Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perona of One Piece Cosplay +Haul

Hello Dolls!^o^
I'm here for another blog update!
Remember last year I was thinking about cosplaying Perona?^_^ Finally I was able to cosplay her as my first character for the year 2012!December-I started preparing the props I needed for the character.I'm still working on my doll, red boots and waiting for my umbrella.Hopefully on the next event I'll be able to dress up in full set.^^
Here are just some of the pictures I want to share with you guys!:) These were taken last January 23 at Otaku Expo Con.Credits to Ralph for the pictures.^^
Kaito and Perona?XD hahaha what a combination! lulz!
Now time for Haul 2012(~~,)
It's been awhile since I last posted a haul, Just in time my package arrived yesterday so now is the perfect time to share it right?:) These were my Xmas & New Year's Presents, but it took awhile for the package to arrive because of customs.x_x Seriously, they are charging me so high! More than 5kphp for clearance fee.O.o wow! And for sure if I can't pay, they will take my items right? They're like repo mens... x_x 

Anyway here are the PINKU items I got ~*o*~ (Kyaaaaa!!!!)
One of my xmas wish,I got a Sigma Make me blush pink brushes!~^.^~
Another xmas wish, A pinku zune!*o* 
I'm really happy that I got this, because I broke my old one.x3
This is going to be really useful when I go out .Atleast I don't have to  get bored when waiting, I could also upload some anime videos and watch anywhere anytime! har har!
New PC games to get addicted to!XD lulz!Really knows my weakness :P
I also got a cute 2gb USB and  a 16gb one with lots of animes on it but it's not cute.XD
 ANNNNDDD Tadah! Also on my wish list,
From Karim Rashid Collection, Pinku Laptop!*o*
I know you'll say, I got this because of the looks!~lulz! I could actually choose something that has better specs and much cheaper.But this one is just irresistible!XD It has a unique design+it's PINKU!
If you are curious and also want to get the same laptop, you can get it from here
I took a picture but it doesn't show the pinku color so I had to grab some pics from google.XD
I wish the keyboard were pink too!lulz XD
more anime collection :3
 And my Den Den Mushi~ If you're a fan of One Piece, You would know what's this for:)
It's functional, so I could connect this to my phone and use it for talking.:) Just like a headset.
That's all for now,I hope you enjoyed the pics!
If there's anything that you want me to make a review of, just comment below.:)

Have a Great Day!~^.^~


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prius Game Review

Hello guys!^_^
I'm just going to write a review of an online game I recently played.~Prius Online..This won't be the best review that you'll ever read , But I'd  like to say my thoughts about it.
I saw a banner of this game on facebook ,the picture looks cute so I thought why not give it a try?This game is really popular in Korea, and now they started a server in the PH.
I watched some videos and trailers on YT just to check if I'd like it or not and I liked it!

It took me six hours to finish downloading. It's just a small file but it would have been easier if I have a faster connection.xD The only problem I had here was the part when I have to Install the game, it has this thing called "game guard" and every time it updates it closes my client, my anti virus thinks that the game file is a virus and it deletes it. It is not compatible with "Bit defender" or "Norton".So I had to turn off my anti virus when updating the client.

So let's start Reviewing Prius
There is a trailer that shows what happened in the beginning of the game,I thought it was pretty cool for a mini MMOrpg to have that as I rarely see videos in games like this.~Although It was very confusing for me and I didn't fully understand what the story is about.XD
So what made me play this game?~ That little cute girl!!!She's the one I saw from the banner and shes so  attractivex3 haha! But she's not going to be my main character, she'll be my partner, My Anima.How cool is that?:) They could heal, summon pets and support in battles.Really cool right?

There are 7 types of characters to choose from but it doesn't have a wide range of  selection when it comes to customizing your own character looks.You can't also change the gender, which gave me a tough choice.I always prefer playing range magician character,but because the character choice is limited, I end up trying  3 range female characters just to test which one's I like the most.I created a gunslinger, a minstrel, and a huntress.The picture below shows my huntress character. She's actually my type because I like characters with tails.:P
When it comes to character costumes,it was not that hard to get them because every 5 levels, you get a free box that contains free armors and weapons.And sometimes they give you a free "mall" pet ride. I don't know if it's just a promo, but this did happens when I played the game. The armors looked nice too!^^

 Here are just some of the print screens I got to show the In-game sorroundings.The settings is not in the highest but still looks pretty good.The music is also nice but I wish they have added more relaxing yet something that will make you want to listen to it more.It gets pretty boring in the game without cool music.
Here's a print screen when I finally met my Anima. again Take note* You can also use your anima, which means I could control both of the characters by switching =) F11. You'll get her at lvl 10.
my other Anima on different character
Doing some quests...
Awakening of my Anima. She can transform into this cute little fairy!^o^
There's a lot of fashion clothing to choose from, and that's one thing I like from this game.=)
And here she is when she's normal anima.I bought her a cute Pink Tulip Dress.
I have met a few friends in the game. It isn't a crowded server as of now,as the game just started here in the Philippines, the highest level right now is 70 which I think is pretty easy to get, as you don't have to fight on mob areas because there aren't many players.=)
There are also a lot of pet rides in the game that could help you speed up your travelling time as the quests requires you to travel a lot! XD Gosh! that's one thing I hate in most MMO games. XD
The Npc's orders you to go here... and there :P It's good that this game shows mini video clips when finishing the story quests so it's worth it.:)
~The Skills and Stats~
One thing that I didn't like from this game is the skills. The actions are really simple.They focused so much on creating videos that they forgot the main thing.Because what you mainly do in MMO is grind right? So it's very important that I don't get bored of my skills.How I wish they have made each skills looked cool and so magical, Skills that would make you want it cast it over and over.^0^

The game looks good but I always check the skills in the games and that didn't passed to me. =/

If I'm going to rate this game from 1-10 10 is the highest.
I'll give it a 5/10

If you're going to start this game, Go ahead and try it =) It's actually fun!
Add me Kaizokumousy is my IGN.

See you there!!!


Monday, January 9, 2012

1st post for 2012 =)

[Finally got a chance to publish my very first post for the year 2012 ^^]
Happy New Year Blogger friends.I really appreciate those lovely comments that you have left me!Thank you so much also for following my blog.Hi to all of my new blogger friends!=)
Sorry for the lack of update~I hope I could attend more parties and celebration so I will have something to share here.x3
While listening to some anime soundtrack, I felt like writing up some randoms stuffs I'm thinking about right now. So here's an update.=) 2011 was indeed one of  my unforgettable year. It was the year when I first joined cosplay. I attended cosplay cons and in just a short while I was able to cosplay a lot of my favorite anime characters, which was a great accomplishment for me because I have been wanting to do it for a long time now but too busy in school.If before, I only get to play with makeup and costumes in my room , Now- I get to enjoy it with a lot of friends in conventions.It's a really fun hobby.I have also found a lot of new friends with the same interest as me.Now, I wouldn't look weird if I dressed up differently in public.:P ~or that I wouldn't care at all anyway.x3

2011 was also the year I started my small business online shop. I actually started it a long time ago, but Pinku Pirates is the official shop that I liked to continue and I hope the business  progress in the future.~Thank you to all of my friends who keep in supporting me.=)

Of course I have my 2012 New Year's Resolution 
1) I'll try my best to loose weight in a healthier way.~I feel that I'm getting fat, I know some people may say I am not. But we all know that doesn't mean I'm fitted or healthy.I know to myself that I've been eating a lot of junk foods and that I don't get an exercise, I don't even walk a lot since I rarely go out. So what I plan to do is to start a daily exercise and eat healthy, which I already started.
~I failed to do it last year, So I'm hoping it work for this year.
2) Well... I always failed to do this.I will sleep early!!!:D

I wouldn't add more so I would be able to do both.=)

I'm hope that this year would be a better year for me x3 *luck luck luck~

Btw, Here are just some of the pictures I took. The last cosplay convention of the year 2011 in the Philippines.Ozine Fest.28-29 of December.I don't have any new year celebration pics so let me share this instead!x3

I hope you liked the pics, Until next time!=)
Have a great Day!



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