Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Pinku Hair! :D

Hello everyone!:) It's been such a long time since the last time I opened my blog.
Even though I wanted to update it everyday, There is nothing new for me to share, that is why I can't think of something to write up.XD

Anyways, There's a really huge change in my hair :D If you've already read my old blog posts, you would know that one of my biggest wish is to have a real pink hair! And it's too hard for me to get it because we don't have a good salon here in my place. If there are good ones, they were still unable to get the hair color and hair style that I wanted. I spent a lot of my savings before but I went home with a different hair color such as orange,red, or brown... ugh!>.<
I tried to dye my hair last month, again... it was a FAILURE!... I bought hair dyes and bleaches.The sales lady told me that with that hair dye- I could get the hair color that I wanted..but it turned out that it was a lie. huhu -.- I got ripped off. ~My hair turned orange brown XD
 A friend of mine, Stephie~ I owe her a LOT!:) I always see her change her hair color so I asked her some few tips. She suggested that I get Manic Panic. But because we don't have this hair product here, I had to buy this online.. I got this for only 1k. BUT guess what,  this thing really works!:D

for those who are wanting to have a pink hair then try Manic Panic.I'm recommending it.Many american celebrities used this  hair color ^^ so it's tested.:))
My hair color before applying the pink dye :)
I'm Nami of One Piece!:D
I waited two hours... :D and....
Tadah! Picture spam!;)
Maybe a few more washes and my hair color will be lighter. Well, I like it whatever happens to it as long as it's still PINK :P lulz! I'm really  happy with the result. ~^.^~
I was so happy that I wasn't able to sleep XD Lulz!!! 
A picture taken by me. :)) It reminds me of " The Walking Dead" hehe
So lately, I started watching the popular show of today , The Walking Dead.
It's really awesome!So I'm suggesting that you guys should try watching it too!^^
Ice cream..and crepes +_+ I want them now! This pictures I took last week, makes me want to go back to Cafe Breton again.. :3 yummeh *drools over the picture X3 

Ok, anyway I am ending my post with a cute bunneh picture ^.^~my bro's pet. hehe

Have a great day everyone!:)



wendiie ♥ said...

Your hair looks really good !
Everyone seems to be dying their hair unnatural colours these days! Make me want to dye mine XD


dunia kecil indi said...

you look so great. that hair color so suit on you :))

나니 said...

YOUR HAIR IS SO FIERCE! >: D I love it! It's really brave of you to actually dye your own hair.. I'm quite interested to see what it'll look like when it fades..

Everybody flippin' out with crazy hair colors lately! >: D I love it!


Elisa ♥ said...

whoa your hair is awesome !!! :D so pretty i've always wanted to have pink hair !

Rindodo ♥ said...

waah I've always wanted to pinked out my hair too >.< But I caaan't bcuz I have upcoming job interview T__T

Donna ♥ Baby said...

oh i love your new hair color!! i was just thinking of using manic panic to dye my hair red.. would you know if i ahve to bleach my head first? acuse i just recently dyed my hair black :| totally regret it lol

kaizokumousy said...

@Wendie-Thank you hun !^_^ yeah I've seen a lot of video on youtube, which looks really cool :3 and it motivated me to dye my hair :D

@Dunia-Thank u!^^ pink is my favorite color :3

@ 나니 Thanks ^^

@Rindodo ♥ yeah- it's hard if you have to apply for a job it's informal to have a pink hair.


@Elisa ♥ Dye your hair pink too hun :3 hee

@ Donna ♥ Baby - hmm depending on the black hair color you have used. because some black hair color are permanent, even if you have to use bleach part of the color will be gone and on some parts of your hair will be darker. careful.. you dont want different red colors on your hair.

But if you are to use manic panic, if you want a bright red use bleach before applying it. if you want it brighter red.

Mai said...

wow i like the dynamic colours in your hair (: !! it nice, suite you well!!

CMPang x

Yuri said...

Love your hair, it turned out nicely :] Sucks they ripped you off, I would have been pissed! But overall, you made your hair look amazing.

I also love the Walking Dead :D I haven't been able to watch this season though, no cable :[

LauraLeia said...

Oh my goodness! I love your pink hair! I wanted to get something like that too but i'm afraid the bleach will totally kill my already-ruined hair. I did go for some red highlights a few months back tho. lol
We dont have Manic Panic here. T__T

Fabrizia said...

Such a lovely post, I like your hair color! Great sense of style!

Take a look and if you like follow me, I’ll be waiting for you: Cosa mi metto???
Enter the Shopkempt giveaway on my blog!

Kim's Vanity said...

This color actually totally suits you! Looks really nice with your skin tone =)

Harumi said...

wooooooow looks amazing in you, so perfect!
I'm seeing walking dead too xD but in my case the second season, is very awesome.

bye bye

Ken said...

i hope that isnt lettuce the bunny is eating, they are allergic!


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