Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GUILD WARS 2 Anniversary Gift to me!

"Happy Birthday,Mimz Pixiepink!"
"Congratulations! It's the anniversary of your account activation, and in recognition of your last year of heroic deeds in Tyria, here's a gift from us to you, Thanks for playing Guild Wars 2"

I was really happy  that after logging in my GuildWars 2 account I receive a mail and 1 year anniversary gift from them!*0* It felt so good to receive a present for playing the game for so long!
Inside the gift box is Queen Jennah mini pet!*0* I'm really happy to have the Queen added to my big pet collection.I also got a 1 day 100% Exp booster and an experience scroll-to instantly level one of my character from lvl 1 to 20 in just 1 click!Isn't that awesome?:) Thank you GW2!!!

 I really enjoyed GW2 despite of my many complaints in the beginning of the game.But I've seen so many changes in the months that have passed and they put a lot of effort in adding upgrades.~New dungeons to explore,New Npcs and stories, new monthly events, new armors and skins which I love and enjoyed the most! And much much more!
( I really cant wait till they take it to the next level where we can already mount horses, and other pet rides to fly up the sky etc... :P (I really am wishing for this)

Here are some of my cool screen shots from the past events that happened (to me) in GW2.
Final Story Boss-Zhaitan
Me and my  friends were boarded on that flying airship and trying to kill that big dragon *-* It looks really cool!!! I'm happy to have beat the main story! All thanks to my Tank Master Guild! :D
Super Adventure Box II
This event is like Minecraft, I enjoyed this event, as usuall I didn't get skins but I did get the cute pets!^^
Bazaar of the Four Winds
This is a really enjoyable event. Air,Sun,Water, and Lightning power- flying and jumping around was so fun! The only thing I was sad about was I didn't have money to get any of the back pieces :( I would love to have the "wind catcher" so much!
Bazaar of the Four Winds
Queen Jenna's Jubilee
I really love riding those parachutes!:D And the new added place in Divinity's Reach is just awesome!:)
Tetquatl the Sunless
 Ugh! It's so hard to defeat this boss without everyone's cooperation, but we manage to bring this one down.

Here are my two newest added toons ^.^
Meet "Mimi Ziggs"
 My engineer who uses rifle ,bombs, turrets,rocket, mines, and my most favorite weapon
- the Flame thrower!!! I thought about making it an Asuran (little creature) so it would really look like Ziggs from the game "League of the Legends" but then I saw a cute armor in the Gemstore that looked good on female body, So I decided I'll make it a Norn(Giant) instead.x3 
 And my noobie Guardian
"Mimi KnightWalker"
I haven't finished leveling this female Norn,  I'm super excited to dress her up!^.^
I also got 3 legendary precursors which I'm already excited to make! And I know it's going to take awhile to make them (and now I'm broke!) :)

Well I had to go back to leveling now!:)

Thank you for reading!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Zumba Dance Workout- Does it Work?

So today I'm just going to share with you my experience by doing Zumba, thanks to my friend.:)

While I was on my vacation in La Union, Every morning I would accompany my friend to the gym. For the first time in my life I had experienced a real -WORK OUT! -I Sweat!XD [If you've been reading my blog post you would know that I'm an addict gamer. meaning -I never really leave my seat, I play computer games and watch videos all day, all night! Which is unhealthy ,I know that but I still continue to do it because for me it's fun!]

For beginners the coach asked me to do some easy mountain climbing ,ventral , jumping jacks etc. (I can't remember what else he asked me to do) For someone like me who never really workout, it is hard!For the first few days my legs and my whole body become sore. I can't even walk fast because my legs were hurting.
Now I know why in the-"America's Biggest Looser" TV series the people there always cry and wants to give up.The things they do there looks so simple but in reality these are very tiring and painful to do.But like we always say- NO PAIN NO GAIN~:) This is true.
My friend introduced me to another coach and we started doing Zumba!*0*
 This is what I enjoyed the most:))

I always hear good things about Zumba on tv about how it helps our body by dancing. I never really cared though, but after trying it for the first time my body felt a lot better  because I was sweating  and I know I'm burning fats.And it doesn't matter if you don't know how to dance because the  steps are simple and easy to follow.

 I still can't  move well because my body was sore from the first workout I had, but the dance moves and all the activities we are doing each day was fun and it kept me motivated! I'm always excited for our next activity.:) we continued doing zumba for a week.
 I super enjoyed the belly dancing!*0*
But now that I'm back to my place, to my everyday gaming routine I'd be gaining weight again.I noticed the changes in my body because my tummy is no longer flat! Some friends say that I'm not fat, but I can feel my body getting weaker because I'm not exercising.

I actually found a way to continue my workout even when I'm at home!~^.^~
No expense and no more excuses! (For not having a gym nearby)  I found some videos of Zumba Dances on  Youtube that I started doing.

This one video made me sweat a lot today and I felt my body is heating up!There are also other videos that you can follow.I find them really easy and I wanted you guys to try it out as well.It can be done in your room as long as you have enough space to move around.It's really fun and at the same time you are burning fats!:)) After you are done with this video you can look up for another one and continue dancing for another 15 minutes.I keep my workout for about 20-30 minutes.

I'm very happy to have discovered Zumba because it's a good exercise and it's not boring or painful!I also jog at night, and I'm avoiding junk foods now.

Does Zumba work?
- I can feel my body getting stronger , Better endurance -I don't get tired so easily now compared to when I first did my exercise. I swear I always get tired easily but now I am more energetic.:))
Getting Slimmer?- Not yet because I just started but maybe in a month or two I would start to see changes.

I'd be blogging the result of my workout  in three months to share with you how it went for me.I'm also very motivated to loose weight because I wanted to cosplay Rikku from Final Fantasy X and she has a flat tummy, hopefully I could manage to slim down before the photoshoot.^^

Let me know if you are doing zumba as well, and tell me how it is for you.^^

Good Luck!^-^
I hope you find this helpful!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gifts & Loots Haul

Hello dolls!^-^ 
I know this is late, but I'm sharing it anyway!Here are the presents that I got and bought on my birthday. Unfortunately I had to cancel my birthday celebration because of the storm.:/ ... So I just celebrated it with my family and we ate outside.^^
My sister  gave me this cute eyelashes case which I find it really useful because now I can store different style eyelashes without having to bring too many cases.She also got me a lip balm from Etude House.It smells so good, I love it! ^0^

One of the items I got from Etude House is the Proof 10 eye primer.I always wanted to get one for cosplay purposes -I had to make sure my eyeshadow wouldn't smudge  and be removed easily.But if I were to choose I still want to get the Urban decay eyeshadow primer.It's the best!
So while we're waiting for the food we went to shop a little at The Face Shop- a Korean makeup brand.I find their products very gentle on skin.The very first item I got to try from them is their lipstick-which I got as a gift , the same with the brown eyeliner and I liked it!So after being able to try those products I started trying this brand.
So I bought the eyelash curler for only 495php , it's nice it didn't hurt me at all.the grip is nice and soft and din't hurt me at all. I also got another brown eyeliner because it's just awesome! So I need to make sure I keep an extra just in case my other eyeliner runs out.:)
It's also my first time buying a facial wash from the face shop,- Herbal Day cleansing foam 265.Its good, my skin doesn't dry up and there is no tightening feeling after use.It's very gentle on delicate skin,and it smells good too so I would recommend it.:)
One of the products I bought is the eyelash mascara from Mary Kay -595php, I've been using it for awhile now.It looks really natural, butI think I got the wrong one because I needed something that makes my eyelashes thicker/fuller.But if you are going for a natural look, I would recommend it.

And here are the rest of the gifts that I received from my friends and sisters.<3 arigato="" p="">
A Nexus from my friend in the US-I'm enjoying it a lot!, Some Loots from SG chocos!! :D , pink pouch bag-so cute!!!^^ and the last but not the least favorite item I got, The SNK  (Shingeki no Kyojin) uniform set. *o* I love love love all these gifts! <3 p="">
I wanted to say I will write another blog post, But I don't want to make promises anymore. Lately, I have been really stress >.< So I can't find time to blog anything not because I'm too busy but because my brain isn't functioning well.haha oh well >.<

see you on my next post!
and enjoy reading my diary!:))


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pink Haul+Birthday COuntdown!

Hello dolls!^o^
A few hours left and it's my birthday.Wow! time flies by so quickly, I don't know what I have been doing this whole year, I just can't believe I'm going to get much older ugh!!! *o*.BUT then again, I'm very thankful that I am blessed with another year of life!:)

To be honest this year isn't as progressive as I hoped it would be.
Things wen't slowly for me, and everything I did just failed.It's very heart breaking that I also had to let go of some important people in my life.:/ *s0b
There are other good things that happened to me though, like getting my internet cafe shop started, It's still small right now but hopefully I'll be able to move out to a better and bigger place.=) *fingers crossed

Anyway, Enough about my personal life.It's time for my little PINK Haul that I have collected this passed months.<3 br=""> I'm getting addicted with belts, I like to buy them even though I don't really use it, the same thing with the accessories I just love to collect them.xD
~Someone gave me the sakura miku hatsune hat a long time ago, and I really really like it.It's warm, perfect for the "Ber" months.It's really cute too~ *o* ohhh and the skin 79 which is also a gift, I haven't tried it yet but I've heard & read good reviews about it so I'm really excited to try it out.The harajuku keychain, I got it for only 20-50php (I can't remember the exact price) from Star City.It's cute and I wish there were more styles of harajuku keychains.

If you followed me on Instagram, you would know that I got a makeup train case. It's pink, it has a lot of space and I really really like it because it can hold all my makeups~Well I don't have that much at the moment, but I'm planning to get another case because I wanted to collect more makeups!!! heehee :D

~Phone case & strap - the strap didn't last that long it snapped I liked it a lot though.

  I also got a hello kitty mat- It's  really soft.It's from Toy Kingdom for only 300 pesos *o* dang!  I wish I bought more though because now it's out of stock!!!
Mask & Biore I'm inlove with it.It really works!!!*o* I recommend it!
I also got glitzy glam bath gel etc. as a gift, which I really love because it smells like strawberry.^^
Anyway, I'd like to share a new korean makeup brand which I recently discovered.I tested them and bought some products to try out and wow~ it works! They have good shades, the eye shadow is pigmented. The eyebrow liner is a winner! I love it a lot!<3 class="separator" p="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

That would be all!^-^
 We still have a storm here in the Philippines but hopefully it would just stop so I can celebrate my birthday.Oh and btw, I promised on my last post that I would share about the things I did during my vacation in La Union, But I got busy:/ I hope I'll be free to post them up next week.:)

Have a great day everyone!:)


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ultimate Cosplay Competition Event

Hello dolls!^.^
A few days ago I attended another cosplay convention.This time I was invited to be the host of the event -the Ultimate Cosplay Competition in Sm City Calamba.
I am really shy to talk in front of many people and I have a small voice, Somehow my friends gave me the courage to do it.^.^ I know the judges, and my co-host is also a close friend of mine so I was really comfortable working with them even though I don't have much experience doing it.Tj (my co-host)is soo supportive of me and I am very happy about it.^^ My sister Yu and my nephew Emily we're there to watch me too~ I'm happy <3 align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="tr-caption-container" nbsp="" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; text-align: center;" table=""> Me-Emily-Gaby
 Yu in piggy suit ^^
After the performance of all the contestants, It was time for the judges to pick the winners.I myself have chosen my favorites. Krauser San, Naruto, and Chibi Saturn-Sooo cute!!!They aren't the winners but I like how they performed.

Not many know this anime DMC-Death Metal City , I really love this anime.The cosplayer did a great job with his skit.I just wished he brought an electric guitar and performed some songs!xD

Next choice is Naruto- Great Cosplay! His performance was clean.He should have used the whole stage though ^^ It was a fast skit, I want more battle scenes.His friends who helped him do his skits are really great Nakama *friends :)

And Chibi Saturn, If there was a chibi category, I would pick her.^^ She's so cute.Clean and nicely made costume, cute posing.

I wish I could be a judge someday.:D haha! that would be a great experience!;)
I was overwhelmed by the number of people who took pictures with me, I'm not a star ok and I'm not wearing a costume.I made a lot of mistakes during my hosting but I think they loved it!o_o hahaha!! I'm soo happy to meet new friends and see friends in person, that I only get to talk with on facebook.:)
 The bonus part of all this is *0* the allowance! Lulz:P
of course I didn't do all that just for the moolah.I simply wanted to try something I haven't done before.I really like hosting, I even dreamed of becoming an mtv vj before xD haha
I hope that even I failed , They would still invite me again.\o/ I really want to improve myself.^-^ Well that's all for now.Next post would be about my trip to La Union~ I've got sooo many to talk about!<3 p="">

Thanks for reading 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blog UPDATE+ANIME: Attack on Titan

Hello humans!:D It's been awhile.
 SOrry for the lack of update :( I want you all to know that I'm still alive and I will still continue to blog.:D I'm just really busy with real life stuffs and I can't find the time to blog even though I have a lot of things to share.And when I do have a free time, I usually watch anime, play League of Legends and Guildwars 2 with friends. >.< heehee

Anyway, I just want to share this new anime that I watched but it's still ongoing.- "Attack on Titan"or "Shingeki no Kyojin".It's just sooo EPIC!!!-A MUST WATCH ANIME!!!
 My friend showed me the first half of this anime and I already got hooked into it. 

The story is about the people who live in fear of the Titans/Giants who devours humans.The City were the humans live in was protected by a strong tall wall for hundreds of years, until one day a huge Titan breaks the wall, andd... anddd that's when the epic story started.. :P I don't want to spoil it .haha

This is Mikasa Ackerman one of the charactersof shingeki no kyojin.I really like her.I hope that someday I can wear this costume, hngggh I wanna cosplay her so bad!!!XD 
(credits to google for this lovely pic and to who ever draw this-you are awesome!)

So if you guys are looking for a new anime to watch try watching Shingeki no Kyojin-You will not regret it.^^

Enjoy watching!;)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog Update+Giyomi/Kiyomi Video

Hello there!Before I start this post, I would like to greet all of the beautiful moms in the world a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!<3 p="">
We dated our mom yesterday in Manila  and  we had a shabu-shabu party at a Japanese Restaurant.(I'll post the pics on Instagram)Tomorrow we plan to go out again to buy her a present.I think It's better if she'll be the one to choose something she likes/needs.^^
What present did you get for you mom?:)
With Mom 
Last week I attended my cousin's wedding and unlike the other wedding celebration that I have attended, I enjoyed it a lot!The wedding turned out like a family reunion.^-^ I was very happy to see my relatives and cousins that I've never seen for years.It's funny how we just used to play together when were little, And now I'm seeing them all grown up with the family of their own.It made me realize that time really flies so fast.They kept on teasing and asking me if I'm getting married any time soon and I really don't know how to answer to them-BecauseI haven't really thought about it myself yet.xD

My outfit..ugh I'm not fat -,- It's just the clothes heehee!:D
OH! And here's a new clutch bag that I got from CELINE.
*o* I'm in love with it! I also like the black one with skull studs and spikes but it doesn't look so formal while the red one looks so royalty and class so I picked the red one instead.
Look at those BIG skull rings that is attached to the bag*o*
Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!^-^

Last picture, just incase you forgot how I look like lol!:D 
I know!..It's been awhile since I last updated this blog right?x3

Have you guys heard of Giyomi/Kiyomi song that is spreading like a virus on Youtube?I was infected too!!!XD haha! enjoy :)

See you guys again on my next post!<3 center="">

Ja ne~

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tokidoki Lion Pappa Headset Review

Hello dolls! =)
I just thought I'd share my tokidoki Lion Pappa Headphones!^-^
I got this a couple of months ago but I never shared because I don't really want to write a review on something I haven't tested.

Since, I have already used this, It's time to give a review!;)
I have never seen this in the market here so I'm happy to get my hands on this headphones.

On to the Review!

The main FRAME of the headphones is made of thick plastic with the cute Tokidoki character, Lion Pappa-(The lion with a pink Afro hair)design  printed on it and other tokidoki characters in the background.I can see "Adios"(skull) there!x3
The gold part is also made of plastic but  the slider-( used to adjust the tightness of the headphones on your head) is made of metal.
The headband part is made of metal and it's covered with a printed leather which is stitched on the sides.The embroidered little diamond stitched on it is just too cute too!x3
 I really love tokidoki & skull candy for making such a cute headphones! *o* It's so unique!
The ear pads are made of soft leather and even the lining has skulls and characters printed on it.^-^ It's very comfortable for me,  I wear it while I'm playing my games or listening to music with my zune. It's not heavy at all, or not very tight on my head.
 As for the speaker quality, It's really good.The sound is clear and it's sorround.If that's what you call it.
WARNING:never wear this when someone is talking to you, or you really won't hear a thing! :P lol XD
 Stereo plug
I also got a skull candy headphones bag.With a skull candy logo print.
+free skull candy stickers
All in all I would give this a + 9/10

9 because I wished there's a built in mic for this.If it has I would give it a 10.:)

I don't know why I've never seen a review or a blog about this headphone when it's really cute . This is really affordable too.We got this for around 45usd & Now it's around 35usd. Perfect for a gift!^-^

By the way, There's a new design of headphones on Tokidoki shop that I really want to get!xDIt's around 150usd but I'm not sure if its good.It's made by SOL REPuBLIC, 
Have you tried one of their products before?:o let me know!
 It's sooo cute!*o*

See you again!:)Thanks for reading



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