Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sony Xperia SL PINK!!!

As part of my promised haul~
 Here's a preview of my new phone, Sony Xperia SL Pink!!!*o*
Oh yeah baby It's PINK!!!

I always wanted to get an Iphone 4s but after seeing the Sony Xperia SL my views changed.xD specially when I found out that I can play Play Station games on it.:P It has Big Razor sharp HD screen display with mobile Bravia engine,12.1 mp camera, very fast processor and other more awesome specs.How cool is that?  I think it's faster than my old computer before the upgrade. lulz
For more information about Sony Xperia SL Read here->

It's one of the newest series of Sony Xperia phones that was released.
Sony Xperia SL was released in September 2012, and that's how I got it on my birthday!*o* Lucky me!~
It's still unavailable in some other countries, and not yet available here in the Philippines.

So far I'm really enjoying this phone and since it's android I could get tons of applications for it.
I already downloaded lots of games and music for it. I also watch my animes on it when I'm outside and bored.x3 It also helps me a lot to answer tons of messages on facebook even when I'm away on my computer.(downstairs) haha
 Hihi I got a  bling for my new baby!
 Now it's more cute to look at :3
 I changed the theme =) The default theme isn't bad but I wanted it to look different. 

Here's another unboxing video^-^


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nikon 1 J1 PINK!!!

I got a new baby!^o^ A Nikon J1 PINK!!! 
(As promised on my last post,Here->  I would make a review of some products from my haul.)
I have been dreaming of a pink DSLR camera.I remember reading blogs and watching Youtube videos of people attempting to dye their dslr  to pink.

I always thought it would be impossible and that companies would never make one since they always  make the same basic color, Black.Then Canon made a limited edition red dslr. I like it because it's different but I'm still hesitant to get it since it's not really the color that I wanted.
I went to Hongkong last year and saw this really cute DSLR Pentax. They have some really cool funky colors of cameras. The price is really affordable too compared to the branded ones.But the brand is really new to me, and the case is like plastic ,It's not very appealing to me.It became quite popular here in Asia after awhile.

Then one time while I was browsing on facebook, I saw this advertisement of  Nikon with a pink dslr camera icon.I clicked on it just because I wanted to check it was a real pink dslr and it got me a little excited to find out that it is REAL!XD So I started browsing and I got more and more excited about it.I also found out  that it came out last year which I didn't even know, because I don't even see a Nikon J1 pink in  display here in our malls. 

Here's a picture of a Nikon 1 J2 Pink, which came out after my birthday September 2012.I thought of getting this one at first since this is the newest style but since there are not much upgrade on it, and the Nikon J1 pink color is really cute and more girly I decided to grab the Nikon J1.

 I was really happy I didn't purchase any cameras and found the right one for me.To be honest, I have no idea how to use a DSLR but I really wanted one.lulz x3 I bought this at Nikon US site and had someone from the US deliver it to me since it's not allowed to be shipped here in the PhilippinesThere are other shop's who ships it here to the Philippines but  I'm just scared of getting something from Hongkong so I bought from the main shop.

Some "mean" people told me that it isn't the best dslr for it's price,and that it sucks but I didn't really care.(lulz I call them mean now!hmpXD)This is something I have been wanting to get .It's pink and cute and I think it's not really the camera's fault if a person takes crappy pictures right?.:P Anyway here's my baby =) 
Just like other DSLR camera it has the same function buttons on the side, Although It doesn't have the viewfinder eyepiece that most DSLR has.Which I don't mind since I am used to my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera that doesn't have that too.
And since I bought a set from Nikon, I got 2 interchangable lenses. one is 30-110 and 10-30 which is the one that I used a lot.I also got 2 lens hood which I really don't know what it is for.It also came with a neck and hand strap.
This is how it looks like with a camera lens hood. *o* Sooo cute omg lulz
For the pictures above I used my Sony Cybershot camera.Below will be the sample shots of Nikon 1 J1.I did not touch the pictures I just had to resize them since blogspot doesn't allow me to upload big pictures.I added my watermark and that's it!

Since I'm still learning, I think Nikon J1 dslr camera is good.I know there are other pro camera but I didn't want to spend money on something that isn't cute.HAHA! Atleast this is a dream come true and something I really really love!lulz :) "Just get something your heart wants";)

Thank you so much for reading!

By the way, here's a video of me unboxing the Nikon 1 J1!x3 It's the first time I did this kind of video.It was fun!


Friday, October 19, 2012

HUGE HAUL!Nikon J1,UD Naked 2,Tokidoki+more!

HA!I have never been this excited to share my haul!It feels like Christmas!lulz
Now thinking about it, It makes me excited to make another xmas wish list hahaha!XD
But No, these aren't early xmas present,These are late birthday gifts.

Words can't express how happy I am to get all of these.I just love everything!!!
It's pink, cute, makeup stuffs and many Tokidoki collection! I'm a huge fan of Tokidoki!
And I was very happy too to get the Naked 2 palette . I think all of the ladies here except me has it already . And now I have it too!~ har har!!! >:D I've been wanting to have this palette, not because it's popular or anything but because this palette has great rich colors and has sooo many good reviews.I have already tried using it and I'm super excited to create a makeup look with this makeup!^-^

I also got a new camera!Yay! ^-^ Nikon J1 in PINK color!I bought this one myself.So from now on, you'll see better quality pictures on my blog.!:D Isn't that great?
I'm going to make a review of these products that I got.I noticed that I've been doing a lot of hauls on my blog but never reviewed any of it.x3 gomen~So if there's anything  on this haul you want me to write a review on, just let me know.=)
-Nikon J1 Pink
-Xperia SL Pink
-Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
-Tokidoki Skull Candy Headphones
-Tokidoki Arte Palette
-Tokidoki Nail buffs
-Tokidoki Siberia Blush Brush
-Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set
-Tokidoki Inferno Bronzer

Thanks for visiting my blog!And I hope you guys enjoyed my haul =)


Friday, October 12, 2012

I won a tokidoki from Ju.Ju.Be!

Weeeee!!! Guess what's added to my Tokidoki Collection!?*o*
It's a Tokidoki coin purse from Ju.Ju.Be!
I was browsing some tokidoki items online when I suddenly came across with this site, and found out they were having a giveaway, I just tried my luck, and a week later I received an email from them telling me that I have won their giveaway!hihi :D
*o* luckkyyyy!!!x3
Thank Ju.Ju.Be for this giveaway, I really love the purse! It's soft and cute!^-^

visit their site here-> Ju.Ju.Be


Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Pink Makeup Cabinet+Haul

I've been going a lot lately and in some places I find cute and rare things that I wanted to add in my collection.This time's haul wouldn't big But I hope you enjoy it.:3
Number one on my list is this Skull Mug!*o* Oh how I love it!I've been collecting skull
items and I think  this one is the coolest.x3 I used it as my makeup brush holder.
lulz! I bet you ladies are using a typical type of brush holder right?:3 I was using my sigma brush holder but I find the skull mug better so I changed it.There are other designs of this skull mug which I'm going to get later.;)

 Oh! I also bought some eyeballs, these things are getting pretty popular lately because of Kyari Pamyu Pamyu cute and creepy songs. I'm planning to make something with it later.Halloween is near so I think it's easier to find creepy things like this.

2nd is the Large Doll's head that I bought in a kid's section of the mall.I feel like I'm a kid for buying it.x3 But she's so pretty! I can't help it! lul xD
I bought it because I want to use it as my wig stand.Right now I'm using it to hold my hats.x3
3rd are these really cute sling bags that I got in SM at a very low price!o_o
I found it in a kid section. I don't think it's for kids since the slings are long.(*Why am I always at the kid's section luuulll!!!XD)
I bought a pink camera and I think this bag matches it's color. gah! *o* I'm so excited to receive it!
-End of my haul-x3 

On to the DIY of the month!=)

Here's my old minty makeup cabinet.Mint isn't a bad color, but I like pink better so I bought some spray paints to change it.(Doesn't cost a lot-$3usd) I also fixed the broken glass.
I also transformed this old and ugly jewerly box to cute & PINK!:3
 Here's the superrrrr PINK result!^-^ So happy!!!
Cute right?:) & it matches my other cabinet, my old DIY.
I'm planning to change my boring computer table to pink color too.I wonder how many spray paints I needed O_O? anyways,I'm going to keep you updated!;)

Thank you for reading!


Monday, October 8, 2012

EOS V-201 Circle Lens Review

Hi everyone!<3 p="p">
Today I'll be doing a short review of the new PINK lenses that a friend gifted me.:)
I'm really happy that she picked my favorite color too! 
(I think all of my friends knows me so well because they always gift me pink stuffs. It makes me happy really!x3)

OK~On to the review!
Origin: Korea

First of all I want to say that I LOVE THIS LENSES!!! A LOT!!! The size isn't as big as  all of the lenses that I collect, but 14.2mm is perfectly fine for me too.
 The lens pattern is just pretty,It made my eyes look like a doll. This is usually the lens design for all of the doll's eyes right?:) 
-Window Lighting-
You can tell from the picture below that the lens size didn't made so much difference with my real eyes.But it made my eyes look beautiful I think.:3
 ~Here's how it look like with and without a flash~

My Final Verdict 5/5

I really love pink lenses :3 I probably should get more other styles :)

 Last weekend I attended the Cosmania Anime Convention. I've got so many costumes I haven't worn but I went as a con goer this time.x3 Beside,  I was really excited to wear the pink wig and some of the other pink stuffs that I got, so I wore it on the con.Sadly, I didn't have the chance to take pictures of the cosplayers specially the international cosplayers who went here to the Philippines, like Kaname and Reika.:<

Here's what I wore on Day 1
Day 2
Ohhhhh and YES!! I got so many free loots! hihi ^-^
From TV 5 and Animax!!! My favorites are the tote bag and the pink water bottle from Animax.Arigato!^-^
I also got some chocolates from friends!:3 Thank you!!!

I really enjoyed Cosmania a lot even though I stayed in our booth  most of the time. I'm just happy because all of my friends doesn't forget to visit me at my booth. Aww I just love you guys! I hope you are reading this!:D


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Doll Inspired Look+Fan sign

Hello dolls!How was your day?
Mine was busy. (I'm writing this post at 3:30 in the morning!XD lul)
I've been busy making a lot of fan signs for friends.
These fan signs are requested from me, NOT because I'm popular or anything. It's just mainly for fun.Most friends I know  on myspace collects fan signs and upload it in their albums. I've seen a lot of friends doing this stuff & I didn't even know what it is for until now. xD 

And now that I've got a lot of fs request, I decided to join the fun and make my very first fan sign too! And since I don't want to make a boring ugly fan sign, I decided to play with makeup and create a dolly look.=)
I was supposed to use this lovely pink and black false eyelashes, but I decided to stick with the basic black, just because it gives me a better dolly eyes.I'll probably be using this on another makeup look next time.:)
I  also used a bottom false eyelashes for my makeup look and I was surprise with the effect that it gave me!Compared to the dolly inspired look that I made last year, this is better I think.

This is the first time I used a bottom eyelashes and I'm happy with the result.I would love to use it again once I made another look!=3
 Here are the sample pics of the makeup look. Btw, I'm using the rhapsody wig that I promised to show you guys on my last post.:3 I'm soooo in love with this wig!It's soo fluffy *o* I would love to get a different colors of the same style!!!<3 p="p">
Have you tried using Bottom False eyelashes?
Have you tried making fan sign?:o

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!<3 p="p">
Thanks for supporting & for following my post.



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