Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gifts & Loots Haul

Hello dolls!^-^ 
I know this is late, but I'm sharing it anyway!Here are the presents that I got and bought on my birthday. Unfortunately I had to cancel my birthday celebration because of the storm.:/ ... So I just celebrated it with my family and we ate outside.^^
My sister  gave me this cute eyelashes case which I find it really useful because now I can store different style eyelashes without having to bring too many cases.She also got me a lip balm from Etude House.It smells so good, I love it! ^0^

One of the items I got from Etude House is the Proof 10 eye primer.I always wanted to get one for cosplay purposes -I had to make sure my eyeshadow wouldn't smudge  and be removed easily.But if I were to choose I still want to get the Urban decay eyeshadow primer.It's the best!
So while we're waiting for the food we went to shop a little at The Face Shop- a Korean makeup brand.I find their products very gentle on skin.The very first item I got to try from them is their lipstick-which I got as a gift , the same with the brown eyeliner and I liked it!So after being able to try those products I started trying this brand.
So I bought the eyelash curler for only 495php , it's nice it didn't hurt me at all.the grip is nice and soft and din't hurt me at all. I also got another brown eyeliner because it's just awesome! So I need to make sure I keep an extra just in case my other eyeliner runs out.:)
It's also my first time buying a facial wash from the face shop,- Herbal Day cleansing foam 265.Its good, my skin doesn't dry up and there is no tightening feeling after use.It's very gentle on delicate skin,and it smells good too so I would recommend it.:)
One of the products I bought is the eyelash mascara from Mary Kay -595php, I've been using it for awhile now.It looks really natural, butI think I got the wrong one because I needed something that makes my eyelashes thicker/fuller.But if you are going for a natural look, I would recommend it.

And here are the rest of the gifts that I received from my friends and sisters.<3 arigato="" p="">
A Nexus from my friend in the US-I'm enjoying it a lot!, Some Loots from SG chocos!! :D , pink pouch bag-so cute!!!^^ and the last but not the least favorite item I got, The SNK  (Shingeki no Kyojin) uniform set. *o* I love love love all these gifts! <3 p="">
I wanted to say I will write another blog post, But I don't want to make promises anymore. Lately, I have been really stress >.< So I can't find time to blog anything not because I'm too busy but because my brain isn't functioning well.haha oh well >.<

see you on my next post!
and enjoy reading my diary!:))



MAXCE said...

I definitely need to try this mascara! :) thank you!
Love from France <3

Mango said...

I love Etude House, but have never tried their primer! What do you think of the primer vs the Urban Decay Eye primer???? Love your sweee blog btw!

I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!!

xoxo, Mango ❤
MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | 4 Steps: Bigger Rounder Doll Eyes

Emiri♥ said...

You have such cute products! :)
Please check my blog out and if you're interested, please follow me :)

☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

You've bought so many cute and
cool things! That flower pouch
is so lovely♥
And if you don't feel like bloggin
give yourself a time :)It's all
about enjoyment. I also take
breakes when I feel stressed of
have life issues ^^ Keeping
my finger crossed for ya ♥


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