Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ultimate Cosplay Competition Event

Hello dolls!^.^
A few days ago I attended another cosplay convention.This time I was invited to be the host of the event -the Ultimate Cosplay Competition in Sm City Calamba.
I am really shy to talk in front of many people and I have a small voice, Somehow my friends gave me the courage to do it.^.^ I know the judges, and my co-host is also a close friend of mine so I was really comfortable working with them even though I don't have much experience doing it.Tj (my co-host)is soo supportive of me and I am very happy about it.^^ My sister Yu and my nephew Emily we're there to watch me too~ I'm happy <3 align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="tr-caption-container" nbsp="" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; text-align: center;" table=""> Me-Emily-Gaby
 Yu in piggy suit ^^
After the performance of all the contestants, It was time for the judges to pick the winners.I myself have chosen my favorites. Krauser San, Naruto, and Chibi Saturn-Sooo cute!!!They aren't the winners but I like how they performed.

Not many know this anime DMC-Death Metal City , I really love this anime.The cosplayer did a great job with his skit.I just wished he brought an electric guitar and performed some songs!xD

Next choice is Naruto- Great Cosplay! His performance was clean.He should have used the whole stage though ^^ It was a fast skit, I want more battle scenes.His friends who helped him do his skits are really great Nakama *friends :)

And Chibi Saturn, If there was a chibi category, I would pick her.^^ She's so cute.Clean and nicely made costume, cute posing.

I wish I could be a judge someday.:D haha! that would be a great experience!;)
I was overwhelmed by the number of people who took pictures with me, I'm not a star ok and I'm not wearing a costume.I made a lot of mistakes during my hosting but I think they loved it!o_o hahaha!! I'm soo happy to meet new friends and see friends in person, that I only get to talk with on facebook.:)
 The bonus part of all this is *0* the allowance! Lulz:P
of course I didn't do all that just for the moolah.I simply wanted to try something I haven't done before.I really like hosting, I even dreamed of becoming an mtv vj before xD haha
I hope that even I failed , They would still invite me again.\o/ I really want to improve myself.^-^ Well that's all for now.Next post would be about my trip to La Union~ I've got sooo many to talk about!<3 p="">

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