Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My first days with Braces

So I finally got my braces on yesterday.
Hooray! I'm happy because I know  in a few months later I will have a better smile.^-^
I've been wanting to have braces on for a long time already but it's hard to find a doctor in my area.One, that will explain to me what exactly needs to be done with my teeth and my case.Some doctors are only concerned with the prices and how I should pay.lol!

After putting brackets on

You'll notice in the picture above that my bottom teeth are not aligned with top. and it's very noticeable when I talk, and it's been bothering me. The doctor has a different plans for my top teeth and should be done in my next visit.

I had one of my extra premolars removed.(I have 3 premolars ,I heard its rare) The brackets are first placed on teeth, then they removed my extra tooth.I think the operation only took 2 hours or less. It was fast.

The first night with my braces was not so painful because most probably the anesthesia from my tooth operation is not gone yet.I was able to eat rice,fish and noodles. I even munch some snacks o.o

BUT today when I woke up, I feel the soreness already... x_X
And when I tried to eat a snack, it hurts.So I think I will have just a soup.

I thought that braces would hurt a lot for the first time, but it's actually not painful for me.It just feels weird because I can feel the metal thing in my mouth, but I will  get used to it.=)


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