Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zombie Outbreak Fun Run!

Run for your life!!! The zombies are coming!!!
I love watching movies and reading stuffs about zombies, I would never want a zombie apocalypse to ever happen but sometimes I wonder how it would be like if it did ever happen!O.O  I think of how I would elude zombies and scavenge necessary items to help me in my daily survival just like in computer games.Lulz!
So when I heard about this Outbreak Manila fun run it fascinated me as it's an event that I have never experience before.It's a different kind of marathon where in I have to survive a 5 km run being chased by zombies!And this is how I celebrated my Halloween.:) ( dreamcome true buahahaha!!!)
I was super excited to be able to join it. As the race was starting, I felt the excitement but was also scared at the same time.I have no idea what's going to happen inside.
In the beginning of the race, they gave me a belt with 3 flags attached to it, It's like my life points. I will encounter zombies inside the track that will try to chase me and take away my flags.BUT I must survive the race with a life to get a prize in the end of the race.
Before the race started I won a game called "Roll for your life and got an extra life points.So I got 4 flags in total! 

For the first 10 minutes of the race, It made me sooooo exhausted already. I was really nervous and scared of zombies who tried to block my way and  take away my flag.I got pushed by some guy to the bushes too!-.- omg that was hurtful! (It made me want to quit.) Some zombies managed to take away 2 of my flags but I was able to get extra life too. There are water stations and safe spots inside so I rested there for a little bit then started to walk again then I got used to it .I had to walk in a long dark "forest kind of place" and all I can hear was a really creepy zombie voices and a siren from the speakers.It was held in Enchanted Kingdom (amusement park), so the race tracks, jungle place, and other places in the park was used.It was awesome!!!It was one of the best experience I ever had!:)
I'm glad that I didn't quit because at the end of the race, they gave me a medal for surviving the 5 km run!*o*  Yay!!! I also got some loots such as a tshirt ,bag, and umbrella.x3What I really like is the medal.
It was a really fun race, and I would love to join another one again!

A couple who attended the event, I don't know if they joined the race too.
Anyway, their makeup looks cool!:)
One of the zombies I guess?x3 To be honest I wasn't able to take a decent picture of the zombies inside because I'm busy running lol!xD
The only meal I get to eat that night.Dang! The race made me super thirsty and hungry.xD
Oooohhhh And Yay! I was able to watch a concert of the Wolfgang too.=)
So I think it was all worth it, the payment and the hardship.lulz

Thanks for reading!



Reina Summers said...

Now talk about running for your life lol. That sounds like a really fun race to be in and super exciting too.

Josephine said...

Loks really fun!! >w<
Hehe, there's also a Zombie run where I live...
But it's called the Zombie walk where all these dressed up zombies just walk through the city, kind of like a parade! ^3^

Nana said...

Oh my gosh! You look super amazing!

Wengie said...

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thank you.


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