Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't wear panties...

sssshhh...No one else needs to know....That I...
Wahahaha!Gotcha!!!~,~ You clicked it! The tittle got you and you're now here to checking my blog!~tsk tsk tsk...:P
I just got an extra stock of wig from my store, so I decided to restyle it, Play with my makeup and dress up as an anime character, "Panty" from ~Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt~. I've seen a lot of sumexy cosplayers cosplayed  as Panty and it made me "jelly" x3 haha!Just a simple red dress and it made them looked so hot!XD Now that I mentioned it, I didn't mean to say that "I'm hot" because I wore a red dress. I don't even have the boobies.lulz!x3

I don't have the exact props, accessories for this character, So I just worked with the things I have.Maybe one day I'll cosplay her, :3 My friend offers to lend me a costume hihi~*o*~
After posting the pictures on fb, a lot of my friends been asking where's my gun?.In anime, Panty can transform her panty into weapon.A pistol that she uses to fight against demons.And since I don't have the gun, I thought of a better title for this post.x3

Anyways, here are some of the pics. I took all the pics by myself and it was really hard to do it alone, since I have to go back and forth hoping to get a good pic.x3 haha!I hope you'll like them all.<3
Ugh!Just a little tease isn't bad right?;) check my blog page for more pics -> 
Thanks for checking my blog honey~;)


Thursday, March 15, 2012

I got Insomania!XD~Japanese food Craving

Tonight I've got some free time to blog about what happened this  past few days.
So I attended Insomania cosplay con that was held in my hometown 4 days ago,I was happy about it because I didn't have to travel far.I was surprised though because I've seen so many cosplayers from different places,They traveled all the way here to participate in the event.:) I met some of my cosplay friends and we decided to hang out after the con.Me, Gaby,Renz, (L to R)and tj :)
We went to Ryoma in Paseo.I can't think of any other decent japanese restaurant aside from this one since they're the only ones that serve good foodx3 Here's what we ordered.
And I got my Ramen noodles and Chahan :3 my favorite!XD
I must go again here tomorrow!:3
We did some crazy things that night,~ like pretending it was Gaby's birthday, just so they would sang a happy birthday song for her.lulz! (to bad they didn't gave us an ice cream>.<)We also went outside and she jammed with the band.They thought were Japanese because of our get up.x3 haha!
(credits to gaby for these 3 grabbed pics)
Before we parted, We went to Cafe Bretton for our dessert.My favorite crepe is blue berry.
Gaby, wanted us to try the original crepe though. Umaii!:D
I can't wait to hang out with my friends again.I missed doing it because I rarely go out lulz!XD
Ugh~ I must really go out tomorrow and celebrate.haha
ohhh I just wanted to share btw, We did another photo shoot last week and here's one of the pics.:)
Pictures will be posted on my fb page soon.:) (credits to jump for the pics)
Anyway, I must really sleep now. x.x If you're wondering why am I writing a blog in the middle of the night?
It's because it's the only time when I don't play games, watch anime, or  making props.XD

~New updates will be posted soon.

Arigato for visiting my blog :)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bunny Teemo on Duty!♥ Scout Ahead!~

I got a new baby bunny!^_^ I got him just recently, I bought him from a vendor on street on my way home from PCC.So that day is really memorable:)I named him Teemo. A champion from my favorite game, League of Legends.One of the reason why, is because they both have the same fur color  and pattern.:3
I love this bunny so much! He's so behave that I didn't need a cage!:) I just let him around my room all the time.
What about the poop? Bunnies poop are odorless but still I know, it's disgusting too see it everywhere around the room right? BUT! I tell you, He learned to do it in one spot only.I thought him poop training for just a day and he knows how to do it already.Really smart bunny! That's why I love him.xD
I just need to place a paper or a cloth on the spot where he always do it.And that's it, I just have to clean it each time.
Where he sleeps? Beside me, or in the corner of my bed in front of the fan.(he likes it cool!)xD 
One of his favorite spot, is behind my computer.
 I remember one time I placed him in the box because I'm worried that he'd bite my computer wires when I'm asleep.He made a lot of scratching noise that I had to let him out of the box again.That's when I realized he can stay in my room without having  me to watch him around all the time because he doesn't play with the wires.When I go to church or go to market to buy his food,I just left him in one place and he'd still be there on that same place sleeping when I came back.O_O
In the morning, He wakes me up by licking my nose.I don't know if you'd believe that.But he does it all the time.If I ignored him, He'd be running on my bed making noises.xD One of the worst thing he did was, he peed on me because I ignored him.Maybe he wants his breakfast.lulz!(I have my bed on the floor)

He likes to be petted but he doesn't like it when I touch him so much.x3 He runs away from me.0.0
I don't know why, But sometimes he'd be sweet and goes to me licking my feet or my fingers.

What food I gave him?~Fresh green grasses from the neighborhood, vegetables and pellet in the afternoon.Yum!
Are you a bunny lover?
If you are  and you've got some tips to share with me.PLEASE! leave me a comment below, and tell me what you think. If there's a food that you think my bunny will like let me know.That's one of the things I'm still trying to find out. It's really hard to rely on the net.Because for example "They said that lettuce are bad for bunnies, but then on some YT videos they feed lettuce to bunnies"O_O "No no carrots, but some of them says ~ It's a treat for them." =/ so yeah I don't know which one to believe in.

I want this bunny to live longer because I had a lot of bunnies before that died on me.And I feel really sad and depressed because of that.I didn't want it to happen again.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Diary Update!♥Cosplay♥Haul♥

Hello dolls!
It's been ages!xD I feel really terrible for not updating that much, but I've been really busy in real life.With my work, games, cosplay and making of props.I hope that you won't leave my blog for being inactive.=/

Today I'll share with you some of the happenings here.A few days ago, I attended one of the most awaited cosplay convention here in the Philippines, The 5th PCC.As expected there were lots of cosplayers, and con-goers who gathered at the place.It was really crowded.The mall started to feel hot even with the air conditioners but people didn't mind it at all.It was really fun,I enjoyed this event so much!I've met a lot of cosplayer friends. I kind of regretted it that I wasn't able to roam around that much because I was watching the booth, I wasn't able to take many good pictures.=/
As promised before,here's another picture of me, Now holding an umbrella!^_^
I'm really thankful to devangelic shop for gifting this to me!:) Arigato!!!*bows
 Oh, and did you know I did catwalk for the 2nd time.xD I did "Perona's Laugh" *o* ~horo horo horo
I was really really nervous and shy.*blushes But I tried to forget all that and still did it!Yatah!!!:D
(credits to Michelle Honma & Tristan Guitang for the pic)^^
A group picture taken by the end of the con.Too bad the stage isn't big enough to hold all the cosplayers.x3
There will be another cosplay event that will be held near my area, this coming march 10, and of course! I will attend that one too!^_^
Btw, we've won 2nd place in Cosplay Photography Contest.(this isn't the high Res pic).hihi
I haven't got the price but I'll be sure to post it here when I got it.^_^
(credits to Jump Pilapil for  the picture)
Time for mini haul!~^^~ Not much but here it is!:)
I'd like to thank my friend Louise for this pinku Gatcha, she know's I love pink.!^^
I bought a black eye shadow from Etude House.I liked it but it's not the type of black eye shadow I was looking for.xD But not bad because the price isn't expensive.
Skull Barpins~:3 I love it!!!
Lace gloves that I got from my sis,we did a trade.x3
And New toys!:)
 That's it for today
Arigato for checking my blog!^_^



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