Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alice Pandora Hearts Cosplay!♥

Hello dolls!^-^
First of all, I would like to thank you all my beautiful blog followers for following my blog even though I don't update it that much. When I have the time again, I promise to visit each of your blogs and follow you back!=) Thank you for reading my post, it really makes me happy to read all your lovely comments, &it inspires me to write more about the things I love.

Yay for an update!
 I recently cosplayed Alice from Pandora Hearts last Hero FaceOff 3 Con.^-^
I've been wanting to cosplay Alice and luckily someone was selling her robe in the forum, so I grab that opportunity and bought the costume and started collecting the other pieces I needed to complete the set. (Like the wigs,skirt,boots gloves and socks)x3 hihi

If you haven't watched Pandora Hearts~then you should!
but I think the ending  of the first season isn't complete yet.
Or is there season 2?
I don't have a proper photo shoot for this character yet. Hopefully soon?:P
Please check my fan page for more of my cosplay pictures ->
(I'd like to give credit to the owner of this pictures :D)
Oh and btw, I did another catwalk! 
My friends thought me how to swing my scythe on the day of the con.No practice!xD
To be honest I'm very shy on stage, but I really like to show my cosplay.lulz
So I'm very thankful to Raymond and Ralph for encouraging me to go up on stage.
I think this catwalk was shown on TV.o.o But I don't know when I didn't get any updates on that.
Here's  a video of my catwalk.haha FAIL XD

I know it's late, but anyways before I end up this post.I would like to greet a fellow cosplayer Myrtle Gail for winning the PBB teen Edition Season 4.
I don't watch TV but I do get updates on YT.:) 
*me as Megurine Luka(pink) and Myrtle Gail on the right
She didn't know about this but one of the blonde wigs that she wore on the show was from my shop. I was referred by a friend to one of the PBB staff, and they purchased the wig from me to be used by her.If you haven't checked my shop please do visit and like my page!^-^ thank you for your support!<3

Thank you again for reading!^-^
Have a great day!



~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Nice cosplay! :)

Yoyo said...

Wow lovely cosplay! >o<!

wendiie ♥ said...

great cosplay from one the animes i love ! (:

Josephine said...

I love your cosplays !
They're so professional and so alike to the anime ! >w<
Hehe, loved your catwalk!! ^3^

Reina Summers said...

wow your cosplay is just perfect , way to go ^.^ wish i could cosplay as good as you :)

blackberryfashion said...

so pretty :)

pao pao said...

You look great! This cosplay realy suits you!

Melody said...

Your cosplay is flawless <3
We have to cosplay together one day ^-^

Metal_Minish said...

You make an awesome Alice, and that wig is just perfect. ^o^
I'm shy too, but in cosplay all of a sudden I get confident. So I know the feeling... XD

You look adorable as Luka too, Vocaloid's are so fun to see cosplayed, their colourfull designs and all~

Black Rabbit said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I think its amaaazing~! I found it when I was looking up Alice cosplay and I think your an amazing cosplayer, I'm jealous! haha


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