Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GUILD WARS 2 Anniversary Gift to me!

"Happy Birthday,Mimz Pixiepink!"
"Congratulations! It's the anniversary of your account activation, and in recognition of your last year of heroic deeds in Tyria, here's a gift from us to you, Thanks for playing Guild Wars 2"

I was really happy  that after logging in my GuildWars 2 account I receive a mail and 1 year anniversary gift from them!*0* It felt so good to receive a present for playing the game for so long!
Inside the gift box is Queen Jennah mini pet!*0* I'm really happy to have the Queen added to my big pet collection.I also got a 1 day 100% Exp booster and an experience scroll-to instantly level one of my character from lvl 1 to 20 in just 1 click!Isn't that awesome?:) Thank you GW2!!!

 I really enjoyed GW2 despite of my many complaints in the beginning of the game.But I've seen so many changes in the months that have passed and they put a lot of effort in adding upgrades.~New dungeons to explore,New Npcs and stories, new monthly events, new armors and skins which I love and enjoyed the most! And much much more!
( I really cant wait till they take it to the next level where we can already mount horses, and other pet rides to fly up the sky etc... :P (I really am wishing for this)

Here are some of my cool screen shots from the past events that happened (to me) in GW2.
Final Story Boss-Zhaitan
Me and my  friends were boarded on that flying airship and trying to kill that big dragon *-* It looks really cool!!! I'm happy to have beat the main story! All thanks to my Tank Master Guild! :D
Super Adventure Box II
This event is like Minecraft, I enjoyed this event, as usuall I didn't get skins but I did get the cute pets!^^
Bazaar of the Four Winds
This is a really enjoyable event. Air,Sun,Water, and Lightning power- flying and jumping around was so fun! The only thing I was sad about was I didn't have money to get any of the back pieces :( I would love to have the "wind catcher" so much!
Bazaar of the Four Winds
Queen Jenna's Jubilee
I really love riding those parachutes!:D And the new added place in Divinity's Reach is just awesome!:)
Tetquatl the Sunless
 Ugh! It's so hard to defeat this boss without everyone's cooperation, but we manage to bring this one down.

Here are my two newest added toons ^.^
Meet "Mimi Ziggs"
 My engineer who uses rifle ,bombs, turrets,rocket, mines, and my most favorite weapon
- the Flame thrower!!! I thought about making it an Asuran (little creature) so it would really look like Ziggs from the game "League of the Legends" but then I saw a cute armor in the Gemstore that looked good on female body, So I decided I'll make it a Norn(Giant) instead.x3 
 And my noobie Guardian
"Mimi KnightWalker"
I haven't finished leveling this female Norn,  I'm super excited to dress her up!^.^
I also got 3 legendary precursors which I'm already excited to make! And I know it's going to take awhile to make them (and now I'm broke!) :)

Well I had to go back to leveling now!:)

Thank you for reading!



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lovepirate said...

I don't play GW but it's awesome that you received an anniversary gift. ^-^
Following you now. <3

Mango RabbitRabbit said...

aw this makes me wish me and my hubby played GW together


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