Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merri Kurisumasu!+Ivankov Inspired Look!

 Hello Merry Christmas everyone!^o^
I hope all of you guys are having a nice holiday~:)

I just want to share with you a makeup inspired look that I made 2 days ago.^^
This is inspired by an anime character Ivankov from One Piece~ if you are a fan of that anime then I know for sure you know him/her already :P
I feel like I'm pretty brave to wear this big blue apro wig x3
 Apro hairs reminds me of the anime Sgt.Keroro, which was a really funny show!
Before and After eye picture 
I forgot to put my lenses on this process , but what I always do is to put it on first before I apply makeup.
~I made some mistakes,just wiped off the eye shadows using an makeup remover.
Products Used
Eyeshadow: Sephora Swimming Pool N 37
Liquid Eye Liner: Etude House  liquid eye liner
Eye Liner: Nichido black pencil liner
Face: Revlon and Etude House Moistful liquid foundation (mixed together)
and Viola~ done!
Here's a video of me x3 lulz I recorded myself , but not the actual makeup process. You guys could tell me if I should make a tutorial, but if you think that its easy then just leave me a few suggestions. And if you want me to copy an anime character look, please  tell me and I'll see if I could do it!^_^
Your opinion is very important to me!:D Arigato!
Thank You so much for watching and for visiting my blog!
~haha ignore the funny thumbnail XD I don't really know how to change it.lulz!

Have a Happy Holidays~



~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

I love your makeup! (^_^) You really have good makeup skills and some really nice tools w/ yah. :)

나니 said...

Merry Christmas! : D

MuiMui said...

Wow so creative, I like it!


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