropping by!:)


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