Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Perona's Crown (In The Making)

Hello dolls~^o^~
Tomorrow, will be another big cosplay event. The Kpop Nation and Ozine Fest!
So forgive me if I'm inactive and rarely blogging,:/ I'm busy working on some of the props I needed for the character I chose~ Perona, The Ghost Princess from One Piece.
After seeing Perona on the episodes I have watched, I said to myself that "I will cosplay her someday":P 
~She has pink hair, really cute outfit , she's funny and her voice is really cute!!!x3My type!
And I think it wouldn't be hard for me to portray her, because I'm like her-Bossy and childish!Lulz!:3

Unfortunately, the costume that I'm supposed to wear for that special event tomorrow, was not made.=(
I'm actually very excited about it, but there's nothing I can do about it right? x.x *sob

I  finished making the crown and the flower ribbon today.It took me 3 days to complete the set.

So here's how I made the crown...
~Day 1~
Cut 6 12" long by 1cm and Cut 1 15" long x 1cm  strips from rubber sheet.
This is how it would look like.
Instead of using acrylic paint, I decided to just use a spray paint so it would look glossier.
It's much easier to apply too.^^ I used Bosny spray paint.
It only cost 100 pesos, yet the it has a really nice smooth finish.I tried other brands, but they all failed me.
The rubber absorbs the paint so it's really necessary to re apply it until it's completely red.While waiting for it to dry, I started creating the flower pony for Perona's hair.
I painted it black.Then once it dried, I applied the white paint color on the sides of it.
After a couple of hours (After a few games of League of Legends)
The red paint is completely dried, so I finally able paint the back part of the strips color black.
It should look like this
(I have already went to church) and after I came back, I continued my work.P

The paints are completely dried so now for the next part...
 Applying the tape in the middle part of the red strips.Then painting all sides with a white paint.
~Day 2~
It should look like this, after feeling off the tape.
perfect lines right?~:) 
After assembling.Woohoo!!! Were almost there!I used a stapler to hold them together while the glue is drying up. As for the cross, I had to put  a cloth in the middle where it stands to hold it up while waiting for the glue to dry.

I repainted all the sides again, for the final touch.
This is the part I have been waiting for!:P
~Day 3~
Now is the easiest part of all, applying the white crystal decodens!^o^
and Viola It's done!=)
This is definitely one of my favorite creations, because I had fun making it!^_^
specially when I thought of how cute the character is.*o*
If you are also a fan of One Piece, and  Perona, and you have created your own props, please let me know ~ if you got any tips, please send me an email!^o^ Thank you!~
I hope you liked this tutorial~<3

What's the most favorite props you have created?:)

Arigato for appreciating my work!
Until next time;)



Reina said...

wow that crown is amazing , you did a wonderful job on it ^.^

Polyanna said...

Hey you have a nice blog and İ follow you :)

İf you want to visit my blog:

Have a nice day
Polyanna :)

Sann said...

Wow amazing that you can make it yourself :O! Wish i was that handy ^^

Vivy Tran said...

Hello, may i ask where you were able to buy the rubber sheet for this perona crown?

Vivy Tran said...

hello, may i ask where you bought your rubber sheet for this perona crown? Thank you in advance


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