Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tarte,Lime Crime,Mac Wish List 2014

I guess it's never too late for a Holiday Wish list right?^_~

Hello everyone!
 Oh wow I missed blogging! So for a starting post (since I was gone for such a  looooOng time) I wanted to share with you my holiday wish list. I've always done this kind of post every year and I'm so happy to get some of my most wished products as present before.

This Year, I have a short and simple list and here it is.

So for the very first item that I wanted is from TARTE , And it's their Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection.It is just wonderful and so beautiful that I don't want to miss it out!
I'm not very familiar with this brand but for the first time I've seen all the holiday makeup sets 2014 on Sephora website, The Tarte Makeup Set stands out the most for me. As in it made me "WOW" and made me *screamed internally ~ hahaha!
Tarte is very new to me and I don't really have anything from this brand.I believe this isn't available in our market yet so I can't just buy and try it out right away even when I want to! ;_; *cries  I really wanted to try out their products because I've read a lot of good reviews about them.

The Parisian style, Kind of like vintage feel to it made me want to add this makeup sets in my collection.I normally collect cute makeup sets, such as Tokidoki  or anything that has cute packaging but this year's Tarte collection nailed it! It is a must have for me!~ (heehee)

Next on my Wish List is from the brand LIME CRIME
I've always  wanted to try  the lip products from this brand.Their lipsticks and Glosses looks so beautiful. This year I wanted to try  some of their Valentines and Carousel Lip Glosses. The color I wanted to try the most is the one called "Wicked".It is just a gorgeous Vampy lip color! *-*

I really hope Lime Crime would come up with an idea of  making gift sets next year and maybe add more quantity next time. Every time I look at their website everything is sold out ,nothing new or anything. I feel like they needed to produce more products. :o

The Last thing on my list is the MAC Brush from Mac's Keepsakes Holiday Collection.I love travel size brushes and when I saw Mac is releasing this cute brush set I know I can't pass on it so I'm putting this on my list as well.*0* I super love the travel brush bag that comes with it. Really beautiful ~ <3 p="">
Well that's everything I needed in my life! haha :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my wishlist!

What's in your Holiday Wish List?
Let me know in the comment section below, and I'd be happy to peek on your list!^^

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all on my next post! :)


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lolita Fashion Parade |Mimi as Judge!

Hello dolls!:)

First of all I would like to apologize for not updating lately. I was really busy after taking another course in school which is Cosmetology, Everything  that is related to Beauty.It's just a short course that I will have to finish and I will be free to blog anytime again soon! I'll be sure to write a  post about my experience on it!:D

Last August 31, I attended a small event in Sm.Sta.Rosa- The Lolita Fashion Parade.This time, I am not just a con goer,or a cosplayer but a Judge! ^0^ kyaaaaaaaa!!!!

A month before the event happen, My classmates were telling me about this Lolita Fashion Contest in Sm. They told me that the price is high and so I decided that time that I will join  and prepared for it a little.Then, One week before the event , I was contacted by a person that works at Sm inviting me to be one of the Judges!I was really happy to hear that and so I accepted the offer without any hesitation!:D

I was surprised because I've always wanted to be a Judge! And it's also a way to give chance to the other girls who joined for the contest for the first time and/or are new to this kind of event.^-^

Photo of me with the two other judges, Kristalyn, Me, Gaby 
(L-R) (c) Mark Benalla Photography Thank you!:)

I love love love these cute ladies 

*Inserts kawaii song by Alodia ++++

^o^ kyaaa Pikaaa pikKkaaa Chuuuuuuu!
One of my favorites :) Just fan girling over Lolli Pikachu x3 I just love love love her when she went on stage and did her short modeling poses. So adorable!

Picking the winner was a really hard  choice for me because there's a lot of pretty lolita who joined and they are all beautiful.I wish I could give the reward to all of them.^_^

Kawaii lolitas (from L-R)

Kc as Lolli Mcdonalds, Me, Gaby, Our First Place winner,3rd place,2nd Place winner as Ciel Phantomhive Vintage Lolita version, Kristalyn as Goth Lolita Annie.
fun! FuN! FUN!:D Doing the Gaby Pose x)

Being a  Judge is a fun new experience for me, And I hope it won't be my last. I can't wait to guest again soon!^,^
I would like to thank Tj Schuwann for inviting me!:) and Max Restaurant for giving us the yummy cupcakes.I was a little hungry that time  so those cupcakes helped a lot.brownies,Cheese and Banana.
And of course Sm Sta.Rosa for putting a lot of fun events.

The payment that I got from the event is used to purchase some hair products I've been  wanting to try out.I can't wait to share with you gals some of the hair products that I have discovered, which I think are really good!:D

off to bed!
Thank you for reading!^-^

Sunday, August 3, 2014

PHILIPPINE ARENA | INC Centennial Celebration

It is indeed a very great opportunity for me to be invited at the Philippine Arena on the day of it's inauguaration at Ciudad de Victoria, Bucaue Bulacan.There are more or less 50,000 people who attended the said event.The place is huge and beautiful inside, with bright lights, a cool and nice temperature and a great sound system. I wished I have my Nikon dslr to get better  pictures,  :< But it went broke so I had to rely on my cellphone's camera.

As much as I wanted to share the great news, It was unfortunate that Typhoon Glenda devastated our Country and we are one of those areas that was affected by it.We have no electricity, no water no internet for a week!The black out was nationwide. I can't blog!.:/ But despite all of that, I am still happy that nothing bad happened to us.=)

(Back to the main topic)There are a lot of important people that attended the inauguration of the Ciudad de Victoria.The Philippine President Noynoy Aquino was there, Former President Erap Estrada,Vice President Binay and many more.^-^ 
A few days later, Our most awaited event-The Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Celebration has happened at the Philippine Arena.This time,There were more than One million people who came.The Philippine Arena became like a miniature, the place is so crowded! But despite that, nothing bad happened because each and everyone of us is happy and excited, All the people were waiting patiently in line. I was very lucky again because this time, I got a ticket inside the Stadium.I think the Stadium is not completely done yet, because I have seen a lot of unfinished construction outside.
We have really planned our trip here because we know that if we have traveled far and walk 10km far we will be so exhausted.So we stayed at a hotel called CasaElum 2 days before the event.It is very near the Philippine Arena so all we have to do is walk.

So we went to watch the Pyro musical before midnight.Oh wow I enjoyed it a lot! The Celebration was really fun and was really blessed with a nice weather that day.It was said that the new typhoon was about to land, I am just glad that it didn't or else there will be no firework show! 

I waited at the stadium until the sun rose up for the the "Tanging Pagsamba".
I am very happy to have witnessed such a nice celebration where people understand and respect each other.I felt the power and the blessings that day.I can't wait until such event happened again. <3 p="">


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NARS Makeup Workshop | Albert Kurniawan

A few days ago I attended the Nars workshop.We we're introduced to an Indonesian celebrity makeup artist, Albert Kurniawan.He is well known for making glamorous makeup looks to celebrities like Heart  Evangelista,Laura Victoria Lehmann,Venus Rah,Kim Chu,Megan Young and many more.

Lucky that I got a reservation for this event because I wouldn't want to miss hearing what he shared that day.It is indeed very helpful specially for me who needs to learn more about makeups.=)

Here are some of the tips I learned, There's a lot more but these are the most important, I think.

-Preparation of the skin.To be able to  have a nice makeup look, You will need to have good skin condition.Make sure that the face is clean before applying any makeup.
Use toner, Apply moisturizer,prep is needed.I noticed that he puts a lot of time on this. He said that this is the most important part for him.

-Next is applying foundation. For this part he suggested that we apply our foundation downwards because the hair growth on the face is downward.

-For the Eye brows, He likes to use three different eyebrow products-Gel,powder and pencil.He applies a lighter color to the eyebrows and a darker shade on the arch to create a 3d effect.

-For a natural contour,We don't really have to apply our contour powder vigorously like how we do learned to do it.He suggested that it can be done slowly and lightly in a number 3 motion starting from the side of our forehead going to our middle jaw part and lower side of the chin.

After were done with the workshop, We were given the opportunity to talk and take a picture with Mr.Albert but I'm shy so I just asked for a selfie with him.xD
Then the fun part !:D We went to visit Nars booth where a lot of products are displayed for trials. I enjoyed testing the lipsticks, but I think I love their blush powders a lot more. I love all the shades.

 I would like to Thank Nars and Rustans for this wonderful event. I enjoyed and learned a lot from it. And to my friend Carizza Chua, for sharing this with me

"When it comes to beauty, whatever makes you look and feel good is right"-Francois Nars


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GuildWars2 Legendary Weapon|The Lover

So I have been busy playing my game Guild Wars 2 trying to farm materials for my Legendary weapon. And after months of doing it, I have finally got this very cute short bow called
- The Dreamer.

Creating it isn't easy, It isn't that hard for me either.I was just lucky because a friend of mine happened to get a precursor  out of a chest and sold it to me for a very affordable price.:) Then encourage me on making it fast.I was hesitant at first because making it is soOo

and I made it anyway \o/ woot!

I was so excited! I always wanted to shoot rainbow unicorns and have rainbow horse shoe foot prints that glows whenever I walk/run. This Unicorn short bow is really cute!^-^  Here are some of my screenshots using my thief.

My next plan is to make a Legendary great sword -Sunrise.
I hope I could get a precursor too ^-^ *prays to Dwayna

See you in game!:)


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Diary Update: Print Ad Shoot- My experience

So a few weeks ago, I was lucky to be picked as a makeup artist for a Print Ad shoot. A friend of mine was looking for someone who could do an anime makeup look and after seeing all my works he recommended me to a company. To be honest I didn't know it was for a print ad.I received a call and waited a month later for the meet up date.I was excited and nervous at the same time.

I was confident that I could do it because I practiced and with my 5 yrs of doing anime looks I know to myself that it's going to be easy, I was wrong. After meeting up my first model and started to do her makeup, for some odd reason she hysterically say "What's this makeup? I don't like it!"O_O She stood up and went to her manager and demanded that I change the makeup.After that she literally cried.I was shocked but I remained calmly and explained that I was there to do an anime makeup (Huge doll eyes) and not a bridal makeup.And then I found out that they were not informed  that it would be a doll look.I wasn't completely done with her, and end up doing a simple makeup.I was not satisfied at all and was completely disheartened with my first try.

However, In my opinion, I think it's not bad to experience different makeup looks.Maybe I am just used to it because in anime, each  character is different from another. Whenever I have a photo shoot we do different looks,poses and settings as well.

Anyway,My second,  third  and last model was completely game with the look that I'm going to make and ended up really good.^^ I had fun doing their makeups, They were very professional.I made it a bit simple this time though. The last one however, I was feeling tired  and hungry already!(My bad) I lost my energy completely and  I can't think well on how I should start on her, I was moving too slow.I think I need to improve more on that.

In the end, The photo shoot went really well. The makeup looked great on the camera and on screen.The models got used to their looks and enjoyed taking selfies in their different costumes and wigs.I became friends with them too! ^-^

 I will post an update once the print ad is released.It would make me very happy!

I have learned a lot that day, And I was very happy to work with everyone.It was a great experience and hopefully I could have more opportunities like that.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

INC World Wide Walk

Joining the Iglesia Ni Cristo World Wide Walk was one of the most unforgettable experience of my life .It was held last February 15,2014.This happened not just in the Philippines but also in different parts of the world .To be able to walk together with hundreds of thousands of people all for the same purpose of raising  funds to help the people in Tacloban -The typhoon Yolanda/ Haiyan victims, It just feels amazing.

I donated 250php for the registration fee and I got a shirt.
We started travelling at around 12am and reached Roxas Boulevard at 2 in the morning, We thought that we would be the first people there because we traveled so early but we were wrong.The place was crowded already. I took a little nap in the car and woke up at 4am, ate my breakfast I prepared and started walking  to reach the starting lane.

With a little sleep, I didn't feel tired at all.It was really crowded and we waited for hours to get to the starting lane.It was the first time in my life I lane with many patient people.There is no pushing or hurting that happened and I didn't even hear anyone complaining at all.All I can hear is the shout of excited people whenever they are about to pass the starting sign.There was a stop light and people starts counting whenever it's about to turn Green.So funny.

I was shouting too!*0* I was so excited to finally able to see that "START" sign after waiting patiently for hours..I'm happy because I happened to be in a spot where there are teens talking about Anime, and it was fun to talk with them.I din't get bored at all.We walked about 1.6 Km and double it because we had to go back.I feel like it was very short walk.I wish it was longer :D

Anyway, At the end of the finish line, I say good bye to the new people I met and even became friends with them.:)

 I put my stab in the box to be counted by the Guiness Staff.We went home already after the event, and we we're just happy to hear in the news that  we broke the record for the as World's Largest Charity Walk in a single venue within 24 hours.It's just an awesome bonus!:)


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My first days with Braces

So I finally got my braces on yesterday.
Hooray! I'm happy because I know  in a few months later I will have a better smile.^-^
I've been wanting to have braces on for a long time already but it's hard to find a doctor in my area.One, that will explain to me what exactly needs to be done with my teeth and my case.Some doctors are only concerned with the prices and how I should!

After putting brackets on

You'll notice in the picture above that my bottom teeth are not aligned with top. and it's very noticeable when I talk, and it's been bothering me. The doctor has a different plans for my top teeth and should be done in my next visit.

I had one of my extra premolars removed.(I have 3 premolars ,I heard its rare) The brackets are first placed on teeth, then they removed my extra tooth.I think the operation only took 2 hours or less. It was fast.

The first night with my braces was not so painful because most probably the anesthesia from my tooth operation is not gone yet.I was able to eat rice,fish and noodles. I even munch some snacks o.o

BUT today when I woke up, I feel the soreness already... x_X
And when I tried to eat a snack, it hurts.So I think I will have just a soup.

I thought that braces would hurt a lot for the first time, but it's actually not painful for me.It just feels weird because I can feel the metal thing in my mouth, but I will  get used to it.=)


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Volcano Tour!

The first month of the year was really busy but it was a really good start, and a memorable one for me because I finally get to meet a dear friend of mine. <3 nbsp="" p="">

We used to play the game PET SOCIETY  on Facebook~ We have a virtual pet. We dress it up, feed, wash and take care of it.We also design house and collect cute furniture for it.It was a really fun game, to bad the makers decided to take it down.*sob I miss  the game.

Stephie and I only met each other on the forum where in we trade cute items and in-game stuffs. I stalked her because she has a pink hair, and I find it really cute.~haha! waaaa I sounded too scary lulz &We added each other on facebook and became even more closer because we both like same things such as pet society, anime, cosplay, fashion, cute things, gothic, and more... I never knew I would be able to see her in real life.*0*

She always say that she would visit me one day... 2 years later and she was here!(*0*)~  I wanted to visit her too but I failed,hopefully one day I'll be able to travel there!
The first time we've seen each other -we can't help but squeal and jump from happiness and I was really starstruck from how cute she looks like in person.:)
The first night we just went out to eat in a Japanese restaurant.I took her to Ryuma because it's my favorite restaurant in town.
The next day, we planned to go to Sky Ranch but we ended up travelling to a different place.It was unplanned and unexpected too so we aren't really prepared for it!!!O_O

We went to Taal Volcano!!!XD
So first we climb up the mountain,  go down (riding a vehicle of course) ...cross the lake, rode a horse and walk to see the center crater of the volcano! WOW!
 I bet they were tired from all of it, I was tired too! but I  was too happy to even think about it. I live nearby this place and yet it was the first time I traveled there!o.o

I love the view so much!
Stephie is so shy *,* soo cute :>
The fun most fun part of the tour was when were in the boat.
We got wet from the waves and ugh! the water is so cold lol!xD
While on our way to the other island, we just talked about stuff and funny random things.xD

And this is how it looked like from above...
I am really happy to see things from the outside~ I don't always go out so for me, it feels really good to see this view!:)
*picture picture

 I stopped my horse so I could took a picture of this bird.Too bad my lens got wet from our ride in the boat and it's harder to focus.I'm not sure if my lens is broken now.XD
(You can see the bird on the 2nd picture too :) )
 And this is the crater, There is a smoke coming from it.I'm not sure if they were burning the leaves or what, no one explained anything about it.I wish the tour guide would give us a little detail or stories about Taal Volcano.xD
We decided to just walk on our way down from the top of the volcano,  because the way looked really scary steep and high and I kept thinking the horse would slide with me on it!
Last picture~ Sunset
It was dark already when we finally reached back the other side of the lake, And it was super cold already>.< I'm glad I brought a super thick jacket (Jacket for snow lol) I was really shaking because my shirt was still wet from the lake. 

After that trip I asked them to go with me at home so we could watch some movies.We watched Carrie. I hope it didn't get them bored.o_o

The next day, and the final day we'll be together :(... We went to Enchanted Kingdom :)
It's a small amusement park.We tried some games but were not really good at it so no prize for us! 

There is one ride I enjoyed though, It was the first time I rode it too! I didn't expect it to be that fun, only until they forced me to ride it and I'm glad they did because it's my favorite now!~ It's the Disc O Magic!
Gosh It feels like I'm flying~ and being thrown in the air.I swear I would ride that again when I'm back! haha
Our last picture together.Most probably were already older when we meet again.~^.^~
But we'll always be friends :)

Signing out


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Customizing Music -GuildWars 2

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!!^-^

I'm just excited to share with you what I found out last night!~That you could actually change / add your favorite music soundtrack in GuildWars 2!!! (I know some of you know it already as it was added by Anet last year, but I'm lazy reading their blog post so I wasn't aware of it!)
Music is important!It's what makes the adventure in the game exciting. Whether you are exploring, killing mobs,fighting bosses, Having a nice music in the background brings life to the Game!
I love Guild Wars 2 music but I've been hearing the same old sound over and over since GW1, so it  starts to get boring for me .The good news is that they actually added this feature where in you could add your favorite music in the game!Thank you Anet!

Here's how I customized mine!:)

First, Download all of your favorite music!
(My list would all be from my favorite games 
Chrono Cross,Jade Cocoon,Final Fantasy,Perfect World~ *0* Hearing all those music brings back old memories~~  hehe)
 Supported Media
Playlist formats
Audio types

★Next I organized the songs in different albums so it would be easier for me to customize it when I wanted to add or remove music later. See pic below
*Note The Game only recognizes this Names for Playlist
-Boss Battle

NEXT! CREATE a playlist!
Select all the songs you want from the album then click "Add to windows media player"
*Note (Please make sure that the name of each song is plain letters without numbers or special characters or it won't play! For example "Mimisong #012" please rename it "Mimisong" remove all the numbers!
"Save  list as" then go to Guild Wars 2 Folder
(Go to Documents- Then Find GuildWars 2 Folder, Inside you will see the album "Music)
 Don't Forget to add the File Name! if you want the songs to play when you are under water then name the the file "Underwater", if you want it to play when you are in the City then name it "City" and so on... :)

Then Click Save~
Do it for the rest of the other playlist!:)

That's it!
 Log in your game and you should be able to hear your favorite songs play in the
 back ground!^-^ I hope that helps, And I hope it's not that hard to understand xD haha!

Good Luck!:D

Oh I have a new Guild btw!:) Hi VG!:))



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