Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GuildWars2 Legendary Weapon|The Lover

So I have been busy playing my game Guild Wars 2 trying to farm materials for my Legendary weapon. And after months of doing it, I have finally got this very cute short bow called
- The Dreamer.

Creating it isn't easy, It isn't that hard for me either.I was just lucky because a friend of mine happened to get a precursor  out of a chest and sold it to me for a very affordable price.:) Then encourage me on making it fast.I was hesitant at first because making it is soOo

and I made it anyway \o/ woot!

I was so excited! I always wanted to shoot rainbow unicorns and have rainbow horse shoe foot prints that glows whenever I walk/run. This Unicorn short bow is really cute!^-^  Here are some of my screenshots using my thief.

My next plan is to make a Legendary great sword -Sunrise.
I hope I could get a precursor too ^-^ *prays to Dwayna

See you in game!:)


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King Stiofan said...

I steal it >.<


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