Sunday, August 3, 2014

PHILIPPINE ARENA | INC Centennial Celebration

It is indeed a very great opportunity for me to be invited at the Philippine Arena on the day of it's inauguaration at Ciudad de Victoria, Bucaue Bulacan.There are more or less 50,000 people who attended the said event.The place is huge and beautiful inside, with bright lights, a cool and nice temperature and a great sound system. I wished I have my Nikon dslr to get better  pictures,  :< But it went broke so I had to rely on my cellphone's camera.

As much as I wanted to share the great news, It was unfortunate that Typhoon Glenda devastated our Country and we are one of those areas that was affected by it.We have no electricity, no water no internet for a week!The black out was nationwide. I can't blog!.:/ But despite all of that, I am still happy that nothing bad happened to us.=)

(Back to the main topic)There are a lot of important people that attended the inauguration of the Ciudad de Victoria.The Philippine President Noynoy Aquino was there, Former President Erap Estrada,Vice President Binay and many more.^-^ 
A few days later, Our most awaited event-The Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Celebration has happened at the Philippine Arena.This time,There were more than One million people who came.The Philippine Arena became like a miniature, the place is so crowded! But despite that, nothing bad happened because each and everyone of us is happy and excited, All the people were waiting patiently in line. I was very lucky again because this time, I got a ticket inside the Stadium.I think the Stadium is not completely done yet, because I have seen a lot of unfinished construction outside.
We have really planned our trip here because we know that if we have traveled far and walk 10km far we will be so exhausted.So we stayed at a hotel called CasaElum 2 days before the event.It is very near the Philippine Arena so all we have to do is walk.

So we went to watch the Pyro musical before midnight.Oh wow I enjoyed it a lot! The Celebration was really fun and was really blessed with a nice weather that day.It was said that the new typhoon was about to land, I am just glad that it didn't or else there will be no firework show! 

I waited at the stadium until the sun rose up for the the "Tanging Pagsamba".
I am very happy to have witnessed such a nice celebration where people understand and respect each other.I felt the power and the blessings that day.I can't wait until such event happened again. <3 p="">



Sanne Peters said...

Wow those fireworks!

~ Sann

Sophia Ton said...

Hey, you have a really nice Blog with interesting Stuff on it! :)
Do you want to follow each other via GFC? If yes please let me know and i follow back :*

Greetings & Kisses from Germany


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