Friday, June 15, 2012

Black is Back! +How to Dye your Hair Pink?

Hi dolls!^o^
Goodbye Pinku Hair! Im now back to a simple black hair.
Did you missed seeing me in black hair color?x3
I have changed it to black to give my hair a time rest.

I've had my pink hair for 8 months and finally got tired of dyeing and retouching my hair every time it fades & gosh it's expensive!x3 BUT it's all worth it!
Having a PINK hair was one of my biggest DREAM, So having this done is one of the greatest memorable moment of my life! SO one day when my grand kids ask "who's this girl with the pink hair on the picture?" Then I could say "That's your awesome granny, Oh yea~ granny is so cool!" hehe~ XD

My 1st blog post about my pink hair experience-> 

How To Dye Your Hair PINK!?
To some of you who wanted to dye your hair as well, and to my friends who asked me questions about it. Here's how I dyed my hair, and the products I used in the process.

What you will Need:
~Hair dyeing comb
~Hair comb *with pointy tip
~ hair clips
~plastic gloves
~Salon cape, Me? I used a big plastic bag lol!

Products I used:
Hair Bleach!~is Important, If you want to a have the true dye color!!!
~Hortaleza hair bleach powder
~Hortaleza solution 12%

Hair Dye:
Manic Panic VS Special Effects
I have used 2 different hair dye products. I have used Manic Panic as suggested by a friend.It was good because it makes my hair shiny and smooth after dying it. Although it fades really fast. I had to re-dye my hair in every two to three weeks.

I prefer Special Effects better because it tends to stay in longer.The smoothness it gives to my hair is not as good as MP , but it doesn't dry my hair so it's ok.
~for Manic Panic I have used Pink Rose and for Special effect, it's hot hot pink

Let's start!
The first thing you need to do is to section your hair.
using the pointed tip of the hair comb, section your hair.
I have thought of a good hair style, So what I did is I only dyed some part of my hair pink and  used clips on the other part of my hair that I want to remain black.Sectioning it evenly makes it easier.
You can choose your own style of course :P

2nd!prepare your Hair Bleach! :)
*note: If you don't want to bleach your hair, You can still dye your hair even without it, but don't expect the hair dye color to show up so vibrant.
*Bleaching will damage, and will kill your hair! So please be sure you are ready before doing this.
*If you are scared to bleach your hair, you can always go to Hair Salon.
Mix the bleach powder with the bleach solution.

*This is how my old bleached hair looked like.I didn't know that I had to wait like 15 minutes or longer to achieve a brighter hair.DO NOT exceed~ always read the back part instruction provided to be safe. They said it is ok to exceed, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
the 2nd time I bleached it, It was lighter!:) I'm happy! Although I didn't wanted to exceed the time of waiting as I don't want to fry my hair.xD

3rd!Dye it!<3
Just use your favorite hair dye and apply it to your bleached hair using the dyeing comb!<3 There is really a big difference when you apply the dye on the hair that is bleached perfectly.The lighter the bleached hair is, the better the hair color result!

Here is the result of mine!
I have enjoyed it a lot!<3 I have made a lot of different looks with my hair.:)
People would stare and look at me anywhere I go.Some say it looks really good, some of them thought I'm in a band, "ROCk & Roll"! I'm too colorful~Lulz! x3

I'd look really different when I'm outside because mostly of the people here have (of course) the natural black hair, and They are not used to seeing people with pink hair.Specially when there are no salons here that offers this kind of hair dye.x3
(If you have read my first post then you know what I mean :P)

I hope you enjoy this blog post!<3 
& I hope it helped a little~x3 You can always watch YT videos too!:)
and try out other hair styles if you want to dye your hair.

Good Luck!



Nana said...

I really want to dye my hair pink too! : D : D Thanks for the tip! : D You look really nice with black hair too!

Anonymous said...

aw It looks verry pretty It suits you really well ^^♥

Shojo M said...

Very cool tutorial *__* I like your black/pink hairstyle a lot ^^

Ines said...

All hair colors suit you:) I also had my hair kind of blonde,but now im taking a rest.
I dont know if I would dye it one has it like that here..

Ines said...

Also would you be interested in this step by step coloration I made?:)

Sazh said...

the Howto is really interesting, I just wish i was a girl to also dye my hair pink hahaa XP

Anonymous said...

OMG the pictures are sooo pretty *__**
please visit my blog for my first giveaway :D

Jenia said...

You did such an amazing job with the hair color! It looks really good... I wish I was brave enough to do that haha


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