Sunday, September 23, 2012

I got a Sewing Machine!:D

Hello dolls!How are you doing?
I just wanna share a lovely early present that I got from my mom.^.^ If you don't know yet, my birthday is not until September 25th.A couple of days ago, My mom and I went shopping together but she asked me if she could go somewhere else first , and since I've got some other things to buy at the mall we agreed to just meet up when were done with shopping. By the end of the day, I noticed a big box on her cart...And to my surprise it was a sewing machine! I've been wanting a sewing machine, so I got very excited and asked her if we could go home already because I can't wait to try it out.She didn't said anything at first but on our way home she told me that she bought it for me, and that she didn't expect me to see it so soon. It made me more happier!I didn't even know that it was for my birthday!lulz!
I haven't really tried using it yet but I can't wait to start  sewing! I'm still a newbie and I have no experience using a sewing machine.So I think for now I'll start making simple hair accessories such as  usamimi and simple hair bows.:)


Amakura Reika said...

Wow! Your mom is so sweet and thoughtful~!


Chai Chen said...

Great! Learn your sewing skills then and share your products with us. :)



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