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Alice Pandora Hearts Cosplay!♥

Hello dolls!^-^
First of all, I would like to thank you all my beautiful blog followers for following my blog even though I don't update it that much. When I have the time again, I promise to visit each of your blogs and follow you back!=) Thank you for reading my post, it really makes me happy to read all your lovely comments, &it inspires me to write more about the things I love.

Yay for an update!
 I recently cosplayed Alice from Pandora Hearts last Hero FaceOff 3 Con.^-^
I've been wanting to cosplay Alice and luckily someone was selling her robe in the forum, so I grab that opportunity and bought the costume and started collecting the other pieces I needed to complete the set. (Like the wigs,skirt,boots gloves and socks)x3 hihi

If you haven't watched Pandora Hearts~then you should!
but I think the ending  of the first season isn't complete yet.
Or is there season 2?
I don't have a proper photo shoot for this character yet. Hopefully soon?:P
Please check my fan page for more of my cosplay pictures ->
(I'd like to give credit to the owner of this pictures :D)
Oh and btw, I did another catwalk! 
My friends thought me how to swing my scythe on the day of the con.No practice!xD
To be honest I'm very shy on stage, but I really like to show my cosplay.lulz
So I'm very thankful to Raymond and Ralph for encouraging me to go up on stage.
I think this catwalk was shown on TV.o.o But I don't know when I didn't get any updates on that.
Here's  a video of my catwalk.haha FAIL XD

I know it's late, but anyways before I end up this post.I would like to greet a fellow cosplayer Myrtle Gail for winning the PBB teen Edition Season 4.
I don't watch TV but I do get updates on YT.:) 
*me as Megurine Luka(pink) and Myrtle Gail on the right
She didn't know about this but one of the blonde wigs that she wore on the show was from my shop. I was referred by a friend to one of the PBB staff, and they purchased the wig from me to be used by her.If you haven't checked my shop please do visit and like my page!^-^ thank you for your support!<3

Thank you again for reading!^-^
Have a great day!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cute Haul & Review

Hello dolls!

I'm sorry for the lack of post. Lately...I get really bored of posting update here because for some reason, I can't upload any pictures using blogspot.It keeps on giving me a message that I'm out of space.>.<I can't SPAM pictures anymore!!!:( They said it's "FREE" and now they want me to pay? Any ideas why this is happening, Or did this happen to you too?o.o (I hope not)

Now that I'm in the mood to write, It's time for an update!~<3 ~^.^~
Haul+ReviewHere are just some of the few things I purchased And I like to give my opinion on each of it.

~Revlon Photo Ready Foundation SPF 003 Shell~
The main reason why I bought this product, is because it has a pump!x3
The "Revlon Color Stay Foundation" doesn't have any and it gets messy every time I use it.So I'm glad that they made one's with a pump.
~I like Revlon foundation, because I don't breakout with it.
~SPF20/FPS20 , this is a +plus!!!^^
~It stays longer on my skin.I like to use this foundation during cosplay events that way I don't have to retouch everytime.
~It does get oily by the end of the day, but can work out with a face powder.

~It has a shimmer, so if you have an oily skin please avoid using this foundation as it gets shiny.x3(you can try the Revlon color stay instead since it doesn't have a shimmer.)

So far I don't see any cons with it. I don't get many choices here anyway since we only have few branded makeups that is available in the market.Other brands are way to expensive for me already.>.< like mac etc.
This cost 950php I think or $22.78.
~Revlon Color Stay Concealer~
I already got the "Revlon Age Defying Concealer" that comes with a brush.
That one dries up so quickly that I can't blend it so I purchased this one.
~This concealer comes with a soft applicator for easy application ofc :P
~It has a really great coverage
~Smooth and can be blended out easily

~It stays for a long period of time
~Hides my flaws, but still look natural.:)

~Etude House Dream On Foundation~
 I can't find any BB creams during my shopping at EH So  I bought this instead..This is good for everyday use since EH makeups are gentle on skin and it's doesn't feel heavy.
Aside from the very cute packaging x3 This foundation has a pump!
The bottle is made of glass, and a rosy pink cover which is plastic.Cute right?:)
It's also inexpensive,I think I got this for Around $13 only or 550+php. 
~Etude House Line Nuance Duo~
A white eyeliner and a creamy gold eyeshadow for only $4.75 or 198php
I did like the eyeshadow part because it's very pigmented, but I find the white eyeliner hard and the color doesn't show well.=/ Still, not a bad product since It's small and I can bring it in my small bag when I travel.:)
~Etude House Eyelash Curler~
There are two types of eyelash curler at EH, I bought this one because the sales lady told me this is better than the one made of plastic.
I tested, and this is the result! WAaaayyy better than my shiseido.x3
It curled my lashes really quick and easy.:)
For only 298 php or $7
So I'm saying bb to my shiseido now :P
with a 1000+php or $23.98 worth of purchase, I got this tincase with a Kpop band printed on top.& a memo pad with stand inside ofit, for free!*I'm not very familiar with them though.x3
~Ipool Lens Cleaner~
Have you tried cleaning your lenses using a machine?I have watched videos on YT about this type of lens cleaner, and it looks sooo easy to use that I bought one for myself too.x3 I'm very lazy with cleaning my lenses so I guess this helps?:P lulz!
It works with a battery, I just have to push the button and it starts to vibrate.
It's now easier for me to clean all my lenses!^o^
~EOS Egg Lipbalm~
This is sooo popular that I had to buy one too!XD
We don't have this in the market, so I grab one after seeing someone selling this at the Cosplay Con. Lucky!~ It smells really good :3 and it looks so cute!
It does make my lips smooth,& it tasted nice too!.x3
~Maybelline Mascara~
It's great!<3 It's waterproof, so it's really hard to remove after.x3
I probably will buy the one's that are not waterproof next time.
~Body Shop Cheek and Lip Tint~
They had a 50% off sale!^o^ I bought this for only 395php or $10.
I really love how it naturally make my lips red, the stain looks so natural that you wouldn't even think I applied a liptint.x3 Although I didn't like that it fades really quickly.=/
normal lip color. Actually, my lip is darker when I'm having allergy.=/
So here's the result using the products mentioned above. 
~EH foundation
~EH white eyeliner,eyeshadow duo
~Body Shop liptint
~Maybeline Mascara

I like it that my face looks young and natural looking.x3
 nyaha!The power of makeup lulz!:3
(I have other pictures that I wanted to post just so I can share the results of the product, but I can't upload any pictures anymore.>.<)gomen! 
Anyway, Look what I got from my sister!:)

I love it!^o^

Thanks for dropping by my blog
I hope you enjoyed my haul and find my review helpful :)



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