Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Final Fantasy X Lulu

Hello dolls!^-^ This is Lulu from Final Fantasy X.
A new character that I just cosplayed recently at Fantasy Quest Convention here in the Philippines.^-^

There were lots of international cosplayers who attended as well and what made me excited the most is that the venue where it was held was much better than the other cosplay conventions that I had attended.I only have a few pictures to show you though because I didn't walk around that much so I only met a few friend photographers. It was also pretty hard to walk with a heavy wig full of accessories.xD

 Yay and here's one decent picture I can share with you :)
Please visit my facebook for more of my cosplay pictures -> 
Lulu was one of the characters that I've been dreaming to cosplay since I was a kid.I remember I got so excited to finally play her in the game called Final Fantasy X.She looks so mysterious and sexy.I know I can't beat her beauty but who say's I can't cosplay someone I like, right?XD lulz

Reference pictures

~In the Making of Lulu~
The costume was sponsored to me by Devangelic Shop
Wig from Pinku Pirates
The wig was styled by me, It was a BRS wig.I also worked on my hair accessories and necklaces.But I think I will have to redo another hair accesories because I lost two of them during the event.=/

My Lulu Cosplay isn't perfect yet. I still have to make beads on the end of Lulu's braids.And I still have to add piercings to my ears.(I might just use a fake piercing earrings) and as for my makeup, I think I still have to work on that.Hopefully I can share with you a much better picture next time.;)

Btw, I received a package from Mukuchu.Yay for another sponsored Lenses!^-^
I'm very sorry for the late post, we had too many storms here and damaged my net.That was one reason why I wasn't able to blog.

More post coming up~ expect lot's of reviews and hauls! ;)

Thank you so much for reading my post.^-^
Until next time~



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