Thursday, March 15, 2012

I got Insomania!XD~Japanese food Craving

Tonight I've got some free time to blog about what happened this  past few days.
So I attended Insomania cosplay con that was held in my hometown 4 days ago,I was happy about it because I didn't have to travel far.I was surprised though because I've seen so many cosplayers from different places,They traveled all the way here to participate in the event.:) I met some of my cosplay friends and we decided to hang out after the con.Me, Gaby,Renz, (L to R)and tj :)
We went to Ryoma in Paseo.I can't think of any other decent japanese restaurant aside from this one since they're the only ones that serve good foodx3 Here's what we ordered.
And I got my Ramen noodles and Chahan :3 my favorite!XD
I must go again here tomorrow!:3
We did some crazy things that night,~ like pretending it was Gaby's birthday, just so they would sang a happy birthday song for her.lulz! (to bad they didn't gave us an ice cream>.<)We also went outside and she jammed with the band.They thought were Japanese because of our get up.x3 haha!
(credits to gaby for these 3 grabbed pics)
Before we parted, We went to Cafe Bretton for our dessert.My favorite crepe is blue berry.
Gaby, wanted us to try the original crepe though. Umaii!:D
I can't wait to hang out with my friends again.I missed doing it because I rarely go out lulz!XD
Ugh~ I must really go out tomorrow and celebrate.haha
ohhh I just wanted to share btw, We did another photo shoot last week and here's one of the pics.:)
Pictures will be posted on my fb page soon.:) (credits to jump for the pics)
Anyway, I must really sleep now. x.x If you're wondering why am I writing a blog in the middle of the night?
It's because it's the only time when I don't play games, watch anime, or  making props.XD

~New updates will be posted soon.

Arigato for visiting my blog :)



THT Christina said...

Woww looks fun! And the photo taken for the shoot looks awesome! The food looks yummy yummy too :3

Nana said...

Wow! You guys are so good at cosplaying!!! All the food looks delicious! : D : D

Reina Summers said...

I love all the pictures and the food looks sooo good lol. I hope you had fun at the anime convention. I will also be going to an anime convention too in a few months^.^

20 York Street said...

These are probably the most fun blog photos I've ever seen!!

Love sushi too!



wintergurl said...

wow . u all really cute and kawaii

BahBohh said...

hmm i love those foods *.*
you have such a cute blog :3

follow back?:)


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