Saturday, April 5, 2014

Diary Update: Print Ad Shoot- My experience

So a few weeks ago, I was lucky to be picked as a makeup artist for a Print Ad shoot. A friend of mine was looking for someone who could do an anime makeup look and after seeing all my works he recommended me to a company. To be honest I didn't know it was for a print ad.I received a call and waited a month later for the meet up date.I was excited and nervous at the same time.

I was confident that I could do it because I practiced and with my 5 yrs of doing anime looks I know to myself that it's going to be easy, I was wrong. After meeting up my first model and started to do her makeup, for some odd reason she hysterically say "What's this makeup? I don't like it!"O_O She stood up and went to her manager and demanded that I change the makeup.After that she literally cried.I was shocked but I remained calmly and explained that I was there to do an anime makeup (Huge doll eyes) and not a bridal makeup.And then I found out that they were not informed  that it would be a doll look.I wasn't completely done with her, and end up doing a simple makeup.I was not satisfied at all and was completely disheartened with my first try.

However, In my opinion, I think it's not bad to experience different makeup looks.Maybe I am just used to it because in anime, each  character is different from another. Whenever I have a photo shoot we do different looks,poses and settings as well.

Anyway,My second,  third  and last model was completely game with the look that I'm going to make and ended up really good.^^ I had fun doing their makeups, They were very professional.I made it a bit simple this time though. The last one however, I was feeling tired  and hungry already!(My bad) I lost my energy completely and  I can't think well on how I should start on her, I was moving too slow.I think I need to improve more on that.

In the end, The photo shoot went really well. The makeup looked great on the camera and on screen.The models got used to their looks and enjoyed taking selfies in their different costumes and wigs.I became friends with them too! ^-^

 I will post an update once the print ad is released.It would make me very happy!

I have learned a lot that day, And I was very happy to work with everyone.It was a great experience and hopefully I could have more opportunities like that.



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