Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tarte,Lime Crime,Mac Wish List 2014

I guess it's never too late for a Holiday Wish list right?^_~

Hello everyone!
 Oh wow I missed blogging! So for a starting post (since I was gone for such a  looooOng time) I wanted to share with you my holiday wish list. I've always done this kind of post every year and I'm so happy to get some of my most wished products as present before.

This Year, I have a short and simple list and here it is.

So for the very first item that I wanted is from TARTE , And it's their Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection.It is just wonderful and so beautiful that I don't want to miss it out!
I'm not very familiar with this brand but for the first time I've seen all the holiday makeup sets 2014 on Sephora website, The Tarte Makeup Set stands out the most for me. As in it made me "WOW" and made me *screamed internally ~ hahaha!
Tarte is very new to me and I don't really have anything from this brand.I believe this isn't available in our market yet so I can't just buy and try it out right away even when I want to! ;_; *cries  I really wanted to try out their products because I've read a lot of good reviews about them.

The Parisian style, Kind of like vintage feel to it made me want to add this makeup sets in my collection.I normally collect cute makeup sets, such as Tokidoki  or anything that has cute packaging but this year's Tarte collection nailed it! It is a must have for me!~ (heehee)

Next on my Wish List is from the brand LIME CRIME
I've always  wanted to try  the lip products from this brand.Their lipsticks and Glosses looks so beautiful. This year I wanted to try  some of their Valentines and Carousel Lip Glosses. The color I wanted to try the most is the one called "Wicked".It is just a gorgeous Vampy lip color! *-*

I really hope Lime Crime would come up with an idea of  making gift sets next year and maybe add more quantity next time. Every time I look at their website everything is sold out ,nothing new or anything. I feel like they needed to produce more products. :o

The Last thing on my list is the MAC Brush from Mac's Keepsakes Holiday Collection.I love travel size brushes and when I saw Mac is releasing this cute brush set I know I can't pass on it so I'm putting this on my list as well.*0* I super love the travel brush bag that comes with it. Really beautiful ~ <3 p="">
Well that's everything I needed in my life! haha :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my wishlist!

What's in your Holiday Wish List?
Let me know in the comment section below, and I'd be happy to peek on your list!^^

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all on my next post! :)



Jenny Vi said...

This is a very cool and nice wishlist :) Hopefully, you will get them all! :)
Love, Jenny

Hinata Matsumoto said...

I have a short wishlist on my blog!you can check it out if you want ^_^ To be honest,after reading your blog post,i have this big urge to buy tarte stuff www

☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

Oh I knew Tarte and Lime Crime. I know that Bunny (grav3yardgirl on youtube) really likes Tarte products, so I also want to check them out someday :-)

kaizokumousy said...

@jenny Vi -thank you :) *cross fingers

@hinata Matsumoto- I'd check it out!^^

@☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ - Oh I know Bunny, I watched her videos as well :) Yeah I've seen a lot of video reviews about Tarte, and most of them are positive so I really want to try them out.

lovepirate said...

I don't exactly had a holiday wishlist but I really like the brush set from MAC you chose. :) I think those kinda travel bags come in very handy.
I hope you can get all the stuff you want. ^w^

kaizokumousy said...

@lovepirate Yes.I find this brush set really useful.I love travel brushes!^^


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