Saturday, April 21, 2012

League of Legends storms Ozine Fest

Hello guys!How's everyone's vacation?<3 
Mine is really busy but full of fun!Making of props,attending cosplay conventions, and photo shoots.^-^  
Last week I attended Ozine Fest 2012.I was one of those people who squealed with excitement when I found out that the theme is League of Legends , My favorite game!
(I know it's really late for me to post this, as this event happened last week, but I'm sharing anyway. x3)

It was just in time when Devangelic, The one who sponsored my costume,started making my Leblanc costume that was supposed to be worn for my cosplay on August.heehee ^.^
So I didn't have to worry what to wear on the day of Ozine.:)
Arigato Devangelic shop!<3

I cosplayed as Leblanc-The Deceiver.She's one of the hard hitter champion,Although she's squishy, I still love to play her. My first choice was Morgana.(the one on the left side of the picture), but mom was against of super sumexy costume, so I chose Leblanc instead.
Morgana,Sona,Leblanc (L to R)
It was a very happy day for me to see a lot of league of legends cosplayers. I don't get to see this kind of costumes on cons all the time.^^
Twisted Fate
My niece Emily,5 yrs. old joined the league too!<3 She cosplayed as Annie-The Dark Child.One of my favorite characters in the game.She beats me :3 She got more audience impact than me!lulz!xD
A few pictures of other lol cosplayers, too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of the other characters.>.< So I hope I get invited to one LOL photo shoot.
Lux in the mid!<3
Lot's of Caitlyn!XD and Ashe~
After all the hard work, I went to play a game of LOL with some friends.:3
Addiction time!<3
On the 2nd day of Ozine, I cosplayed as Kid from Chrono Cross with Serge who was Morgana from the last picture~<3 Great cross dress right?^^
I don't have many good pictures of this cosplay but I might post some when I had my photo shoot~<3 Gomen :>
Captain America with the girls x3
Ugh!The cutest coslayers of all!!!These kids, Gah!they're just so adorable x3
Don't you agree?

Thanks for visiting my blog!<3
^^Until Next time!~



Sann said...

Ah so cool i loveee your cosplay and the little annie :D! I wanna cosplay something from league of legends to but my main character is Annie but i'm to tall for her :( 1.76 ><"

~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Nice cosplay! Wish I could go back to cosplaying again. Sigh ... work lah~

Exuvalia said...

I play LOL too! :O
But the Taiwan server.


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