Monday, November 14, 2011

Ame Monogatari~Cosplay Con 2011

Hi dolls!.♥ ~
Hooray for a new blog update!^^ Finally had time to post it :3
Two weeks ago, I attended the UP Ame's cosplay convention which was held at World Trade Center Manila.I arrived very early (around 6am I think?@_@)and I'd say that it was very cheapo of them to not turn on the air conditioner... It was burning~HOT inside the building.XD They finally opened the air conditioner a few hours later, and it was freezing cold after that :P lulz!
The event was well organized. The stage,booths, and the space is really big too.I wish it's always like this on every events.:P
I'm supposed to cosplay as Megurine Luka of Vocaloid, but unfortunately my costume was not made in time so I dressed up walolita for that event.x3 The costume was sponsored by Devangelic.It was very nice of them to dress me up on that day.:3 I really love the costumes they make.
I really enjoyed Ame's convention because there's a lot of cosplayers who came on this event.I've met some new cosplayers and I made some new friends too ~^.^~ I'm also happy that I've met some of  friends my friends facebook in real life.:D  Here's some of the pictures, I wanted to take more pictures of other cosplayers but I wasn't able to leave the booth.xD
Stocking is really cute.Isn't she?:)
My date...:3 lulz!
*o*Boa Hancock of One Piece~ Kyaaaaa I'm a fan of this character.
I posed together with the cool looking Gakupo and female kaito :3

Here's a short video of the event .A friend posted it on my wall.Enjoy!

If you're wondering what else I'm doing at this late hour?@_@ well uhm, I'm still watching "The Walking Dead" at the moment, and was  reading othe blog posts while waiting for my downloads.x3  I'm going to watch now,so see you all on my next post.:)



Mutsumi said...

Uwah, your kimono dress looks extremely cute!! ♥ and the pink hair suits you a lot~
One day I'm definitely going to cosplay someone pink haired too...!!

& omg...that guys sixpack looks so unreal, wtf.

kaizokumousy said...

hehehe it's too good to be true X3 soo sumexier than me lulz!XD

dunia kecil indi said...

looks like you (and pals) have a great time. nice outfit. i'm also love pink color!! :))

Ken said...

the cosplay is wonderful!

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much this blog.
Funny and new thigs i find when come here.


Ken said...

u look amazing! can i put your cosplay on my site?

the nikon was $100 USD


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