Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tera Online:Free To Play +First Impression

Woohoo Tera is now Free to Play!!!^-^

I have been wanting to try this game out ever since I saw the trailer of this on Youtube.It looks so promising and beautiful.  But I backed out before and tried other games instead because I didn't like the idea of paying a monthly subscription fee just to play it.But now that it's FREE to PLAY I went ahead and started downloading it and tested the game for the first time.:)

 Here's a screen shot of my character riding a flying horse in a beginning story clip.I really like it that there are video clips to watch in this game, It's nice to know why and how my character started it's journey.I'm tired of old versions of the game where in you just logged in and your journey starts with an NPC telling you what happened to you and sometimes we don't even care, we don't read it all. "skip-skip-next-next":P
The character creation is fun, and I tried all of the character classes.My favorites are Mystic, Elementalist,and Lancer.And my  favorite race is the Elins because they look so cute and some has bunny ears, and I like rabbits.^-^
I was expecting it to have more varieties and looks to choose from though.And I'm kind of disappointed that they gave me noobie clothes when they allowed me to test out some armors in the beggining. Why they can't make the starting clothes look nicer!You know, to make it less boring.x3
The leveling area in the game is beautiful and fun to explore but the game still has the old fashioned way of questing and grinding to level up.Hopefully they would change it a little.I don't like grinding all my life in the game and missed some of the fun stuffs because I'm still low level.

The new way of fighting the mobs is more challenging and needs some gaming skills to fight and avade damages from monster which I really like.:) But I'm still confused with the map and window style where in I need to press "alt or esc button to be able to check my skills etc.But I think all of those are small things that I can get used to.

If there's one problem in the game that I find very annoying,It's the client. Even when you have your windows updated, computer, or internet connection at it's best you'll still experience client problems.Like unable to log in because you can't click the "play" button,Game crashes in the middle of character creation, or in game ,Launcher won't launch at all omg!!!XD It's not nice to start a game like this lol.It takes me 5-10 minutes to start my game.:( But I think they will fix all of this, Hopefully.:P 

All in all I would rank this game 6/10 and it could change anytime as I progress  or some nice changes are made in the game.^^

If you would like to try it out I would suggest that you download your client from Europe server because the NA server is not available in Asia and requires proxy to connect in the game.Tera Europe has a international server where people speaks english so it wouldn't be so hard to make friends.:)

Well that's it!See you in game guys!:)


Watch this!:3


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