Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't wear panties...

sssshhh...No one else needs to know....That I...
Wahahaha!Gotcha!!!~,~ You clicked it! The tittle got you and you're now here to checking my blog!~tsk tsk tsk...:P
I just got an extra stock of wig from my store, so I decided to restyle it, Play with my makeup and dress up as an anime character, "Panty" from ~Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt~. I've seen a lot of sumexy cosplayers cosplayed  as Panty and it made me "jelly" x3 haha!Just a simple red dress and it made them looked so hot!XD Now that I mentioned it, I didn't mean to say that "I'm hot" because I wore a red dress. I don't even have the boobies.lulz!x3

I don't have the exact props, accessories for this character, So I just worked with the things I have.Maybe one day I'll cosplay her, :3 My friend offers to lend me a costume hihi~*o*~
After posting the pictures on fb, a lot of my friends been asking where's my gun?.In anime, Panty can transform her panty into weapon.A pistol that she uses to fight against demons.And since I don't have the gun, I thought of a better title for this post.x3

Anyways, here are some of the pics. I took all the pics by myself and it was really hard to do it alone, since I have to go back and forth hoping to get a good pic.x3 haha!I hope you'll like them all.<3
Ugh!Just a little tease isn't bad right?;) check my blog page for more pics -> 
Thanks for checking my blog honey~;)



Mutsumi said...! ♥

~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Nice cosplay! :)

Nana said...

I think your wig is super cute! : D : D It matches well!

THT Christina said...

LOL your title is gonna get a lot of clicks xD
I see a lot of people do really good cosplays on this too, so that's cool that you did one too! I'd love to cosplay one day :3

Kati カティ said...

So Cute!!! <3

Qatar Airways Reviews said...


maijumään´ said...

Nice blog !

Anonymous said...

you look so cute and sexy :3 nice cosplay!


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