Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perona of One Piece Cosplay +Haul

Hello Dolls!^o^
I'm here for another blog update!
Remember last year I was thinking about cosplaying Perona?^_^ Finally I was able to cosplay her as my first character for the year 2012!December-I started preparing the props I needed for the character.I'm still working on my doll, red boots and waiting for my umbrella.Hopefully on the next event I'll be able to dress up in full set.^^
Here are just some of the pictures I want to share with you guys!:) These were taken last January 23 at Otaku Expo Con.Credits to Ralph for the pictures.^^
Kaito and Perona?XD hahaha what a combination! lulz!
Now time for Haul 2012(~~,)
It's been awhile since I last posted a haul, Just in time my package arrived yesterday so now is the perfect time to share it right?:) These were my Xmas & New Year's Presents, but it took awhile for the package to arrive because of customs.x_x Seriously, they are charging me so high! More than 5kphp for clearance fee.O.o wow! And for sure if I can't pay, they will take my items right? They're like repo mens... x_x 

Anyway here are the PINKU items I got ~*o*~ (Kyaaaaa!!!!)
One of my xmas wish,I got a Sigma Make me blush pink brushes!~^.^~
Another xmas wish, A pinku zune!*o* 
I'm really happy that I got this, because I broke my old one.x3
This is going to be really useful when I go out .Atleast I don't have to  get bored when waiting, I could also upload some anime videos and watch anywhere anytime! har har!
New PC games to get addicted to!XD lulz!Really knows my weakness :P
I also got a cute 2gb USB and  a 16gb one with lots of animes on it but it's not cute.XD
 ANNNNDDD Tadah! Also on my wish list,
From Karim Rashid Collection, Pinku Laptop!*o*
I know you'll say, I got this because of the looks!~lulz! I could actually choose something that has better specs and much cheaper.But this one is just irresistible!XD It has a unique design+it's PINKU!
If you are curious and also want to get the same laptop, you can get it from here
I took a picture but it doesn't show the pinku color so I had to grab some pics from google.XD
I wish the keyboard were pink too!lulz XD
more anime collection :3
 And my Den Den Mushi~ If you're a fan of One Piece, You would know what's this for:)
It's functional, so I could connect this to my phone and use it for talking.:) Just like a headset.
That's all for now,I hope you enjoyed the pics!
If there's anything that you want me to make a review of, just comment below.:)

Have a Great Day!~^.^~



Mutsumi said...

Ooooh my goood you're looking AMAZING ♥ can't wait to see photos of the full set including umbrella etc!!! & I can't believe that your Den Den is a real headset...D: jealous

Rindodo ♥ said...

OH MY GOODNESS~~!!!! PERONA is my favorite favorite FAVORITE female chara in One Piece!seriously! I've always wanted to cosplay as her too! you look AMAZING and so perona! mwwaaaaaaaaaa~~~ where did you buy your wig? it's so perona XD

Rindodo ♥ said...

oooh BTW, don't forget to ask zoro to be your beloved kumashi~! Teheheehe~

Reina said...

Oh i love the pink and purple color of the labtop , so cool . I also like that skull Flash drive

Amy said...

You make a pretty perona :33 Nice cosplay :D


Josephine said...

Your cosplay is really good! (^^)
*jealous! ;P
Hopefully I can cosplay one day! ^3^

kaizokumousy said...

@Mutsumi-Hehe Thanks for dropping by :) yes if I'm able to complete the set I will upload new pictures here :3

and yes that denden mushi is useful x3 Atleast it's not just for display hehe.

kaizokumousy said...

@Rindodo-Cool she's one of my favorites too^^ ever since I saw her, I started watching one piece :D

Hopefully I could get a better photoshoot next time.:)

kaizokumousy said...

@Reina-Thank you ^^

kaizokumousy said...

@Amy-Thank you ^^ Go ahead and cosplay her~ make sure to share us the pictures too :)

kaizokumousy said...

@Josephine-Why Not? :) Go ahead and cosplay a favorite character ^^

나니 said...

Woah that's such a good cosplay! : D

Melody said...

You look super gorgeous as usual ^__^"! And loveee your haul :DD

Elisa Lee said...

love cosplay !!! you're looking stunning girl :D


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