Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Perona's Crown (In The Making)

Hello dolls~^o^~
Tomorrow, will be another big cosplay event. The Kpop Nation and Ozine Fest!
So forgive me if I'm inactive and rarely blogging,:/ I'm busy working on some of the props I needed for the character I chose~ Perona, The Ghost Princess from One Piece.
After seeing Perona on the episodes I have watched, I said to myself that "I will cosplay her someday":P 
~She has pink hair, really cute outfit , she's funny and her voice is really cute!!!x3My type!
And I think it wouldn't be hard for me to portray her, because I'm like her-Bossy and childish!Lulz!:3

Unfortunately, the costume that I'm supposed to wear for that special event tomorrow, was not made.=(
I'm actually very excited about it, but there's nothing I can do about it right? x.x *sob

I  finished making the crown and the flower ribbon today.It took me 3 days to complete the set.

So here's how I made the crown...
~Day 1~
Cut 6 12" long by 1cm and Cut 1 15" long x 1cm  strips from rubber sheet.
This is how it would look like.
Instead of using acrylic paint, I decided to just use a spray paint so it would look glossier.
It's much easier to apply too.^^ I used Bosny spray paint.
It only cost 100 pesos, yet the it has a really nice smooth finish.I tried other brands, but they all failed me.
The rubber absorbs the paint so it's really necessary to re apply it until it's completely red.While waiting for it to dry, I started creating the flower pony for Perona's hair.
I painted it black.Then once it dried, I applied the white paint color on the sides of it.
After a couple of hours (After a few games of League of Legends)
The red paint is completely dried, so I finally able paint the back part of the strips color black.
It should look like this
(I have already went to church) and after I came back, I continued my work.P

The paints are completely dried so now for the next part...
 Applying the tape in the middle part of the red strips.Then painting all sides with a white paint.
~Day 2~
It should look like this, after feeling off the tape.
perfect lines right?~:) 
After assembling.Woohoo!!! Were almost there!I used a stapler to hold them together while the glue is drying up. As for the cross, I had to put  a cloth in the middle where it stands to hold it up while waiting for the glue to dry.

I repainted all the sides again, for the final touch.
This is the part I have been waiting for!:P
~Day 3~
Now is the easiest part of all, applying the white crystal decodens!^o^
and Viola It's done!=)
This is definitely one of my favorite creations, because I had fun making it!^_^
specially when I thought of how cute the character is.*o*
If you are also a fan of One Piece, and  Perona, and you have created your own props, please let me know ~ if you got any tips, please send me an email!^o^ Thank you!~
I hope you liked this tutorial~<3

What's the most favorite props you have created?:)

Arigato for appreciating my work!
Until next time;)


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merri Kurisumasu!+Ivankov Inspired Look!

 Hello Merry Christmas everyone!^o^
I hope all of you guys are having a nice holiday~:)

I just want to share with you a makeup inspired look that I made 2 days ago.^^
This is inspired by an anime character Ivankov from One Piece~ if you are a fan of that anime then I know for sure you know him/her already :P
I feel like I'm pretty brave to wear this big blue apro wig x3
 Apro hairs reminds me of the anime Sgt.Keroro, which was a really funny show!
Before and After eye picture 
I forgot to put my lenses on this process , but what I always do is to put it on first before I apply makeup.
~I made some mistakes,just wiped off the eye shadows using an makeup remover.
Products Used
Eyeshadow: Sephora Swimming Pool N 37
Liquid Eye Liner: Etude House  liquid eye liner
Eye Liner: Nichido black pencil liner
Face: Revlon and Etude House Moistful liquid foundation (mixed together)
and Viola~ done!
Here's a video of me x3 lulz I recorded myself , but not the actual makeup process. You guys could tell me if I should make a tutorial, but if you think that its easy then just leave me a few suggestions. And if you want me to copy an anime character look, please  tell me and I'll see if I could do it!^_^
Your opinion is very important to me!:D Arigato!
Thank You so much for watching and for visiting my blog!
~haha ignore the funny thumbnail XD I don't really know how to change it.lulz!

Have a Happy Holidays~


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

♥Xmas Wishlist♥Cosplay♥Haul

Hello I'm back!^o^
A few days left and it's Xmas!~^^ Have you guys decided what to give to your love ones?
I bet you all are excited to open your presents!:P
I don't really celebrate Christmas but I  will send gifts to friends and family.I did found somethings to give to them and I'll go shopping today.x3 I hope I can make it before the deadline though.
I also made a xmas wishlist!:D Just a small list so it's easier to get everything. :P lulz!

Two days ago at cosplay con I received a really cute present from my dear friend coco.
An Oreo cookie earrings! *o* If you have read my blog before, you would knew that I am really addicted to this cookies and that I got sick from it too.XD ~They know me really well :P lulz!
Although I promised myself to never eat oreos, this earrings smells delicious!I'm tempted to buy oreos!XD ~*Bad Coco bad! hehehe   :)  Arigato!
My mom also gave me a really cute piggy bunny plushie *o* It's so cute!
She didn't know that what she got me was the same stuff toy that was used from a korean novela
"He's Beautiful" x3 of my favorites! I'm so happy lulz! It's sooo soft!*cuddles piggy
Keychains that I got from Vocaloid Philippines :) Arigato!
I bought a Chopper's hat.I wanted it pink, This  red one is the only color that is availablex3
But still, it's chopper's so I'm not complaining!XD
A chopper's guard point plushie. I really like this one,I got this from a bargain. 
It's sad that his blue nose is missing XD So I'll just find a blue bead that matches the size of his nose.
And a new Megurine Luka mouse pad!x) I bought more stuffs at the cosplay con, but I wasnt able to take pictures of it, so I'll just post them together with my next haul :3

~Cosplay Update~ AKIBA CON
Btw guys, I just want to share with you that I have won the Best Female Cosplayer at Akibacon!o_o
I cosplayed as Megurine Luka from Vocaloid.That was held 2 weeks ago, sorry for the late update..I was already home when someone texted me and told me that I have won!That really surprised me because I never expected that, That was also the second time I did catwalk on stage.:) Not bad right?
 I think I will join again?:3 hihi
~TOYCON 2011~
I attended Toycon for the full 3 days and that made me really exhausted ,I even got sick from doing that.:/
 I wasn't able to wear my costume. It's not that I didnt want too, it's just that I feel really weak to carry a lot of stuffs.So what I did was take a lot of cute pictures instead.It's Toycon, so yeah a lot of toys and collectibles to find there.
 I know, these one's aren't cute, but they are Awesome!*o* Gokou!~
Lulz!this picture looked like the little girl was stopping Gokou x3
It's really cute to see your favorite characters pass by, and bought something from you.
*o* kyaaaa!!! *fan mode Some friends went to visit me, they expect to see me cosplay Megurine
-failed if I wasn't sick I would for sure =/  gomen minna~ I'll try to cosplay better for you next time.
Well that's it! Until my next post~
Arigato for dropping by my blog!^_^
I wanted to write more~ but I have to leave and go shopping for presents!so...
What's on your Xmas Wishlist?

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Sponsored Review:Microchip Circle Lenses

Hello cuties!^0^  I've got a new circle lens review for you!~
Last month Mukuchu have sent me this very cool pair of microchip contact lenses.
Although I wasn't able to make a review of it last time because of my very tight cosplay schedule.
Anyway, here it is ;)
EOS Microchip Circle Lens
Lens Details
Power Prescription:0.0 (Plano)
Manufacturer/Origin: Korea
Materials: 2Hema
B.C: 8.6mm
Water Content:38%
On to the review~
At first I thought the lenses wouldn't look good on me, But I was wrong!!!^^
This looks pretty awesome and the color looks natural from afar except if you look it upclose you would perfectly see the lens microchip design.I love it that way, people would be curious of what kind of lenses I am wearing. ^^
Take a closer look of how awesome the detail is.I'm like a robot! I really really really love the design.~I shared this picture on my fb wall and a lot of my friends liked it, they loved it!^-^  *click on the picture to enlarge.
Color:      I'm actually happy that the color isn't as bold as other crazy lenses that I have worn,                     meaning~ I could use this lenses on ordinary days without looking weird.

Design:      Unique!If you wanna be different ~ this color, this design is just perfect!Atleast for me it is :)

Enlargement:      This is 14.00mm circle lenses, just a regular size. I would like it better if it's bigger, but I don't think there is a 15mm size for crazy lenses.x3

Comfort: ★ I don't know about you, but I think EOS lenses have smaller hole in the middle, and I could see the lens color on the sides which is annoying sometimes.x3 I have that same experience wearing my other EOS crazy lenses.But I think It's just my eyes that does that?o.O
 Here's some more pics~:) btw, I know I'm just reviewing a circle lens, But I also decided to create a makeup look and wear a wig at the same time.^^ ~lulz! 
 I almost forgot~This lenses is perfect for cosplaying robots characters^o^
In this picture, I'm a persocom ~^_^~
Hi! for more information about this contact lens, If you would want to order one,
Please visit MUKUCHU online shop 
They're having an early Xmas SaLe/promo right now ;)

What can you say about this Microchip Lenses?
any ideas about the design, did you like it or not?please share your thoughts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review ^^
Have a great day! and good luck :)


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