Friday, December 9, 2011

Sponsored Review:Microchip Circle Lenses

Hello cuties!^0^  I've got a new circle lens review for you!~
Last month Mukuchu have sent me this very cool pair of microchip contact lenses.
Although I wasn't able to make a review of it last time because of my very tight cosplay schedule.
Anyway, here it is ;)
EOS Microchip Circle Lens
Lens Details
Power Prescription:0.0 (Plano)
Manufacturer/Origin: Korea
Materials: 2Hema
B.C: 8.6mm
Water Content:38%
On to the review~
At first I thought the lenses wouldn't look good on me, But I was wrong!!!^^
This looks pretty awesome and the color looks natural from afar except if you look it upclose you would perfectly see the lens microchip design.I love it that way, people would be curious of what kind of lenses I am wearing. ^^
Take a closer look of how awesome the detail is.I'm like a robot! I really really really love the design.~I shared this picture on my fb wall and a lot of my friends liked it, they loved it!^-^  *click on the picture to enlarge.
Color:      I'm actually happy that the color isn't as bold as other crazy lenses that I have worn,                     meaning~ I could use this lenses on ordinary days without looking weird.

Design:      Unique!If you wanna be different ~ this color, this design is just perfect!Atleast for me it is :)

Enlargement:      This is 14.00mm circle lenses, just a regular size. I would like it better if it's bigger, but I don't think there is a 15mm size for crazy lenses.x3

Comfort: ★ I don't know about you, but I think EOS lenses have smaller hole in the middle, and I could see the lens color on the sides which is annoying sometimes.x3 I have that same experience wearing my other EOS crazy lenses.But I think It's just my eyes that does that?o.O
 Here's some more pics~:) btw, I know I'm just reviewing a circle lens, But I also decided to create a makeup look and wear a wig at the same time.^^ ~lulz! 
 I almost forgot~This lenses is perfect for cosplaying robots characters^o^
In this picture, I'm a persocom ~^_^~
Hi! for more information about this contact lens, If you would want to order one,
Please visit MUKUCHU online shop 
They're having an early Xmas SaLe/promo right now ;)

What can you say about this Microchip Lenses?
any ideas about the design, did you like it or not?please share your thoughts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review ^^
Have a great day! and good luck :)


Mirai ♥ said...

omg! These lenses are soooo gorgeous and unique. I'm so going to buy a pair! >.<

나니 said...

omg I love the lenses! >: D You cutie youuu!

Mutsumi said...

Thanks for sharing this review ♥

Loveforfood said...

very nice green lenses. suits you well. i like your hairstyle too.

Marcela Gmd said...

Wow I love it!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde España, Marcela

kaizokumousy said...

@Mirai- hihi Thanks dear :) It's from Mukuchu :)

@나니 - Thank you so much :)

@Mutsumi-I'm glad you liked it :)

@Loveforfood- I am wearing a wig :) I'm glad you liked it. Thank you ^^

@Marcela- Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Thank you <3

Ken said...

the makeup and the lenses are awesome looking!

Nikole Mendoza said...

These lenses look good on you. :)
kawaii ~ btw, followed you :)

tadukhipa said...

hey there~ definitely following you. please check my sale blog too
thank you ^3^

MuiMui said...

It's so cool ^0^ I love it with the wig :D

Fiene said...

i love your look (:

Keki said...

Haha I know that this is about the lenses but you're sooo pretty :) such a lovely face!
great post and I like your blog, let me know if we can follow each other?

Rebekah said...

Those have got to be the sickest lenses I've seen in a long time! They're awesome, but they'd be even better in pink :P

kaizokumousy said...

@Ken- Thank you ^_^

kaizokumousy said...

@Nicole- Thank you for following ^_^

@Tadukhipa- Thank you <3

@Muimui- I'm glad you liked it :)

@Fiene- Thank you for dropping by :)

@Keki-Sure ^_^ I'll follow you back

@Rebecca-wow I missed you rebecca, I'm glad you come back to visit me :)

lovedz said...

I love those lenses how much are they? ..and how did you get sponsored? ..lucky of you :)

Crystal said...

the lenses are so special!!you look cute too >u<

Anonymous said...

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