Thursday, May 24, 2012

The First Vocaloid Convention in Philippines!

Me as SeeU, Misaki & Gaby as Miku Hatsune
Another late post! BUT I just can't let this pass, So I'm sharing this with you!:D
Last Sunday, the first Vocaloid convention in the Philippines happened. There were lots of Vocaloid fans and cosplayers who gathered at SMX convention center.
IN THIS convention, you wouldn't hear people say "ugh another vocaloid character, I'm so tired seeing them during cons -.-!" Because this is a Purely vocaloid convention!!!:D
~So get out if you're not a fan! lulzx3

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by just typing in lyrics and melody.more here->    It is also a game that you can play on psp and PS3.
Vocaloid characters are being repeatedly cosplayed .These characters are just soooo adorable! Each of them are unique~ Their voice, the music, the costumes, the FUN of cosplaying these characters are just so different! So there's no wonder why you'll see a lot of these characters during conventions.:D

Even kids were able to dressed up as their favorite character!:D
Featuring Emily Yamada and Ashley Misaki.^.^ (from R to L)
~See U~
Gakupo and Rin
I was able to take pictures of some friends who dropped by our booth.
My friend as DMC Miku version.xD So cool!<3
JBD Vocaloid
Meiko,Kaito,Miku,Len and Rin (*From L to R)
What great about this convention is that we had a guest from Japan!
Osamuraisan and Rerulili nao!^0^
a picture with them before we went home.^-^hihi 
There were so many activities to do in this convention. Contests,were in
you could win a year supply of anime magz~ and a costume made by Devangelic.:D
So if you wasn't able to attend, you missed a GREAT cosplay con!
But don't be sad, I think there will be another Vocafusion next year.^-^
(lulz I sound so mean)XD
My Haul from this event!^-^
-See U headband from Devangelic
-See U neko ears
-Panda Hat from Chikara Hats (Ima gift this to someone^^)
-Vampire Knight necklace
-Denman Tangle Tamer brush from Gaby:3
-BRS fire prop
-Kuma ponytail from mom :3
-JP dollar fan & One Piece Keychain omiage by Misaki from Japan.^0^
I'm sorry if I can't share many pictures this time.Blogger won't allow me to upload
pictures anymore, and asks me to pay for extra storage.T.T

Anyway I hope you enjoyed it!^o^
Thank you for following my blog~<3 
I really really appreciate it!

Have a great Day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jessica Sanchez Fever+Diary Update!

Hi dolls!^.^
I know you've wondering why it's like 3 am and I'm still awake O.O! I've been watching Jessica Sanchez videos  on Youtube over and over, And it's really addicting!>.< I'm just soooo in love with her voice!<3 She's so good at her young age .Aye, She really know's how to sing!<3 She makes me 'jelly.x3 lulz!

If you're watching this season of American Idol, then for sure you've heard her sing.x3
I hope she wins AI>.< Gosh I'm sooo gonna celebrate it if she did!!! 

~Diary Update~YES!!!!I've got something to write about!!!
Yesterday I was invited by a friend to join a modeling workshop.I wasn't able to attend the first meet up because I forgot about it.O_O 
And so for the second time she asked me, I didn't let it slip away!x3 I wasn't doing anything important anyway so why not experience what is it like to be a model?
Oh and guess what? I'ts for FREE!Awesome right?:D 
Based on what I've experienced, It was really fun!!!^-^
I was very nervous but I'm enjoying it at the same time. The feeling was like the same thing I had when I first did my cosplay cat walk.Although I know that fashion models are different from cosplayers.As cosplayers gets to act freely and do what they want on stage.
I was seriously a noob on this and I needed their guidance.They were still helping me when were going down the stairs, make me go back and forth and do the cat walk over and over until it's perfect.We were also told to remember everything they taught us because the instructor and assistants won't be around during the event. 

It was really hard to walk on stage!I'm afraid of heights,And my shoes were 5 inches high>.< (atleast for me it is high) lulz! But I'm not complaining because I think I love modeling!XD

During our break-Camwhoring time!~,~
And A few pics I got before we go home
Gaby Chwan~
Before we head home, since were already in Tomas Morato, and it seems that place got a lot of restaurants we walked around to look for food.We still ended up eating at shaykeys though.Hahaha!
After that we parted, and I've got to say-.- It was scary to travel home alone...
~.~ I dunno how to go home alone from Manila!XD

But I'm still looking forward to our 2nd and last workshop training next week.I'm just sooo excited about it!:D

Anyways, I'm sleepy now so ~Tata^.^
Thanks for dropping by~;)


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sleeping with Rabbit experience

Am I the only one who sleeps with a pet rabbit?O.O

I've tried searching it on Google but I didn't found any post that says they sleep with their pet rabbits, rather I found out that most of the  pet owners do not recommend it for the fear of accidentally rolling over it while asleep, which obviously could kill or cause injury to your pet.=/

Someone even said that it's "weird" to sleep with rabbits...

What's weird with sleeping with your pet rabbit?O.o I'm asking this because I did sleep with my pet, Just like when you sleep with your dogs and cats.xD
(I know it kinda sound disgusting for those who do not like pets inside the house or room)
When I first got my pet Teemo, I didn't have any cage yet so I was forced to let him stay inside my room.I've said on my last post that my rabbit is "behave", but then a few days later, he got used to staying inside my room that he started playing, jumping around and the worst thing he did was he climbed up the cabinet!O_O
I was so scared that he'd jump out of the window.
You can read my 1st blog about it here->
I wasn't able to follow up my post about it, but I wanted take back what I have said ~hahaha!XD

Someone told me that rabbits bite wires, but I didn't experienced it with Teemo.Most of the time he would hide behind my computer, or on the side of it to sleep.x3
And sometimes, He'd jump on my lap, or on my desktop to bother me when I'm playing my game.He's sooo cute that I can't get angry even if I lose the game! lulz!x3
 2 weeks later my cage arrived.:) I brought the cage inside my room and caged him.But then I missed those nights when he was out of the cage.
*I experienced waking in the middle of the night because he peed on me.
*I can't sleep good because he was biting me, I had to cover myself with blanket so he wouldn't reach my skin. Gosh that hurts!XD lulz
*he'd jump on my face in the morning.hahaha!
 "Why is my bunny doing that?"
I told my mom everything about it and she suggested that I bring lots of foods for him at night, I didn't caged my rabbit again that night for a little experiment. And that's when I learned that rabbits wouldn't even bother you at all when there is FOOD.:) 

He'd wakes me up in the morning by licking my nose, running around my head, and jumping on my top~And on my back if I was lying flat on my stomach.

Is he happy? Or... Is he waking me up for his breakfast?:o
Later my relationship with my rabbit became better, he never jumps on my computer desk nor my cabinet, he doesn't bite me anymore, and he never peed or pooped on my bed.
He likes to be around me most of the time when he's out of the cage, and he'd sleep on my lap or beside me.=) (I always take a pictures of him when I have the chance.x3)
He likes to sleep on my bed/chair too.Rabbits won't have the same sleeping time with humans, so they will never sleep together with you.(that's what I've read from the other articles) But based on my own experience, You didn't need to have the same sleeping time  to sleep with your rabbit.In my case, My rabbit is sleepyhead so he sleeps all the time, sometimes I sleep around 1-2am that when I finish my online work (games, haha) then I'd lay down beside him.
 He would wake up and play around the room, but he goes back to my bed and lays down with me.When I woke up, I see him laying or sitting near me probably waiting for me to wake up.He got so comfortable with me that sometimes, when I lay down, he'd automatically go around and sleep beside me, I'd hug him and pet him and he'll lay down on his side.

One time, my mom visited my room and she was shocked because she saw my rabbit sleeping together with me.When I'm staying downstairs, because it's hot in my room in the afternoon, I would sleep there and would let my bunny run around the house.My bunny would go back to me and licks me, my mom saw it and she said "he's petting you" And I heard it so I woke up and said "he does that all the time"~It means he loves me.I called my rabbit and pet him and he started laying down beside me.x3 My mom said that maybe my pet thinks I'm his mom.xD

(My bunneh stole my pink pillow I gave this to him because he likes it)x3
 My experience with my pet was really great that I shared it here!<3 
So I hope you wouldn't think it was weird.xD

I'm not saying  that you should sleep with your rabbit too.But I hoped that the experienced I shared here, will help you in case you wanted to try it too.:)
Here are some more things I'd like to say.

*Don't ever think that you'd kill your rabbit if you sleep with them, they are not those creatures who would let someone crushed theme easily.They are more alert than you at night and they would try to avoid you faster than you could ever imagine.:P 

*Have you seen a rabbit run?~ with a blink of an eye.;) They always take the best position they could when they sleep so they could stand up and run fast in case of emergency.

* Let your rabbit play around with you, Rabbits lives longer when they are out than when they're left alone inside their cage.They get lonely too you know?

*Rabbits likes to be cuddled up and be petted.So always give them love.<3
Give them treats too they love it!!!

*Having a rabbit as a pet is really great.They're not noisy and they would never try to annoy you.x3

Teemo taking all the space of my bed~ I'm not annoyed at all.hahaha!!!
Well that's it.I hoped you enjoyed reading my blog post.:)

Thank you so much for dropping by

If you'd like to ask me anything about my pet,please leave your comments below.
I'll try my best to answer them.:)

Have you experienced sleeping with your rabbits?



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