Saturday, February 25, 2012

Got some Anime's to watch?;)

Hello guys!:D I'm back again with a short post!
I've been watching some awesome animes lately and I'd like to write up of  my thoughts about them.
You know how some anime starts with a really boring scene, and it makes you want to stop watching the whole thing without seeing the good parts yet right? 
These anime's are different.I love the beginning episode until the last part.I'm recommending these anime's to you if you haven't check it out.;)

Number one on my list is HOTD-High School of The Dead
Oh how I love this anime so much!A battle against zombies, escaping from them, finding a safe place.It's full of action and thrill.This really reminds me of the series "The Walking Dead".I'm still at episode 6 and I plan to finish all today as it only got 13 episodes anyway.:3 It was a bad idea that I started watching it last night, it gave me!XD

edit: I forgot to mention, this anime is kinda ecchi.Sumexy girls, boobies, and flashing of panties. wth I find it annoying sometimes lulz XD
Another awesome movie anime~The Borrower Arriety.
As expected from the creators of "Spirited Away",the graphics and the story was epic! It's the story about tiny people who takes food, and stuffs from normal people in order to survive.They call it "borrowing" however,for us it's called "stealing" since they never asked for permission, and they're not allowed to talk with real people.For me, they're like ants although it wouldn't matter so much if they took a little bit of sugar or a tiny piece of your tissue paper right?XD 
~Kuroshitsuji I~ 
A story about a twelve year old kid from a noble family, Ciel Phantomhive who made a contract with a demon butler Sebastian Michaelis in order to avenge the death of his family.This anime is brutal and it involves killing.So I wouldn't recommend this to someone who dislikes stories like that.xD Although this is one of the best short anime I've watched so far.
~Kuroshitsuji II~ 
The sequel of kuroshitsuji.If you thought that Ciel Phantomhive's story has already ended in the first part, then you're wrong. x3 The second part features two new characters Alois Trancy who made a contract with a demon butler Claude Faustus.
~Code Geass~
I don't know if Code Geass and Kuroshitsuji has the same creator, because after watching both of the anime I noticed some similarities.
~The main characters from the story made contracts, In Kuroshitsuji -a contract with the demon.While Code Geass a contract with a witch. 
~The Devil and the Witch helps them and makes sure that their masters don't die from their mission.
~possesses a seal in the eyes.x3
~loves chess game o_o

Although the the ending is different :P Both of these animes are really great!
~Soul Eater~
They're eating souls which I find gross ><  It has a great story and funny scenes.I also enjoyed listening to the characters voices and actions because for some reason they remind me of characters from different anime.x3 Like for example Black Star is like Naruto.They're both noisy and very energetic.
 ~Angel Beats~
Warning:If you hate crying then don't watch this!Although this is more of action and brutal battles, this made me teary on some scenes.The story is about students who died and wasn't able to fulfill their wishes before they passed on. After reaching the place they called "purgatory", Their trying their best to fight an Angel in belief that after following angel's order their souls will be taken and they will disappear.

Well that's it.My recommended anime for this month.^_^
I hope you'll enjoy watching them and tell me what you think.

If you got other anime you'd like to recommend me please leave me a comment below.^o^
~back to watching my HOTD jaa ne


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sigma Pinku Brush Set~Tokyo

I just thought I'd share my opinion about this sigma Tokyo brush set.
I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't pink!XD But Ugh! I want this brush so bad!
I would really buy one, but I also just got the sigma "make me blush"set.=/ What a wrong timing right?
Just when I thought that the set I got was color pink, it turned out to be red orange, or like a dark pomelo color. So yeah I'm kind of disappointed.-.-

I haven't used the brushes I bought, So I'm thinking of just selling them just so I could get the color that I want.:D What do you think?:3
Sigma Make Me Blush 

xDwhat a desperate post lulz!
Anyway thank you for checking up on my blog~:)



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