Tuesday, December 20, 2011

♥Xmas Wishlist♥Cosplay♥Haul

Hello I'm back!^o^
A few days left and it's Xmas!~^^ Have you guys decided what to give to your love ones?
I bet you all are excited to open your presents!:P
I don't really celebrate Christmas but I  will send gifts to friends and family.I did found somethings to give to them and I'll go shopping today.x3 I hope I can make it before the deadline though.
I also made a xmas wishlist!:D Just a small list so it's easier to get everything. :P lulz!

Two days ago at cosplay con I received a really cute present from my dear friend coco.
An Oreo cookie earrings! *o* If you have read my blog before, you would knew that I am really addicted to this cookies and that I got sick from it too.XD ~They know me really well :P lulz!
Although I promised myself to never eat oreos, this earrings smells delicious!I'm tempted to buy oreos!XD ~*Bad Coco bad! hehehe   :)  Arigato!
My mom also gave me a really cute piggy bunny plushie *o* It's so cute!
She didn't know that what she got me was the same stuff toy that was used from a korean novela
"He's Beautiful" x3 omg...one of my favorites! I'm so happy lulz! It's sooo soft!*cuddles piggy
Keychains that I got from Vocaloid Philippines :) Arigato!
I bought a Chopper's hat.I wanted it pink, This  red one is the only color that is availablex3
But still, it's chopper's so I'm not complaining!XD
A chopper's guard point plushie. I really like this one,I got this from a bargain. 
It's sad that his blue nose is missing XD So I'll just find a blue bead that matches the size of his nose.
And a new Megurine Luka mouse pad!x) I bought more stuffs at the cosplay con, but I wasnt able to take pictures of it, so I'll just post them together with my next haul :3

~Cosplay Update~ AKIBA CON
Btw guys, I just want to share with you that I have won the Best Female Cosplayer at Akibacon!o_o
I cosplayed as Megurine Luka from Vocaloid.That was held 2 weeks ago, sorry for the late update..I was already home when someone texted me and told me that I have won!That really surprised me because I never expected that, That was also the second time I did catwalk on stage.:) Not bad right?
 I think I will join again?:3 hihi
~TOYCON 2011~
I attended Toycon for the full 3 days and that made me really exhausted ,I even got sick from doing that.:/
 I wasn't able to wear my costume. It's not that I didnt want too, it's just that I feel really weak to carry a lot of stuffs.So what I did was take a lot of cute pictures instead.It's Toycon, so yeah a lot of toys and collectibles to find there.
 I know, these one's aren't cute, but they are Awesome!*o* Gokou!~
Lulz!this picture looked like the little girl was stopping Gokou x3
It's really cute to see your favorite characters pass by, and bought something from you.
*o* kyaaaa!!! *fan mode Some friends went to visit me, they expect to see me cosplay Megurine
-failed if I wasn't sick I would for sure =/  gomen minna~ I'll try to cosplay better for you next time.
Well that's it! Until my next post~
Arigato for dropping by my blog!^_^
I wanted to write more~ but I have to leave and go shopping for presents!so...
What's on your Xmas Wishlist?

Good luck and Happy Holidays!



~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Full of toys on your wishlist. :)
Good luck and Happy Holidays!

I also planned to attend Xmas Toycon but it coincided with my company's Xmas party. :)

ankyl said...

oh ! cool! :)

Mutsumi said...

Ahahaha your Rabbit-Pig is so cute ♥ and so are your gifted Oreo earrings!!
Ugh I always wanted to buy a Chopper hat too...well someday I'll definitely get one!! One of my best friends bought the Guard Point plushie last year ♥ it's unbelievable cute~!
Congrats for winning on Akibacon!!! ♥ And thanks for sharing all the lovely pohotos of toycon ♥ there was even a Tiger & Bunny Cosplay ** yay!
Good luck with xmas shopping!

MuiMui said...

Awww the presents are so cute! I watched He's Beautiful too! It's one of my favourites hehe.

Nikole Mendoza said...

aww... i love oreos too and that pink mouse pad, kawaii~ ^^ and.. uh..
would you mind if you'd follow back too? :)

나니 said...

EEEEEEEK! 돼지 토끼! >: D

Mickey said...

Kawaii earrings!
Awesome piggy-rabbit!
Love You're Beautiful!
Awesome chopper/toys/cosplay.

Hi Kaizoku!
Long time no comment.
Had to fight some zombies to come back from the dead.

Please follow my kawaii nail blog.

Venus Loves Virgo said...

I love all the adorable photos. XOXO

♥Bunny♥ said...

cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! your outfit is just soooo cute!!! I love the pink hair! and I love the oreo cookie earring! That is just so nice of your friend XD

Anonymous said...

Kyaaa!!! A pig-bunny! I want that tooo!! I love the movie "He's beautiful" :)))


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