Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nikon 1 J1 PINK!!!

I got a new baby!^o^ A Nikon J1 PINK!!! 
(As promised on my last post,Here->  I would make a review of some products from my haul.)
I have been dreaming of a pink DSLR camera.I remember reading blogs and watching Youtube videos of people attempting to dye their dslr  to pink.

I always thought it would be impossible and that companies would never make one since they always  make the same basic color, Black.Then Canon made a limited edition red dslr. I like it because it's different but I'm still hesitant to get it since it's not really the color that I wanted.
I went to Hongkong last year and saw this really cute DSLR Pentax. They have some really cool funky colors of cameras. The price is really affordable too compared to the branded ones.But the brand is really new to me, and the case is like plastic ,It's not very appealing to me.It became quite popular here in Asia after awhile.

Then one time while I was browsing on facebook, I saw this advertisement of  Nikon with a pink dslr camera icon.I clicked on it just because I wanted to check it was a real pink dslr and it got me a little excited to find out that it is REAL!XD So I started browsing and I got more and more excited about it.I also found out  that it came out last year which I didn't even know, because I don't even see a Nikon J1 pink in  display here in our malls. 

Here's a picture of a Nikon 1 J2 Pink, which came out after my birthday September 2012.I thought of getting this one at first since this is the newest style but since there are not much upgrade on it, and the Nikon J1 pink color is really cute and more girly I decided to grab the Nikon J1.

 I was really happy I didn't purchase any cameras and found the right one for me.To be honest, I have no idea how to use a DSLR but I really wanted one.lulz x3 I bought this at Nikon US site and had someone from the US deliver it to me since it's not allowed to be shipped here in the PhilippinesThere are other shop's who ships it here to the Philippines but  I'm just scared of getting something from Hongkong so I bought from the main shop.

Some "mean" people told me that it isn't the best dslr for it's price,and that it sucks but I didn't really care.(lulz I call them mean now!hmpXD)This is something I have been wanting to get .It's pink and cute and I think it's not really the camera's fault if a person takes crappy pictures right?.:P Anyway here's my baby =) 
Just like other DSLR camera it has the same function buttons on the side, Although It doesn't have the viewfinder eyepiece that most DSLR has.Which I don't mind since I am used to my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera that doesn't have that too.
And since I bought a set from Nikon, I got 2 interchangable lenses. one is 30-110 and 10-30 which is the one that I used a lot.I also got 2 lens hood which I really don't know what it is for.It also came with a neck and hand strap.
This is how it looks like with a camera lens hood. *o* Sooo cute omg lulz
For the pictures above I used my Sony Cybershot camera.Below will be the sample shots of Nikon 1 J1.I did not touch the pictures I just had to resize them since blogspot doesn't allow me to upload big pictures.I added my watermark and that's it!

Since I'm still learning, I think Nikon J1 dslr camera is good.I know there are other pro camera but I didn't want to spend money on something that isn't cute.HAHA! Atleast this is a dream come true and something I really really love!lulz :) "Just get something your heart wants";)

Thank you so much for reading!

By the way, here's a video of me unboxing the Nikon 1 J1!x3 It's the first time I did this kind of video.It was fun!



Chai Chen said...

Nice camera, nice photos! :)
I want that pink cam too. :)


Donkuri said...

pink is cool! great photos!

Sann said...

Awww it looks so cute :D Makes me want one to i love pink <3 Just ignore the people who say mean things :)

Josephine said...

Omg, my cousin has been lusting after that camera!!!
Haha, is super cute; hope you have fun taking pics with it !! >w<

Lali said...

omg, it's ALL pink!!
nice pics


ankyl said...

pink Nikon is sooo cute<3

Keyti Villanueva said...

really really cute !

Anonymous said...

hi.. its so cute. im planning to have a dslr cam too.but when i saw ur blog/video, i feel so interested with that j1! would u mind telling how much is the cost that dslr? ty!

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm dying to have this camera. TT______TT can you help me how? please please please! >0< i dont have a blog. you may pm me at facebook. Anyway, i'm happy na nakita ko blog mo, love your posts! ^^ thank you!

Chuchey said...

Hello, I really want to buy this camera! Please reply. I want to know the price and how did you pay from Phil. to US and how long is the shipping. Thank you very much!

sharmaine joy Toring said...

hi girl i saw that camera at causeway bay hk it captures my attentions quickly cause it's pink! but it sucks my life cause i didn't buy it!!! maybe when i go back in hk again i'll probably prioritize to buy that. hope to see you in hk!:)

Wengie said...

Hi there,
How are you I'm continually inspired through beauty, fashion, music and design. this is the link please follow my blog
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello! How much did u get it for?

kaizokumousy said...

Thnx for the visit wengie

kaizokumousy said...

I got it for around 26-30k shipping fees not included

Ebook Sale said...

hi how did you do the pink border on your pictures?
please let me know.

if you email me

would really appreciate it.

Ebook Sale said...

Hi missy,

i love ur editing skills :)

how did you do the pink border on ur pictures?
I've been trying to find a good tutorial for photoshop but i can't find any.
would really appreciate it po if you teach me.

please and thank you.

fyzaKonno . said...

Hi there Im from Malaysia, mind if ask where did you bought that camera ? Can i get the website ? Im just helping my sister-in-law getting these camera as well. She loves pink too just like you :)


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