Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wishlist 2012

ello ladies!
I bet you girls made your wish list already! Here's mine.
Most of my wishes from the last year's did came true.:) If I couldn't have all of these right away, I might try getting them myself next year.ت

I've always wanted a Clarisonic. I heard so many good things about this product and I think I have this on my list for sooooo looooong already.x3

I got all the Tokidoki Brush sets that I wanted except for the Tokidoki Kabuki Brush.It's a limited edition too at Sephora but they don't have tokidoki anymore.huhu ;_;

Lime Crime lipsticks ~Well it makes me want to try these lipsticks out of curiosity.I watched many ladies on yt saying the color last longer. My favorite colors are cosmopop and coquette.

Mac Nude Lipstick -*o*  who wouldn't want one?x3 I think I like to have nude since most of the colors I have are dark lipsticks.

Ball Jointed Doll~This isn't necessary for me to have, But I want  to have one because I like to make clothes for dolls.^^

T.V~ YES! I need a bigger one.Most probably I'll be getting this when we moved out already.:3 ahhhh I can't wait to play games on it!XD

Pink PS3! yeshhh please I want it PINK! well it would look cute in my room :) hehe

That would be all!^-^

How about you, What's on your wishlist?:o


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kaizokumousy in Guild Wars 2

Hello dollies!=)
Recently I have been addicted in playing one of the most epic & much awaited game of the year 2012, Guild Wars 2.Ever since it came out, I was one of those people who got very excited to try it out! Now I spend much time playing the game, and this is one of the reasons why I'm absent in blogsphere.*o*

I have playing Guild Wars 1 since 2008.My brother got me into it (*he played longer), He talked me into this game until I got interested.I got lucky because 2 of my friends were kind enough to let me play on their accounts and after awhile I received my own copy of the game.

I'll admit that this is one of the most enjoyable MMO that I have played in my life!
1. You don't have to spend your whole life GRINDING!!!:)
I really get stressed competing with other player's level.I don't like it when they are stronger than my character because they are higher level than me!

In Guild Wars, the highest level cap is 20, Everyone are strong, and the stats is fair.The competition will be based on how you play your character.;) The PVE is based on your  tactic.

2.The armors and weapons are easily obtainable in the game, and if you want to get a higher rank weapon, then you will have to do the quest OR beat the boss.

3.You DONT have to PAY to PLAY every month!:D You also don't have to spend cash to power up your character.What you can buy in the cash shop are mostly fashion for your character and it's optional.

 Guild Wars 2 is the same, and NOW it's better because we can play with our friends!It has higher and better graphics, better stories and the NPC doesn't just stand there to give you a quest!They walk, they can talk,they help you, they die, and you can also revive them.:P And that's one of the things I like from this game.It's ALIVE!XD

The only thing I get sad about is I haven't got enough points to get the free pet miniatures in GW2 in the HALL of Monuments.:( (If you have played this game already then you would know what I mean) so far this is the items in GW2 that I gained from GW1.xD
and here are just some of my in game screen shots.I really like the places in this game.x3

Let me know if you are playing this game too!^-^ 
Then maybe we can play together?:o

Alright!<3 back="back" game="game" going="going" i="i" in="in" m="m" oshhhha="oshhhha" p="p" the="the">


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Piece Photoshoot with Boa Hancock!

 Hello minna san!
It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. But gosh how can I blog? My days were full of adventures!XD If not in real life, I am in my new game, Guild Wars 2! WOOT!!!

Today I just want to share the One Piece cosplay photoshoot that I've got invited to a few days ago. I was hesitant to accept it at first because of gaming but I'm glad that I still came because omg!!! It's a photoshoot that no one wants to miss out and It's my chance to meet my favorite ONE PIECE characters! harhar!:D
Not to mention the food and transportation is free and I don't have to worry about the costumes because my friends will be providing it.O_O and OMG our location... It's SUGOII!!!
It's also a chance for me to practice and test out my Nikon J1 cam.:)
Here's a couple shots of my Nakama~(friends)
(I'll upload more pictures on my Blog page , please check them out!->)
Luffy and me as Boa Hancock
 I edited some of the pictures just to give it a little movie effect
Portgas D. Ace
Beat that abs!X3
Ace and Luffy
Dang she's super cute!!!*o*
 Luffy's Crew bids farewell to Princess Vivi
 Princess Vivi
 Cute Chopper!:D

HAHA!  I really had so much fun that day, It's one of my unforgettable cosplay experience.  I never get to be this close with a lot of cosplayers, and I just met some of them for the first time I'm very happy that I'm able to know them better. New friends!!!

The only thing that I'm getting sad about is that, I feel like the photographers didn't like me at all. I don't know if it was my makeup, my costume or what. Because I didn't even get a nice solo shot from them.It would have been better if they would tell me why right?Atleast I could do better next time.And yes... I'm sulking!>.>

We'll have a next photoshoot this coming December! Woohoo!!!:D It's FFX ;) Are you guys excited?!^-^ I bet you are!

Thanks for reading! 
See you on my next post!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zombie Outbreak Fun Run!

Run for your life!!! The zombies are coming!!!
I love watching movies and reading stuffs about zombies, I would never want a zombie apocalypse to ever happen but sometimes I wonder how it would be like if it did ever happen!O.O  I think of how I would elude zombies and scavenge necessary items to help me in my daily survival just like in computer games.Lulz!
So when I heard about this Outbreak Manila fun run it fascinated me as it's an event that I have never experience before.It's a different kind of marathon where in I have to survive a 5 km run being chased by zombies!And this is how I celebrated my Halloween.:) ( dreamcome true buahahaha!!!)
I was super excited to be able to join it. As the race was starting, I felt the excitement but was also scared at the same time.I have no idea what's going to happen inside.
In the beginning of the race, they gave me a belt with 3 flags attached to it, It's like my life points. I will encounter zombies inside the track that will try to chase me and take away my flags.BUT I must survive the race with a life to get a prize in the end of the race.
Before the race started I won a game called "Roll for your life and got an extra life points.So I got 4 flags in total! 

For the first 10 minutes of the race, It made me sooooo exhausted already. I was really nervous and scared of zombies who tried to block my way and  take away my flag.I got pushed by some guy to the bushes too!-.- omg that was hurtful! (It made me want to quit.) Some zombies managed to take away 2 of my flags but I was able to get extra life too. There are water stations and safe spots inside so I rested there for a little bit then started to walk again then I got used to it .I had to walk in a long dark "forest kind of place" and all I can hear was a really creepy zombie voices and a siren from the speakers.It was held in Enchanted Kingdom (amusement park), so the race tracks, jungle place, and other places in the park was used.It was awesome!!!It was one of the best experience I ever had!:)
I'm glad that I didn't quit because at the end of the race, they gave me a medal for surviving the 5 km run!*o*  Yay!!! I also got some loots such as a tshirt ,bag, and umbrella.x3What I really like is the medal.
It was a really fun race, and I would love to join another one again!

A couple who attended the event, I don't know if they joined the race too.
Anyway, their makeup looks cool!:)
One of the zombies I guess?x3 To be honest I wasn't able to take a decent picture of the zombies inside because I'm busy running lol!xD
The only meal I get to eat that night.Dang! The race made me super thirsty and hungry.xD
Oooohhhh And Yay! I was able to watch a concert of the Wolfgang too.=)
So I think it was all worth it, the payment and the hardship.lulz

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sony Xperia SL PINK!!!

As part of my promised haul~
 Here's a preview of my new phone, Sony Xperia SL Pink!!!*o*
Oh yeah baby It's PINK!!!

I always wanted to get an Iphone 4s but after seeing the Sony Xperia SL my views changed.xD specially when I found out that I can play Play Station games on it.:P It has Big Razor sharp HD screen display with mobile Bravia engine,12.1 mp camera, very fast processor and other more awesome specs.How cool is that?  I think it's faster than my old computer before the upgrade. lulz
For more information about Sony Xperia SL Read here->

It's one of the newest series of Sony Xperia phones that was released.
Sony Xperia SL was released in September 2012, and that's how I got it on my birthday!*o* Lucky me!~
It's still unavailable in some other countries, and not yet available here in the Philippines.

So far I'm really enjoying this phone and since it's android I could get tons of applications for it.
I already downloaded lots of games and music for it. I also watch my animes on it when I'm outside and bored.x3 It also helps me a lot to answer tons of messages on facebook even when I'm away on my computer.(downstairs) haha
 Hihi I got a  bling for my new baby!
 Now it's more cute to look at :3
 I changed the theme =) The default theme isn't bad but I wanted it to look different. 

Here's another unboxing video^-^


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nikon 1 J1 PINK!!!

I got a new baby!^o^ A Nikon J1 PINK!!! 
(As promised on my last post,Here->  I would make a review of some products from my haul.)
I have been dreaming of a pink DSLR camera.I remember reading blogs and watching Youtube videos of people attempting to dye their dslr  to pink.

I always thought it would be impossible and that companies would never make one since they always  make the same basic color, Black.Then Canon made a limited edition red dslr. I like it because it's different but I'm still hesitant to get it since it's not really the color that I wanted.
I went to Hongkong last year and saw this really cute DSLR Pentax. They have some really cool funky colors of cameras. The price is really affordable too compared to the branded ones.But the brand is really new to me, and the case is like plastic ,It's not very appealing to me.It became quite popular here in Asia after awhile.

Then one time while I was browsing on facebook, I saw this advertisement of  Nikon with a pink dslr camera icon.I clicked on it just because I wanted to check it was a real pink dslr and it got me a little excited to find out that it is REAL!XD So I started browsing and I got more and more excited about it.I also found out  that it came out last year which I didn't even know, because I don't even see a Nikon J1 pink in  display here in our malls. 

Here's a picture of a Nikon 1 J2 Pink, which came out after my birthday September 2012.I thought of getting this one at first since this is the newest style but since there are not much upgrade on it, and the Nikon J1 pink color is really cute and more girly I decided to grab the Nikon J1.

 I was really happy I didn't purchase any cameras and found the right one for me.To be honest, I have no idea how to use a DSLR but I really wanted one.lulz x3 I bought this at Nikon US site and had someone from the US deliver it to me since it's not allowed to be shipped here in the PhilippinesThere are other shop's who ships it here to the Philippines but  I'm just scared of getting something from Hongkong so I bought from the main shop.

Some "mean" people told me that it isn't the best dslr for it's price,and that it sucks but I didn't really care.(lulz I call them mean now!hmpXD)This is something I have been wanting to get .It's pink and cute and I think it's not really the camera's fault if a person takes crappy pictures right?.:P Anyway here's my baby =) 
Just like other DSLR camera it has the same function buttons on the side, Although It doesn't have the viewfinder eyepiece that most DSLR has.Which I don't mind since I am used to my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera that doesn't have that too.
And since I bought a set from Nikon, I got 2 interchangable lenses. one is 30-110 and 10-30 which is the one that I used a lot.I also got 2 lens hood which I really don't know what it is for.It also came with a neck and hand strap.
This is how it looks like with a camera lens hood. *o* Sooo cute omg lulz
For the pictures above I used my Sony Cybershot camera.Below will be the sample shots of Nikon 1 J1.I did not touch the pictures I just had to resize them since blogspot doesn't allow me to upload big pictures.I added my watermark and that's it!

Since I'm still learning, I think Nikon J1 dslr camera is good.I know there are other pro camera but I didn't want to spend money on something that isn't cute.HAHA! Atleast this is a dream come true and something I really really love!lulz :) "Just get something your heart wants";)

Thank you so much for reading!

By the way, here's a video of me unboxing the Nikon 1 J1!x3 It's the first time I did this kind of video.It was fun!



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