Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cute Stuffs & Makeup Haul+Love mail

Hello dolls!^-^ I'm back with another haul! Yay!<3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
These are  some things I  purchased recently.Not a lot, but their all kawaii!^^
I also received a love mail from one of my client.:) So happy!

Let me start of with this 2 baby CHOPPER bags.
~Chopper from the Anime One Piece~
I got these babies by luck, I was browsing one of the forums & saw this bags posted, for sale.There were four of them.But the green o was already taken, & the other 2 of the same design.So I just reserved the blue and the yellow bags.But I should of taken the 3 bags even they have the same design, because so many friends liked it!xD
It's like a really really big coin purse.x3
 I can't store much on this bag though.Only my cellphone and money.
Next is Cheese kun plushie which I got for cosplay purpose.:D 
~from the Anime Code Geass~
I've been looking for this kind of plushie doll for awhile now.So I'm Happy that I finally got one ^o^
A very cute moogle doll from the game Final Fantasy. It's a hand stitched doll, which I ordered from "Princessa Ian". A really great quality & they gave me a reasonable price for it too. =)
I also purchased some products from Etude House.^-^
~Lucid Darling Fantastic Rouge Gloss~ 265php
I'm in love with this gloss! I love the color & it smells nice too! 
It's like a chocolate bloody red color 
& has some small glitters on it when applied
on my lips.
I got a ~Etude House brown liquid eyeliner~198php
Since they don't have a black color in stock I took this brown instead.I didn't expect it to be dark when applied.
*o* And one of the products I've been wanting to get is this
~Baby Doll Blending Sponge~ 375php
Its a pink soft sponge good for applying liquid foundation & BB creams.^-^
It also looked like one of those beauty blender sponge, except that one is expensive.xD
A light purple nail polish for only 98php.
& I got a Etude House Pearl Extract mask for FREE.:)
I also got some anime stickers & stationary from cons. (no pics)
And anime blotting paper which I didn't want to use xD It has some really cute drawing on the blotting paper.
I purchased a 3 in 1 curling and Straightening iron.
I plan to use this for my cosplay wigs.
And two new bags which I got from Secosana, Not my favorite brand but these bags are good for everyday use
My mom didnt like the brown & pink bag.she said it looked dirty, but I liked it a lot!XD
This purple one looks nice & the gold chain strap made it look elegant.x3
Now time to share a Love mail which I got from one of my clients!^-^ 
She sent me a large size picture of mine cosplaying as Megurine Luka.*o*
 I really love how she edited my picture.
She told me she was going to send me a lipstick, but I didn't expect her to send me other stuffs too.Skin food small makeup brush,Etude House oil blotting paper, a picture,and some Etude House lipgloss samples.
I really love the color of the Skin Food Honey Glossy Rouge on my lips.=)
here's a swatch <3 p="p">
Thank You Jhenny for supporting my shop and for sending me this pretty stuffs.^-^
Mwahh!!!<3 p="p">
Please visit my shop & like my page!:)

Thank you so much for following my blog guys :)

I hoped you enjoyed reading my blog.



Chai Chen said...

Great new haul! Love all the Etude House products too! I'm such a fan! :)

Hopefully I can cosplay again too. Wish to see you there soon! :)


Rekawaii Sukii said...

I've been following your for a while now, also your FB page =3=.. Cute haul! I love Chopper~! Hope you do more makeup tutorials. ;3

kaizokumousy said...

@chai- Thank you again for visiting my blog :)javascript:void(0)

kaizokumousy said...

@Rekawaii Sukki- Thank you for following my blog.I appreciate it alot ^-^

L.M. said...

I love your blog, so inspiring and you always show us the cutest and most unique little items!!!
Will definately check out your shop! Girl check out my last post on Sisley Express Flowel Gel mask and I am sure you will want it...

♥ Denise ♥ said...

The little deer coin purses are soo cute <3 Ive heard so much of Etude House, but really cant find where i can get it in australia :/

Anonymous said...

Wow such a huge haul!
But eeeeeeeeverything you got was woth buying it I guess ^-^
The baby Choppers are my absolute favourits beside the LuciDarling lipgloss <3


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