Thursday, January 9, 2014

Customizing Music -GuildWars 2

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!!^-^

I'm just excited to share with you what I found out last night!~That you could actually change / add your favorite music soundtrack in GuildWars 2!!! (I know some of you know it already as it was added by Anet last year, but I'm lazy reading their blog post so I wasn't aware of it!)
Music is important!It's what makes the adventure in the game exciting. Whether you are exploring, killing mobs,fighting bosses, Having a nice music in the background brings life to the Game!
I love Guild Wars 2 music but I've been hearing the same old sound over and over since GW1, so it  starts to get boring for me .The good news is that they actually added this feature where in you could add your favorite music in the game!Thank you Anet!

Here's how I customized mine!:)

First, Download all of your favorite music!
(My list would all be from my favorite games 
Chrono Cross,Jade Cocoon,Final Fantasy,Perfect World~ *0* Hearing all those music brings back old memories~~  hehe)
 Supported Media
Playlist formats
Audio types

★Next I organized the songs in different albums so it would be easier for me to customize it when I wanted to add or remove music later. See pic below
*Note The Game only recognizes this Names for Playlist
-Boss Battle

NEXT! CREATE a playlist!
Select all the songs you want from the album then click "Add to windows media player"
*Note (Please make sure that the name of each song is plain letters without numbers or special characters or it won't play! For example "Mimisong #012" please rename it "Mimisong" remove all the numbers!
"Save  list as" then go to Guild Wars 2 Folder
(Go to Documents- Then Find GuildWars 2 Folder, Inside you will see the album "Music)
 Don't Forget to add the File Name! if you want the songs to play when you are under water then name the the file "Underwater", if you want it to play when you are in the City then name it "City" and so on... :)

Then Click Save~
Do it for the rest of the other playlist!:)

That's it!
 Log in your game and you should be able to hear your favorite songs play in the
 back ground!^-^ I hope that helps, And I hope it's not that hard to understand xD haha!

Good Luck!:D

Oh I have a new Guild btw!:) Hi VG!:))



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