Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exploit Fashion Show-My Experience

Hi dolls!^o^ Here is the latest update from me. 
As I have mentioned in my older post , I have recently joined a fashion show which had happened A few days ago.The Grand Anniversary Special of Exploit.
 So here I am to share the experience! =) 
Me in my summer wear.
The Fashion Show wasn't as extravagant as I have seen on Fashion TV
But having to experience it for the first time, For someone like me who didn't even attended modeling workshop, It was like a dream come true!!<3  I have always wanted to experience being in Modeling industry.xD So I'm very thankful to my friends who invited me, and to the management for giving us the opportunity to join them in their show.
We were also given the opportunity to model our cosplay costumes!<3
We named our group ~Cosway Runplay~ cute name right?
I wanted to wear See U costume,But I wasn't able to complete the props, So I went as Megurine Luka.:)
My friend Gaby and Lucia, Cosplaying Female Thor and Capt.America
All I can say is that modeling was a new experience  to me, It's really diffrent from cosplay.
Hopefully they invite me and my friends again.:)

~~~So what preperation we did for the fashion show?XD

*What happened 30 minutes before our Call time-At Friends House~
We were taking pictures, as if we won't be late.xD haha!

*What happened that night before the Fashion Show
PLAN:We sleep over at our friends House So we could sleep early and prepare our stuffs.And we'll not eat to much!

~We ended up eating a lot, We ordered a Pizza and watched a movie.XD'
~Dressed up and played with the costumes
~We talked so much about different things and sleep at around 3am.LOL!
But that was one of the greatest experience I had!I never experienced sleeping in a friend's house and had so much fun like this!The bonding with gal-friends was really great, I felt like I have known them for so long, When we've only met during cons, and only see each other once a month when there is cosplay.O.O Some of them I've only me once or twice?xD

But that was just great, the socializing was so much different from Facebook :P haha!
I had so much fun!<3

Thank you for dropping by my blog~,~
I wished to talked more about stuffs, But it's already 4am o.o 
So I got to gox3

Good Luck



Shojo M said...

such cool photos *_*

Mimosa said...

Wow. Lovely pictures. ♥

Ines said...

how cool! the outfits are fantastic!
you look pretty:)

check out my blog, tell me if you like the new design ^^

Jenia said...

lol at Thor and his boobs! looks like u had gun there..

aMz88 said...

you gals all look fab :D i kinda saw an album of this on fb from a cosplayer but i forgot who hehe

~aiMee/aMz, <3


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