Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Pink Makeup Cabinet+Haul

I've been going a lot lately and in some places I find cute and rare things that I wanted to add in my collection.This time's haul wouldn't big But I hope you enjoy it.:3
Number one on my list is this Skull Mug!*o* Oh how I love it!I've been collecting skull
items and I think  this one is the coolest.x3 I used it as my makeup brush holder.
lulz! I bet you ladies are using a typical type of brush holder right?:3 I was using my sigma brush holder but I find the skull mug better so I changed it.There are other designs of this skull mug which I'm going to get later.;)

 Oh! I also bought some eyeballs, these things are getting pretty popular lately because of Kyari Pamyu Pamyu cute and creepy songs. I'm planning to make something with it later.Halloween is near so I think it's easier to find creepy things like this.

2nd is the Large Doll's head that I bought in a kid's section of the mall.I feel like I'm a kid for buying it.x3 But she's so pretty! I can't help it! lul xD
I bought it because I want to use it as my wig stand.Right now I'm using it to hold my hats.x3
3rd are these really cute sling bags that I got in SM at a very low price!o_o
I found it in a kid section. I don't think it's for kids since the slings are long.(*Why am I always at the kid's section luuulll!!!XD)
I bought a pink camera and I think this bag matches it's color. gah! *o* I'm so excited to receive it!
-End of my haul-x3 

On to the DIY of the month!=)

Here's my old minty makeup cabinet.Mint isn't a bad color, but I like pink better so I bought some spray paints to change it.(Doesn't cost a lot-$3usd) I also fixed the broken glass.
I also transformed this old and ugly jewerly box to cute & PINK!:3
 Here's the superrrrr PINK result!^-^ So happy!!!
Cute right?:) & it matches my other cabinet, my old DIY.
I'm planning to change my boring computer table to pink color too.I wonder how many spray paints I needed O_O? anyways,I'm going to keep you updated!;)

Thank you for reading!


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ankyl said...

Thank you so much<3
You have very interesting blog! :) And very cute!


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