Monday, October 8, 2012

EOS V-201 Circle Lens Review

Hi everyone!<3 p="p">
Today I'll be doing a short review of the new PINK lenses that a friend gifted me.:)
I'm really happy that she picked my favorite color too! 
(I think all of my friends knows me so well because they always gift me pink stuffs. It makes me happy really!x3)

OK~On to the review!
Origin: Korea

First of all I want to say that I LOVE THIS LENSES!!! A LOT!!! The size isn't as big as  all of the lenses that I collect, but 14.2mm is perfectly fine for me too.
 The lens pattern is just pretty,It made my eyes look like a doll. This is usually the lens design for all of the doll's eyes right?:) 
-Window Lighting-
You can tell from the picture below that the lens size didn't made so much difference with my real eyes.But it made my eyes look beautiful I think.:3
 ~Here's how it look like with and without a flash~

My Final Verdict 5/5

I really love pink lenses :3 I probably should get more other styles :)

 Last weekend I attended the Cosmania Anime Convention. I've got so many costumes I haven't worn but I went as a con goer this time.x3 Beside,  I was really excited to wear the pink wig and some of the other pink stuffs that I got, so I wore it on the con.Sadly, I didn't have the chance to take pictures of the cosplayers specially the international cosplayers who went here to the Philippines, like Kaname and Reika.:<

Here's what I wore on Day 1
Day 2
Ohhhhh and YES!! I got so many free loots! hihi ^-^
From TV 5 and Animax!!! My favorites are the tote bag and the pink water bottle from Animax.Arigato!^-^
I also got some chocolates from friends!:3 Thank you!!!

I really enjoyed Cosmania a lot even though I stayed in our booth  most of the time. I'm just happy because all of my friends doesn't forget to visit me at my booth. Aww I just love you guys! I hope you are reading this!:D


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Chai Chen said...

Your friend's awesome for giving this gift. :)



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