Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NARS Makeup Workshop | Albert Kurniawan

A few days ago I attended the Nars workshop.We we're introduced to an Indonesian celebrity makeup artist, Albert Kurniawan.He is well known for making glamorous makeup looks to celebrities like Heart  Evangelista,Laura Victoria Lehmann,Venus Rah,Kim Chu,Megan Young and many more.

Lucky that I got a reservation for this event because I wouldn't want to miss hearing what he shared that day.It is indeed very helpful specially for me who needs to learn more about makeups.=)

Here are some of the tips I learned, There's a lot more but these are the most important, I think.

-Preparation of the skin.To be able to  have a nice makeup look, You will need to have good skin condition.Make sure that the face is clean before applying any makeup.
Use toner, Apply moisturizer,prep is needed.I noticed that he puts a lot of time on this. He said that this is the most important part for him.

-Next is applying foundation. For this part he suggested that we apply our foundation downwards because the hair growth on the face is downward.

-For the Eye brows, He likes to use three different eyebrow products-Gel,powder and pencil.He applies a lighter color to the eyebrows and a darker shade on the arch to create a 3d effect.

-For a natural contour,We don't really have to apply our contour powder vigorously like how we do learned to do it.He suggested that it can be done slowly and lightly in a number 3 motion starting from the side of our forehead going to our middle jaw part and lower side of the chin.

After were done with the workshop, We were given the opportunity to talk and take a picture with Mr.Albert but I'm shy so I just asked for a selfie with him.xD
Then the fun part !:D We went to visit Nars booth where a lot of products are displayed for trials. I enjoyed testing the lipsticks, but I think I love their blush powders a lot more. I love all the shades.

 I would like to Thank Nars and Rustans for this wonderful event. I enjoyed and learned a lot from it. And to my friend Carizza Chua, for sharing this with me

"When it comes to beauty, whatever makes you look and feel good is right"-Francois Nars


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GuildWars2 Legendary Weapon|The Lover

So I have been busy playing my game Guild Wars 2 trying to farm materials for my Legendary weapon. And after months of doing it, I have finally got this very cute short bow called
- The Dreamer.

Creating it isn't easy, It isn't that hard for me either.I was just lucky because a friend of mine happened to get a precursor  out of a chest and sold it to me for a very affordable price.:) Then encourage me on making it fast.I was hesitant at first because making it is soOo

and I made it anyway \o/ woot!

I was so excited! I always wanted to shoot rainbow unicorns and have rainbow horse shoe foot prints that glows whenever I walk/run. This Unicorn short bow is really cute!^-^  Here are some of my screenshots using my thief.

My next plan is to make a Legendary great sword -Sunrise.
I hope I could get a precursor too ^-^ *prays to Dwayna

See you in game!:)



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