Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tokidoki Lion Pappa Headset Review

Hello dolls! =)
I just thought I'd share my tokidoki Lion Pappa Headphones!^-^
I got this a couple of months ago but I never shared because I don't really want to write a review on something I haven't tested.

Since, I have already used this, It's time to give a review!;)
I have never seen this in the market here so I'm happy to get my hands on this headphones.

On to the Review!

The main FRAME of the headphones is made of thick plastic with the cute Tokidoki character, Lion Pappa-(The lion with a pink Afro hair)design  printed on it and other tokidoki characters in the background.I can see "Adios"(skull) there!x3
The gold part is also made of plastic but  the slider-( used to adjust the tightness of the headphones on your head) is made of metal.
The headband part is made of metal and it's covered with a printed leather which is stitched on the sides.The embroidered little diamond stitched on it is just too cute too!x3
 I really love tokidoki & skull candy for making such a cute headphones! *o* It's so unique!
The ear pads are made of soft leather and even the lining has skulls and characters printed on it.^-^ It's very comfortable for me,  I wear it while I'm playing my games or listening to music with my zune. It's not heavy at all, or not very tight on my head.
 As for the speaker quality, It's really good.The sound is clear and it's sorround.If that's what you call it.
WARNING:never wear this when someone is talking to you, or you really won't hear a thing! :P lol XD
 Stereo plug
I also got a skull candy headphones bag.With a skull candy logo print.
+free skull candy stickers
All in all I would give this a + 9/10

9 because I wished there's a built in mic for this.If it has I would give it a 10.:)

I don't know why I've never seen a review or a blog about this headphone when it's really cute . This is really affordable too.We got this for around 45usd & Now it's around 35usd. Perfect for a gift!^-^

By the way, There's a new design of headphones on Tokidoki shop that I really want to get!xDIt's around 150usd but I'm not sure if its good.It's made by SOL REPuBLIC, 
Have you tried one of their products before?:o let me know!
 It's sooo cute!*o*

See you again!:)Thanks for reading



aisyah Chronicles said...

uh oh, looks epic! wonder if I could get it online :3

Ken said...

That looks so cute!

Ken said...

So cute!!


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