Thursday, December 5, 2013

Zumba Dance Workout- Does it Work?

So today I'm just going to share with you my experience by doing Zumba, thanks to my friend.:)

While I was on my vacation in La Union, Every morning I would accompany my friend to the gym. For the first time in my life I had experienced a real -WORK OUT! -I Sweat!XD [If you've been reading my blog post you would know that I'm an addict gamer. meaning -I never really leave my seat, I play computer games and watch videos all day, all night! Which is unhealthy ,I know that but I still continue to do it because for me it's fun!]

For beginners the coach asked me to do some easy mountain climbing ,ventral , jumping jacks etc. (I can't remember what else he asked me to do) For someone like me who never really workout, it is hard!For the first few days my legs and my whole body become sore. I can't even walk fast because my legs were hurting.
Now I know why in the-"America's Biggest Looser" TV series the people there always cry and wants to give up.The things they do there looks so simple but in reality these are very tiring and painful to do.But like we always say- NO PAIN NO GAIN~:) This is true.
My friend introduced me to another coach and we started doing Zumba!*0*
 This is what I enjoyed the most:))

I always hear good things about Zumba on tv about how it helps our body by dancing. I never really cared though, but after trying it for the first time my body felt a lot better  because I was sweating  and I know I'm burning fats.And it doesn't matter if you don't know how to dance because the  steps are simple and easy to follow.

 I still can't  move well because my body was sore from the first workout I had, but the dance moves and all the activities we are doing each day was fun and it kept me motivated! I'm always excited for our next activity.:) we continued doing zumba for a week.
 I super enjoyed the belly dancing!*0*
But now that I'm back to my place, to my everyday gaming routine I'd be gaining weight again.I noticed the changes in my body because my tummy is no longer flat! Some friends say that I'm not fat, but I can feel my body getting weaker because I'm not exercising.

I actually found a way to continue my workout even when I'm at home!~^.^~
No expense and no more excuses! (For not having a gym nearby)  I found some videos of Zumba Dances on  Youtube that I started doing.

This one video made me sweat a lot today and I felt my body is heating up!There are also other videos that you can follow.I find them really easy and I wanted you guys to try it out as well.It can be done in your room as long as you have enough space to move around.It's really fun and at the same time you are burning fats!:)) After you are done with this video you can look up for another one and continue dancing for another 15 minutes.I keep my workout for about 20-30 minutes.

I'm very happy to have discovered Zumba because it's a good exercise and it's not boring or painful!I also jog at night, and I'm avoiding junk foods now.

Does Zumba work?
- I can feel my body getting stronger , Better endurance -I don't get tired so easily now compared to when I first did my exercise. I swear I always get tired easily but now I am more energetic.:))
Getting Slimmer?- Not yet because I just started but maybe in a month or two I would start to see changes.

I'd be blogging the result of my workout  in three months to share with you how it went for me.I'm also very motivated to loose weight because I wanted to cosplay Rikku from Final Fantasy X and she has a flat tummy, hopefully I could manage to slim down before the photoshoot.^^

Let me know if you are doing zumba as well, and tell me how it is for you.^^

Good Luck!^-^
I hope you find this helpful!


りあ★ said...

looks very fun haha xD i dont think we got those classes here~

☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

I'm not doing Zumba but normal
gym training and pole dance :P
It's enough for me... I'm already
very tired and sore haha

Good luck with your trainings!
Keep it up and I'm sure it'll
pay off someday :)


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