Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pretty & Pink Blog Award!

I want to thank Lexi for this award.
(I've got this award a long time ago, but didn't have the time to share it.And now that I'm not lazy, expect more blog posts to come.:P)

Tagged Questions:
1. What do you like most about your hair?
It's wavy.I don't know if I'm supposed to like it or not, But I wouldn't look good without a hair so I can't complain.xD
2. How have you changed from when you started high school up till now?
Since I don't have to attend school anymore,I can play more video games now!:P hahaha
3. Who's your favorite YouTuber & why?
Michelle Phan, she's the first youtube makeup guru who inspired me to play with makeup & make my first makeup youtube video.Another is Promise Phan, she's has a really voice and I love her accent.:3 She makes a lot of awesome makeup videos.
4. Do you Vlog & why or why not?
Nope. Because I can't find a good editing video software. xD But I do upload videos of my cosplays
check them on Youtube->
5. How has your summer been so far?
I don't really enjoy hot weather, I can't stay up in my room without a airconditioner.And I don't like going out when it's hot outside.
6. Do you think it's important for bloggers to have an About Me tab on their blog?
Yes  It's a good way to introduce yourself, it makes it easier for the other bloggers to get to know more about you even a little.
7. Can you swim?
Yes but I'm not a good swimmer.
8. What has been your favorite movie of the summer so far?
Twilight the breaking Dawn~ and I can't wait for the 2nd part.:3
9. Do you like your blogs layout?
Yes. It's simple and cute. But I hope to find another design since I've been using this layout for 3 years now.xD
10. Have you been to the beach yet?
Not yet this year. And I don't want to!!XD I don't want to get darker. lulz
11. How'd you come up with your blogs name?
Kaizokumousy is an in game name that I just made of  for the first time I played an MMO game called "Tales of Pirates".Kaizoku means pirate in Japanese and I added mouse because I like small cute pets.:3 I decided to make it my blog name since it's unique.
For this award! I'm to state 7 facts about myself...this time it will be all about "fashion"
Tagged Questions:

1. PINK POWER! Color pink attracts me. It's like a magnet u know.x3 I like to buy pink stuffs.
2. I collect stockings & gloves  with different designs.
3. I love Pastel & sweet Lolita Items but my style doesn't show it.x3
4.I love boots! Especially the tall ones, & JROCK style.
5.I wish all my shirts has skulls & tokidoki printed designs
6. I want cosplay costumes to be my 2nd wardrobe.
7. I have no definite fashion style, I just wear whatever I feel like wearing.

I'm awarding this blog rewards to:
Dainty Doll Mix
Coco Caro
Day Dreaming on a Cloud
Drop Dead Cute

I've got more blogs to tag :D SO I will just be going to your blogs and tagged you.:3 thx for reading!;)


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Chai Chen said...

Nice award! :)



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