Thursday, February 6, 2014

Volcano Tour!

The first month of the year was really busy but it was a really good start, and a memorable one for me because I finally get to meet a dear friend of mine. <3 nbsp="" p="">

We used to play the game PET SOCIETY  on Facebook~ We have a virtual pet. We dress it up, feed, wash and take care of it.We also design house and collect cute furniture for it.It was a really fun game, to bad the makers decided to take it down.*sob I miss  the game.

Stephie and I only met each other on the forum where in we trade cute items and in-game stuffs. I stalked her because she has a pink hair, and I find it really cute.~haha! waaaa I sounded too scary lulz &We added each other on facebook and became even more closer because we both like same things such as pet society, anime, cosplay, fashion, cute things, gothic, and more... I never knew I would be able to see her in real life.*0*

She always say that she would visit me one day... 2 years later and she was here!(*0*)~  I wanted to visit her too but I failed,hopefully one day I'll be able to travel there!
The first time we've seen each other -we can't help but squeal and jump from happiness and I was really starstruck from how cute she looks like in person.:)
The first night we just went out to eat in a Japanese restaurant.I took her to Ryuma because it's my favorite restaurant in town.
The next day, we planned to go to Sky Ranch but we ended up travelling to a different place.It was unplanned and unexpected too so we aren't really prepared for it!!!O_O

We went to Taal Volcano!!!XD
So first we climb up the mountain,  go down (riding a vehicle of course) ...cross the lake, rode a horse and walk to see the center crater of the volcano! WOW!
 I bet they were tired from all of it, I was tired too! but I  was too happy to even think about it. I live nearby this place and yet it was the first time I traveled there!o.o

I love the view so much!
Stephie is so shy *,* soo cute :>
The fun most fun part of the tour was when were in the boat.
We got wet from the waves and ugh! the water is so cold lol!xD
While on our way to the other island, we just talked about stuff and funny random things.xD

And this is how it looked like from above...
I am really happy to see things from the outside~ I don't always go out so for me, it feels really good to see this view!:)
*picture picture

 I stopped my horse so I could took a picture of this bird.Too bad my lens got wet from our ride in the boat and it's harder to focus.I'm not sure if my lens is broken now.XD
(You can see the bird on the 2nd picture too :) )
 And this is the crater, There is a smoke coming from it.I'm not sure if they were burning the leaves or what, no one explained anything about it.I wish the tour guide would give us a little detail or stories about Taal Volcano.xD
We decided to just walk on our way down from the top of the volcano,  because the way looked really scary steep and high and I kept thinking the horse would slide with me on it!
Last picture~ Sunset
It was dark already when we finally reached back the other side of the lake, And it was super cold already>.< I'm glad I brought a super thick jacket (Jacket for snow lol) I was really shaking because my shirt was still wet from the lake. 

After that trip I asked them to go with me at home so we could watch some movies.We watched Carrie. I hope it didn't get them bored.o_o

The next day, and the final day we'll be together :(... We went to Enchanted Kingdom :)
It's a small amusement park.We tried some games but were not really good at it so no prize for us! 

There is one ride I enjoyed though, It was the first time I rode it too! I didn't expect it to be that fun, only until they forced me to ride it and I'm glad they did because it's my favorite now!~ It's the Disc O Magic!
Gosh It feels like I'm flying~ and being thrown in the air.I swear I would ride that again when I'm back! haha
Our last picture together.Most probably were already older when we meet again.~^.^~
But we'll always be friends :)

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