Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lolita Fashion Parade |Mimi as Judge!

Hello dolls!:)

First of all I would like to apologize for not updating lately. I was really busy after taking another course in school which is Cosmetology, Everything  that is related to Beauty.It's just a short course that I will have to finish and I will be free to blog anytime again soon! I'll be sure to write a  post about my experience on it!:D

Last August 31, I attended a small event in Sm.Sta.Rosa- The Lolita Fashion Parade.This time, I am not just a con goer,or a cosplayer but a Judge! ^0^ kyaaaaaaaa!!!!

A month before the event happen, My classmates were telling me about this Lolita Fashion Contest in Sm. They told me that the price is high and so I decided that time that I will join  and prepared for it a little.Then, One week before the event , I was contacted by a person that works at Sm inviting me to be one of the Judges!I was really happy to hear that and so I accepted the offer without any hesitation!:D

I was surprised because I've always wanted to be a Judge! And it's also a way to give chance to the other girls who joined for the contest for the first time and/or are new to this kind of event.^-^

Photo of me with the two other judges, Kristalyn, Me, Gaby 
(L-R) (c) Mark Benalla Photography Thank you!:)

I love love love these cute ladies 

*Inserts kawaii song by Alodia ++++

^o^ kyaaa Pikaaa pikKkaaa Chuuuuuuu!
One of my favorites :) Just fan girling over Lolli Pikachu x3 I just love love love her when she went on stage and did her short modeling poses. So adorable!

Picking the winner was a really hard  choice for me because there's a lot of pretty lolita who joined and they are all beautiful.I wish I could give the reward to all of them.^_^

Kawaii lolitas (from L-R)

Kc as Lolli Mcdonalds, Me, Gaby, Our First Place winner,3rd place,2nd Place winner as Ciel Phantomhive Vintage Lolita version, Kristalyn as Goth Lolita Annie.
fun! FuN! FUN!:D Doing the Gaby Pose x)

Being a  Judge is a fun new experience for me, And I hope it won't be my last. I can't wait to guest again soon!^,^
I would like to thank Tj Schuwann for inviting me!:) and Max Restaurant for giving us the yummy cupcakes.I was a little hungry that time  so those cupcakes helped a lot.brownies,Cheese and Banana.
And of course Sm Sta.Rosa for putting a lot of fun events.

The payment that I got from the event is used to purchase some hair products I've been  wanting to try out.I can't wait to share with you gals some of the hair products that I have discovered, which I think are really good!:D

off to bed!
Thank you for reading!^-^

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You are so pretty! ;~;


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