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Etude House | Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches & Review

Happy New Year everyone!^_^

Yay for the first post for 2015! And Yes I am finally back into blogging.

First of, let me talk about~ "What I got from our New Year's Party!"
I got a few products from Etude House and I'm really excited after I opened my gift because I've always loved this brand!

If you don't know about this brand yet, Etude House is a Korean Makeup brand.It is a popular brand here in Asia for their quality, very cute packaging and for it's affordable price.Most of their products were promoted by popular Korean Stars & Kpop Artist.

So for today, I will be reviewing about the 3 Etude House Single pan eye shadows that I received.I've never tried any of these before.Most of the time I visit Etude House, I only grab BB creams, eyeliners ,cream shadow sticks and blushes, but never these ones So I'm really excited to try this out!
 I got Look At My Eyes Eye Shadow in colors
Bronze,Pink and Brown
I believe there are more colors to choose from.

Let's talk about their Packaging
Each eye shadow comes in a small crystal clear case.
I tell you, It doesn't look cheap at all. The packaging is made of a hard and thick type of plastic.
It has a cute & simple design in the front of the casing that says "Look at". And at the back it has the eye shadow code, a barcode & some words that are written in Korean.

It opens like a compact powder case.It is also sealed tight when locked.
Super cute packaging!
On to the Product 

Etude House Look at My Eyes BR401
Price:198 Php or  $ 4.4 USD
Look at how cute the heart shaped patterns on the eyeshadows.
 It's so adorable! I almost didn't want to use it!:) haha
The eye shadow feels smooth but it doesn't feel creamy or buttery to touch, but it's not bad all the color still goes on smoothly when applied.
I love this Shade a lot.It looks dark bronze on the pan but it's a gold color when swatched on my arm. It's a really beautiful shimmery light gold color.A sheen and smooth finish NOT a chunky glitter.
 Here's a beautiful swatch of BR401 color. 

Etude House Look at My Eyes BR403
Price:198 Php or  $ 4.4 USD
This eye shadow is light dark brown shade, It can be build up to make it darker. It's perfect for a light smokey look.For some reason It feels a little creamier than the gold one. It's also shimmery but not like chunky glitter.Just a really beautiful effect.I love it! It goes perfectly well with the gold shade.
My Swatches doesn't give justice for this shade at all -.-

Etude House Look At My Eyes PK003
Price:Price:198 Php or  $ 4.4 USD
Pink Shade, My favorite color!This eye shadow is smooth.Now this color  is very very light for my skin color.Specially when I applied it on my eyes, the color fades to white with only a hint of pink to it.

Final Verdict!
-The colors are sheer.
Asian Makeup brands like to make their makeup colors light.

-The colors are not pigmented  but buildable

Perfect for a "No makeup makeup" style.

-It's light, doesn't feel like you are wearing any eye makeup. 

-These are shimmery. So if you are the type of person who hates glitters then this eye shadows are not for you.

-You will need an eye shadow primer.To make it last longer and to help the color show up a little more.

-Cute!~Perfect to add to your makeup collection!


This is a great gift! ^-^ I really enjoyed playing with it
I can see myself using it for a day to day makeup look~ :)
 I love it a lot!

Next, I will be reviewing the other makeup products that I got.

Thanks for reading , and I'll see you on my next post!



lovepirate said...

I always don't like it when eyeshadows shimmer but I think the colors are great!

DaintyPotato said...

Woah! Even though they're not pigmented, i think they're a really gorgeous shimmery color ^_^!


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